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Sep 01, 2002, 12:24 PM
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Wes Technik 5-2.4 on an IFO Mini?

Would this be a good motor, with it's inline 1:6.3 gearbox, for my IFO Mini?

My Mini is flying with the GWS 'A' drive now and a 2x Li poly pack.

Wes' site shows the weight of the 5-2.4 w/gearbox at 14 grams, I can't find any listing on the weight of the GWS 'A', does anyone here know?

Would the Wes motor draw to many amps for the 2x Li poly battery?

As usual any help/advice would be very welcome.

thanks all,
mark thomson
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Sep 02, 2002, 07:07 PM
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That motor should draw less than half the current the A drive does. The gws motor without the gear box weighs about 1/2oz. I don't know about the gear box though. I don't think the 5-2.4 would provide near the power of the A drive. The DC 1717 was recomended on the ifo web site for a coreless motor.
Sep 02, 2002, 09:09 PM
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Thanks for the input.

I was searching WildRC's site for alternative propulsion solutions but didn't find anything listed there. I did however find a link to a review that stated the Wes 1524 to be a MORE powerful alternative the the GWS 'A'. I've attached the link to make sure I read it correctly?


thanks again,
mark thomson
Sep 02, 2002, 11:20 PM
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The 1524 is not more powerful than the GWS IPS setup, but is more efficient, and can use much smaller batteries and be alot lighter. Several folks use the 1524, geared 11.8:1 on 9-10 cells, 50mah nicads. The 1717 can use 8-9x50's for the same power at very slightly higher draw, so it's even lighter.

I have a geared 1717, JMP ESC, 2 packs of 8x50 nicads, one Braun carbon prop, and one Westek carbon prop, all aquired to build a sub 4 ounce Mini IFO, but since working out the GWS setup and lionpoly batteries, I won't be using this gear. If anyone would like to buy it, all of it, drop me a line privately. I had it on eBay, but didn't sell it.

Some are now using the 145 lionpolys on the 1717, but you need 3 cells to make it powerful enough for the Mini IFO, and that's pushing the volts to the motor and esc a little high, but it's working for a few guys I've heard from.

Sep 03, 2002, 02:19 PM
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3*140 litiums

I use 1524 with Wes cf. prop 28*12 and 3*140kokam. It is vertical for 12-15 min. (When recharging, the battery typically receives ~100ma.) depending on how you are flying. (I like to prop hang/hover a lot.)

I also have used some 3*600ma. Lithium Ion (~50g / 1,8oz) and lithium polymer (~45g / 1,6oz) cells from a cell phone with great luck The lithium polymer cells are a little better than the Lit.Ion. cells in the 10-30min. time frame, but the both are vertical for 30-40 min. (When recharging, the battery typically receives ~300ma.)

When I notice a drop in the power, after about 30-40min. I stop and recharge. I have some 12-15 hours flight time with this 600ma. setup.

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Sep 04, 2002, 12:30 AM
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cool! what's your AUW with the kokam 140's? how does it handle the wind when it's that light, and how's the speed?

I ran 3xultralife lithium-polymers (700ma 60g) with the gws dx-a 10x4.7 today and went vertical with my mini ifo...nice, but I know the motor is being fried.

how did you fit an 11" prop in your mini ifo? my 10x4.7 barely clears...
Sep 04, 2002, 05:26 PM
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Actually it is a scratch build IFO with 52cm/20Ē wingspan. With 3 cells 140ma. It has an AUW of ~2,8oz / 75g. It can fly really slow, and really fast, and is vertical like an arrow. And you are right, it donít like wind.
I even made it lighter, using a B2(N20 hv) motor+gear and some wes ls2.4 servos. AUW<1.8oz. It was almost to light, and difficult to control, so I made a smaller one for this gear.
With a wingspan of 40cm. an AUW of 1,1oz. and two cells. It flies great in my living room where it no wind. I have even done loops. Flying outside it can handle a light brees.
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Sep 05, 2002, 12:02 AM
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the ifo is truly a unique and innovative design. I plan to throw a brushless in my mk3 for hardcore outdoor performance, and I'd also like to boost the performance of my mini a bit without adding weight... I'm also interested in a smaller version for even smaller areas... geez, I'm going to have 3 ifo's sitting around! man this plane is fun...