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Jul 21, 2001, 05:30 AM
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RD6000 TX with Hitec PCM RX?

I bought a Sanwa/Airtronics RD6000 TX ('cos I need to do helis) and I was hoping that it would be compatible with my Hitec PCM RX.

I've tried PCM mode 1 and PCM mode 2 on the RD6000 but my Hitec RX just doesn't want to know (works fine with my Hitec Prism 7 PCM Tx).

Does anyone know which PCM RXs are compatible with the RD6000 (apart from the Sanwa/Airtronics one of course!)?

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Jul 21, 2001, 07:59 AM
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I believe that Airtronics are "positive shift" like JR.If that is true; you may have a Futaba/Hitec compatible rec, which is negative, shift I believe.

Jul 21, 2001, 11:30 AM
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Actually, the RD6000 can transmit positive or negative shift, so you may give that a whirl.

I do believe, however, that there is no standard for PCM encoding, so you cannot mix and match manufacturers when using PCM.

hopefully some PCM experts can chime in - also check the FAQ...