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Oct 15, 2006, 09:48 AM
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Frog Tomtit conversion

This is my first post and I havnt got a camera sorted yet so pics of the build will have to wait a few days (the speed I build at not much will be missed)

I picked up a A&DB models replica Frog tomtit from Pauline at Flite hook the other day. This is a really nice laser cut kit of a cute little 18" span bipe - I hate cutting everything out - so this is ideal. Im planning to fly it using some Falcon gear - R/E with a PU05 on a single 145 mAh cell. The PU05 power unit gives about 20 grams static thrust which should be OK for some indoor pottering about during the winter ??? (I didnt want a vertical climbout monster).. has anone else tried a conversion of these kits? I would also like to do a good job on the finnish and was thinking of inkjet on the Esaki tissue supplied in the kit - any ideas?? - I dont know about the weight yet - but Im using the lightest servo gear I can get my hands on - I will post again soon with some pictures

hope this is of interest

Laurence J
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Oct 15, 2006, 10:51 AM
Team 30 Micro EDF
Mike Taylor's Avatar
Welcome to the board, Laurence.

I'm not familiar with 'A&DB' kits - could you post a link, please?

There have been 2 FROG Cook-up on SFA recently; one has been archived, but the 'Senior Series' cook-up is still up (see: ). You might check there for hints and kinks people found while building these models.

The Falcon gear will go in there nicely, and the PU-05 MAY be adequate if you keep the weight way down. I have found the 18" Bipes really want a little more poop, generally an N-20 based motor is what I run. Of course, I like WWI stuff and add machine guns, pre-made spoked wheels, a 4th channel, and I need the extra oomph to get it togetrher. It look lour total gear weight will be ~14 grams. I would guess from the FROG models I built (from plans) that you can get an airframe weight of 14 to 20 grams. If you can keep the model in the 30 gram range, the 20 grams of thrust should make a nice sedate indoor or frontyard flier.

The ink-jetted Esaki will be a weight saver over paint/dope. There are tutorials on the techniques buried in this forum if you need them.

p.s. - you might want to edit your profile to show where in the world you are - it makes suggesting suppliers much easier.
Oct 15, 2006, 11:08 AM
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Hi Mike - the link to A&DB models - enjoy
The kits are nice and come with good balsa - thanks for the cook up link and the tissue stuff
I was wondering if the PU05 would be up to it - but when I picked the kit up from Pauline at Flitehook (I live round the corner from her in Southampton UK) she looked horrified that I was even going to put electric in it! so I went for something small - I will have to wait and see if its got the grunt - there is Just enough room for something larger like the PU01 (if I cut the nose up a bit) - but Pauline might have words

Oct 15, 2006, 11:52 AM
Team 30 Micro EDF
Mike Taylor's Avatar
Thanks for posting the link.

she looked horrified that I was even going to put electric in it!
Ahh, yes. Traditionalists! Just tell them it really a FF model, but you have an expensive DT system

Last month I met 'Martin' (didn't get his last name) at our FF event. He doesn't do R/C, but turns out to be a HLG/CLG champion. We got into a discussion over my R/C 'Sweepette' based HLG. I think my arguement that mine really were FF, but I could now choose where to crash, may have won him over We both finally agreed that micro models all worked under the same set of physics laws, and that there was valuable carry-over from both the modernist and tradionalist view-points...
Oct 15, 2006, 12:19 PM
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Your right when you say its nice to choose where to crash - I have a couple of HLGs "nesting" in the local park - Its always seems the best ones that revert to nature - maybe Ill see some baby hlgs next spring . Have you got a post on the sweepette conversion? sanding wings doesnt take that long but a plane in the hand is worth 2 in a tree
Oct 15, 2006, 12:57 PM
Team 30 Micro EDF
Mike Taylor's Avatar

The 'Falcons'

They were so quick to build that they werre complete before I thought to take pictures, so no build thread, but here are some photos of the planes. I call them 'Falcons' - partly because they use Falcon Gear, but mainly since was watch the raptors outside while doodling up the plans, they came out looking like birds. It is roughly based on the Sweepette's size, shape and proportions. They fly really well. The painted one scares the local quail population quite badly...

The models are both 20" WS. The painted one is built sturdier than needed and weighs ~1 1/2 ounces; it goes slope soaring and has a catpult hook. The unpainted one, even though is carries a bigger battery (needed ballast one this one, so why not) weighs about 37 grams.

The painted one has 1/32" wing skins with hand-shaped blue foam core. The ounpainted one has a built-up wing with laminated 1/16" spar ans 1/20" ribs; you can see the sunlight coming through this one... Tail booms are ultra-light weight CF tubing, the big one ~1/8" and the lighter one's boom is ~5/64" diameter. Wing and tail LEs are protected with laminated basswood strips.
Oct 15, 2006, 01:29 PM
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cool looking gliders - I have built a few (~10) ff hlgs and 37 grams with radio is real impressive - my lightest is a modded sting 18 with a 14 gram 1/4" sanded balsa wing and that came out at 32 grams - I dont think i could have put less sealer on the wing which still looks "dry" allthough I did beef up the fus with 1/64 ply as my trimming isnt up to much and the vertical approach pattern I seem to start with kills balsa and worms alike

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