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Sep 08, 2002, 06:03 PM
AMA L68621; WA2LLX

Great Planes P-51 Mustang ARF

I have 2 of these intended for a sorta F-82 but then gave up slimers Has anyone converted one of these to e-power? If yes was it worth it and what power system? Thanks.
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Sep 08, 2002, 10:55 PM
Involuntary Beta Tester
Can you post the specs of this plane and weight all the parts if it's not assembled.

There is a thread for the Hanger 9 .60 sized P-51 and most of those guys are using over 20 cells.

Your plane is a .40 and should weigh less than the 8-9lb H9 Mustang.

Sep 08, 2002, 11:57 PM
AMA L68621; WA2LLX
Ya, the H9 thread is what got me thinking about this one. I don't have a scale so....but the box claims 6.75lbs flying weight. Maybe 7lbs-7.5lbs electric? Most of the H9 guys are using MaxCim/Superbox set-ups so I was thinking about getting one and running lower watts (fewer cells and smaller prop) then having the capability to move up later if I wanted. However that brings me to my next question is the MaxCim sensored motor "old" technology ie. less efficient? I will probably start a new post with that question over in the Modeling Science forum.
Sep 09, 2002, 07:30 AM
Involuntary Beta Tester
A warbird conversion is going to be my next model. I'd love to get a Spitfire but there are so many P-51 ARFs that I may get my feet wet with one on those first to gain the experience. Sorry I don't know anything about MaxCim motors.

Keep posting your questions. If you can post some photos of the parts. Maybe others can make suggestions for battery trays, hatches,l wieght reduction tip etc after looking at them.

I saw one of these ARFs fly with a glow .70 four stroke and it flew nice and didn't seem to have any nasty flight characteristics. The pilot said he thought the ARF looked a little cheesy when assemblying it but once he flew he loved it. The landing gear seemed tough enough to take off and land on a rough grass field.

Sep 09, 2002, 07:48 AM
Festina Lente
realdeal's Avatar


Hi there,

I did one of the H9 P51s with a Maxcim. It works great. If the .40 size Mustang weighs 6.75lb on glow power it will probably get to or go over 8lb on a proper electric system. Your wingloading will skyrocket. The H9 is nice because it is so light for a .60 size bird. Even with 24-cells I am still under 30oz/sq ft wingloading.

As far as Maxcim being less efficient that is just not the case. Sensored motors were first on the market because they were easier. The sensored motors will idle slower, start up easier, and put out just as much power as the sensorless. Once the sensorless controllers were figured out they became popular because it allows motor and speed control manufacturers to eliminate parts from the design not because of any performance benefits. Tom Cimato (Maxcim) designed the motors several years ago and has continually updated them through the years. I wouldn't be surprised if he did a sensorless design if he can find a way to get better performance that way.
Sep 09, 2002, 11:11 AM
Registered User
The Maxcim is a very versatile system. By changing the number of cells, the gear ratio, and prop, the same motor can be used to fly anything from a .25 size plane to a .90 size. These are plug and play systems, but there are two choices of motors, and two choices of controllers. You should contact Tom at Maxcim and let him help you make those decisions. Most like the 21 cell controller that allows you to use BEC on up to 21 cells so you don't need a Rx pack.

Tom answers his email promptly, but he will be at the NEAT fly-in so might not be available for a few days.


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