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Aug 22, 2002, 01:16 AM
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The truth about a Voyager E is the deal. I'm a "balsa flier" and am interested in "backyard" entertainment. I've searched the web, read the "threads" and have decided that a Voyager E is to my liking. The Voyager and it's parts are readily available, it will survive a few "dumb thumb" moves and appears to have respectable performance with the proper upgrades. My problem is.....I've surfed the web until I'm blue in the face and I'm still confused on what is needed. Do I go with a Hacker 10s, 12s, 8l, or 9l; 8, 9 or 10cells; Schulze or Kontronics ECS; etc, etc, etc....... I realize everyone has an opinion (good or bad) but I just need a little point in the right direction.

Thanks for the advice
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Aug 22, 2002, 01:24 AM
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If you already have 8 cell packs, get the Hacker C40-12 motor with Future 45He or Kontronik none-BEC Smile 40-6-18.

If you have 10 cells, get Hacker B40-8L with same ESC.

Use mini servos, HS85 works great on cyclic, HS81 on rudder with GY240 or GY401.

Only other upgrade I recommend is the carbon frame.

Weight reduction is the key in this heli. Keep it as light as you can. has a voyager group with lots of good posts. Do some reading in there and you will learn all you want to know about VE.

Good luck.

Aug 22, 2002, 03:15 PM
The V can fly on 8 or 10 cells. To get the optimal motor you have to choose what size pak you want to use. Its also true that if you choose an 8 cell motor you can also use a 10 cell pak and vice versa and change pinions but you won't have the best performance.

The reason the pak size is important isn't V itself but what kind of charging setup you have or plan on. The world of chargers breaks at 8 cells.

In my case, I have an Astro 115D AC/DC 8 cell charger. I got it when I built my eLMH a couple of years ago. When I got my Voyager, naturally I wanted to use that charger. If I want in the future to go to 10 cells or get a Logo 10, I will have to invest in a new charger which will not have AC/DC capability so I will also have to buy a car battery or buy a converter.

Aug 22, 2002, 07:40 PM
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I chose the 8 cell route for battery cost. I figured that in the long run I will save some money in this inflated cost hobby. After the sotck motor dies, I am planning on getting the C40-12 option and controller. But, things could change by then.


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