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Nov 06, 2006, 08:27 PM
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Ripoff RC Kites by this company!!

Dear members,

I am so bloody shock to see such ripoffs coming out of this China company/manufacturer. I couldn't believe it until I see it now with my own eyes. Can we do something to boycott this company?

I am a very happy American customer of, a company from Singapore, known to be the original RC kites makers in the world. They produced quality and high standand products that are enjoyed by the thousands out there. I am one of the many very happy customer whom I think I should do something to alert those who are still unknown to the whole story and the truth.

Watch this video Ripoff stolen video by the ripoff and you will see that they actually stole the video from (without their knowledge & permission) and put it onto their own ripoff's webpage and even watermarked the video (goodness me). They are misleading consumers to think that they produced this quality product, but they are the fakes and were copies of what I got from GFK who named it as the Pro III.

The reason I know about the truth is because I spoke to the creator of the Pro III and all those RC kite models. And to my shock when I see this video, this ripoff company actually stole his video and put it up without his permission and he was actually featured on the video. This is clearly theft, acts of pirates, infringement of copyrights and deformation of character.

Can we all do something to pin down such ripoffs. What a shameless A**H*L* !!!!
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Nov 18, 2006, 06:51 AM
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While I certainly cannot condone the advertising practices of this Chinese company, I hope the competition will force GFK to lower their prices to a reasonable level. One can go to Carrefour and buy RC planes and helicopters for S$40. Why should it cost 15 times as much for the entry level kite? GFK may have too many staff and a location with high rental costs, but I don't want to pay for that.

rckiteflyer, may I ask if you are really American? You sound more like a Singaporean and the way you are posting about GFK I would guess you have a financial interest in the company.
Nov 26, 2006, 10:42 PM
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hey bazbsg, i am sure you wouldn't compare apples and oranges to kiwi or grapes right? They are of different values. The way you sound as if you have problem with GFK selling the kites. Those items you mentioned and found in Carrefour are made of foams which cost only cents to produce in thousands if not tens of thousands. And they are selling you at $40...haha. do your own sums.

Can those planes and helis do what the kites can do? Think you have got to see what the air dancers can do before comparing apples with grapes...careful when the grapes turn sour...hehe.
Dec 18, 2006, 01:08 AM
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hey they are both clones of the IFO

GFK is a clone of the IFO but they improved, altered and overall made a better product.

The Air Kite is a clone of a clone that comes RTF for under $80.00 where as the IFO or the GFK cost way more for just the body unlike most cheap RTF RC planes It uses a real Rc system so its very easy to upgrade the electronics.

and about the stolen video the first 24sec is the GFK :24 - 1:49 is the Air Kite so its not all stolen video and the rest is the GFK model.

How many other planes come with a 4ch systems that are under $80.00
for $80 it looks like it flys very well
Dec 24, 2006, 12:32 AM
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I had a chance to see the clone clone first hand. It is being sold in a store in Singapore for S$346, RTF, as opposed to GFK which costs S$600. The construction seemed to this non-expert to be about the same with a few notes. It looks like the front crash bar may be glued in on the Air Kite whereas GFK makes a point of telling (selling) that theirs snaps in. Also, the speed control, receiver and servos are mounted to the kite with rubberbands on the Air Kite and I'm not sure how they are mounted on the GFK, as when I visited there there were no complete models to study.

The other store in SG (for the sake of completeness and fairness, they are called Rotor at sell the kite with motor but without the controller, speed control, receiver and servos, for S$110. So the kit from Korea (HiTech Laser 4, I think) sells for S$236. GFK told me the controller was S$200 so I guess their kite is sold for S$400. I'm not sure on which side of the dividing line the servos, speed control and receiver fall nor what their separate value is.

Interestingly when I visited GFK, I saw four staff standing around outside, one in the hallway working on a fishing rod or something that looked like that, one inside playing on the simulator and one working on a kite. There were no customers other than me. Rotor had three staff behind the counter, one of which answered all my questions and about four customers in the shop. Rotor's shop is much bigger and carries a much bigger selection of RC vehicles, components and devices. They have only two models of kite that I could see, however. And before someone asks, I work for neither Rotor nor GFK.

I did not buy the kite. I bought a simulator controller for S$34 so I could gain more experience. I hope to be visiting the US early next year and would rather buy the RTF setup there for US$70 and bring it back with me. Since the kite is the same but the controller must be different, can anyone compare the HiTech Laser 4 with the unit that comes from the US dealer?
Jun 12, 2010, 03:33 PM
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singapore kite(GFK) vs cheap one

i got hold of GFK to see how much one would cost me to have it shipped here in KY.. i was real surprised at the cost it was more than 800.00
and they couldnt take credit cards. only way i could pay was by wire.. and then after they recieved the money, they would ship i decided to go another route.. i bought this "air kite" from hobbytron.. it looked cheap.. and it was.. so i put a small brushless motor on it and a mini radio.. and now it flies real good.. i have about 175.00 in it..
rc planes AIR KITE (the best yet) (4 min 27 sec)
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Jun 23, 2010, 09:14 PM
Houng-wen Lin
GWS4CEO's Avatar

Tons of copy 9g servos

GWS had designed this little great 9g Naro servo in 1996.

But now you can see tons copy clones flood over the world.
Mar 27, 2012, 09:00 AM
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No good idea or product remains in one persons hands for long.. Take the IFO for instance..the first electric rc kite that went well..a small shape change and its a Pro3 or a simple kite..
Goflykite products are well made, very neat, but they are too expensive.. their ARF kites are about 240..Seen at shows in the UK.. for that sort of money you can purchase a variety of superb normal models in an ARF format..
The best option is to make your own, they will look a bit rougher but fly fine, and will be a 1/4 of the cost ready to fly
Jan 04, 2016, 03:31 AM
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Real GoFlyKite kite/planes now available in the US...

GoFlyKite Kite/Planes are now easily available in the United States from:

We carry the Delight kite and many different colored LED streamers and spare parts. See the website for some amazing videos of these Kites flying at night in Singapore. These kites are individually assembled by hand and sold in an ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) condition. These Kite/Planes actually encourage Group Night Flying.

Come and join the Sky Dancers...
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