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Oct 17, 2006, 10:18 AM
Addicted Beginner

Any help with changing to a brushless motor?

I am currently using a 400 brushed can motor (with a 2:1 gearbox) with an 8.4volts battery pack (Sanyo 600AE's), and a speed 480 speed controller.
I am trying to get more power, and longer flight time. I have just ordered some 1400 NiMh batteries, which will hopefully give me longer flight time, but i am now looking to change to a brushless motor as i hear this will give me more power.
I am just a bit uneducated on which brushless motor i should be looking for, as it seems they dont come as 400 motors, like the brushed one i am currently using. Also whether i should still use a gearbox with a brushless motor, and if so, can i use the one i am currently using with a brushed motor.
At the minute my 8x6 ram prop fits straight onto the shaft of my gearbox, would all this changed if i go brushless?
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
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Oct 17, 2006, 11:23 AM
Registered User
Whether to use a gearbox or not largely depends upon the type of plane. More info is needed to advise you.
Oct 17, 2006, 12:12 PM
Checking CG is for NERDS!
Smokescreen38's Avatar
What kind of plane are you talking about here?

I replaced the Speed400 on my Slowstick with a Eflite Park400 4200kv inrunner and the Eflite 6.6:1 gearbox (same as original) and the 20Amp Speed controller... I also upgraded to some better batteries so its hard to do a fair comparison of the performance but with a 3s lipo or a 10cell NiMH, the thing goes straight up like a rocket and carries an 8oz camera with no problem.

I don't know if that helps... picking a motor is a tough thing to get help on because there are so many variables. Ideally, you might be able to find an Outrunner (that will make enough torque so as not to require gear reduction) which will save you some weight and some aggrivation with gear mesh, etc.

Don't forget that you will need a brushless ESC... that ICS480 you're using now (only good for bushed motors..) is rated for something like 12-15amps, right? Unless you go to a bigger prop, you probably won't need much more than that with your new ESC... but you might as well go for a 25 amp ESC just to be safe and to give yourself room for more cells and bigger props.

I am not the best informed person for this topic so hopefully someone will chime in with more specific information. Good luck!
Oct 17, 2006, 12:34 PM
What power line?
PoudreDerf's Avatar
I'm using the Esskay 400 XT cheapie brushless outrunner with a Thunderbird 18 ESC and 847 prop on my Beaver, powered by a 2 cell 1250 mAh Li-Po. Half hour flight times are to be expected. The hum of a motor without a gearbox is un-nerving at first, then it's cool. Never need more than half throttle. I liked this setup so much, I got another one just like it for other planes.
The outrunners can take a face plant easier than an inrunner with a gearbox. Use a prop saver.
Oct 17, 2006, 12:43 PM
Addicted Beginner
Sorry, it is a beguine, made by west wings.

Picture here:

Website here:
Oct 17, 2006, 02:11 PM
Addicted Beginner
Also, the prop is a 8 x 6.
It flies from hand launch, but weill not take off from the ground.

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