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Sep 07, 2002, 10:43 AM
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HL Mini Tornado - first flights

I flew my first two battery packs on a Mini Tornado EPP flying wing last night. Now I understand the excitement about EPP Wings!

My only other real flying experience was a Lite Stick, that I flew a total of about 4 hours before breaking the stick part beyond repair.

It took me in the area of 4 hours to get the MT ready to fly, though I think I could do another one in about half that time, as there really isn't much assembly to do.

I crashed about 5 times last night, without doing any damage. Love how this plane bounces. It's slowest speed is a bit faster then the LS. Top speed seems too be about double LS speed. I was flying in a high school baseball field bordered with trees on three sides and a street on the other. It felt a little small, though I'm sure a more experienced pilot would have been quite comfortable there.

I was able to fly figure eights is about half the width of the field, though I found the plane lost altitude quickly when making tight turns like that. It was quite stable in level flight and in gentle turns. I was able to set it up for a gentle turn and take my thumbs off the sticks, just watching the plane circle the field. Climb seemed to be pretty fast, though I didn't let it get much above 50 feet as I found that made my orientation problem worse. Just not used to how a flying wing looks in the air compared to a more traditional plane.

All in all, I really like this plane and expect to be flying it a lot in the near future.
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Sep 07, 2002, 12:23 PM
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I like mine allot. Good flight times and handles well. It is a winner. I built mine in a hotel room while away on buisness. ---Mike