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May 22, 2013, 04:45 PM
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Hey builderdude

Really nice plane build. What's the prop, looks like a folding 5 x 4.7?

It's been 9 days now and no word about how this thing flies and or a video.
Could you post about this?

I miss having a stryker in my truck to fly anywhere I am.
I'm thinking of building a Gotha P 60 kind of like a stryker with vert stabs in same place but the LE is swept back 50 degrees. Stryker LE is 40 deg sweep.

Ideas came to me similar to what you did, have you seen the Sentry UAV? It's almost this plane.

How's your plane fly? Video?
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May 22, 2013, 07:40 PM
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Hey Leonard.

No flight yet. Actually, I found a skinnier bottle to use as the motor shroud that isn't so fat and chunky. Just need to cut and fit it and then paint.

I am going on a cross country trip back east, and then down along the Gulf Coast. I am planning on maiden testing the plane then. We'll be leaving this Saturday, so I should have a report by the time I come back in two weeks...unless I log on while on the road somewhere. More on this soon.

The prop is a 6x4, and is the smallest they made in the folding size. I loved the power of the 7 and 8 inch folding props, but they pulled too much amps through the motor and ESC and warmed things up a lot. The 6x4 comes in just under "redline", and still pulls pretty good.

I have never seen the Sentry UAV. Got a pic or a link?
And I have never heard of a Gotha P 60 Stryker. You'll have to describe that one to me.
Nearest I can tell, a Gotha was a very large biplane bomber from WW1. A P-60 is a Black Widow night fighter isn't it? (Or is it P-61?) So color me confused...
May 30, 2013, 04:11 PM
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Well I had a glide test a number of times this morning. That worked out pretty well. As much as this thing weighs, I'd say it's barely a glide at the speed I am able to throw it. It was more of a Space Shuttle controlled descent. But it didn't stall. I really think I've got the CG just about right.

There was one time I found the only dang rock in the entire field of grass. (How does that always happen?). But all that did was to crack the silkspan skin over the leading edge of one wing where it hit and no real damage to the foam core. So I taped the cracked skin with scotch tape until I can get home and do more permanent silkspan repairs.

Way too many trees around where I am in North Carolina right now. I could power her up and take it for a longer flight, but huge risk of getting stuck up in a tree. So I'm biding my time until I get down to the ocean. I'll be in Pensacola by Saturday night. I'm hoping for a great maiden flight Sunday early morning on the beach. I even brought my modified EZ Star, which is an old veteran with hundreds of flights, so that I can take that up a few times too, and compare how each does at sea level.

More status soon! But so far, so good.
Jun 07, 2013, 02:11 PM
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Flight report.

Very short maiden. I couldn't throw it hard enough to achieve flight before meeting the ground. Oddly, I broke the fin off of the starboard tail boom. Other than that, it tracked straight and true. I'm seriously considering attaching some landing gear to this so that I can make use of a long runway. I'd have to add a servo for the nose wheel. It's going to either need that or it'll require a good strong headwind to throw it into.
I'll opt for the strong headwind first. If that does well, I won't bother with landing gear.

Yes, it is repaired. Brought it home and reglued the fin onto the boom. Must have been the shock of the hard landing that broke the epoxy glue loose. Used CYA glue this time.

I brought another plane with me and flew it in Houston. But I had a cheap Chinese rudder servo lock full-left on me and I saved it from about 4 death spirals before realizing I wasn't going to be able to save the plane.
Please refer to the following link...

My question is, what do you think about me turning this into a straight wing boomer? That pusher motor is perfect for it. And the wing is absolutely huge. It's not a real good wind flyer because of the high lift wing, but has always done okay in up to about a 12 mph wind.
The wing is good and the tail is is most of the electronics, except I'm throwing away those stupid servos.
Jun 07, 2013, 08:55 PM
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I remember the days of the Multiplex MicroJet, brushed motors and nicads/nimh batts.
Guys were souping them up to 23ozs and so many a hand launch was stright back down to mother earth.
I went the other way and ended up with a 10ozs MicroJet, that still was too fast to keep track of, since it was so small.
Some used bungies to launch, it may be worth a try.

I built some straight wing Boomers in the begining and there are a few on the Boomer Thread.
Its do-able, but they need a lot longer nose to balance out the tail and the motor in the rear.
You could always just glue on a new nose and run the motor up front. Their a bit more stable with the motor up front, which would balance easier and helps on windy days.
Jun 07, 2013, 09:30 PM
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I'm also thinking about more of a sailplane fuselage and then make a pod with a pusher motor to mount on top of the wing area. One thing that made that plane so heavy (about 32 ounces) was the huge lipo I had to put in that short nose to balance that thing out. Clearly it was designed originally for a big nicad, with the short nose moment that it had. It could use a little longer nose so that I don't have to use such a heavy battery.

The advantage to the pod design is that then I could use it on top of some of the other sailplanes that I've got. I might also change the color of the wing and do something different, maybe using the same silkspan skin method that I used on my boomer.

About my boomer, I do have a plan for it. Launch into a 20 mph wind slightly above horizontal, and as soon as it leaves my hand, throttle up and hang on. I found a few farmers fields and I hope this weekend I can go talk to someone and get permission to fly in their field.

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