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Oct 02, 2006, 03:17 PM
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Robotic simulator surface robotic project possible glue-ee


scan down to find start position

Major progress report updates will be here or on this first page post 1 or at this position post 29 so as to save wading through the thread

also more evidence that dificult to do project in MS and might have to change to linux EEEEKKK

Special edit 17th nov info below is interesting to follow also
this is a serious simulator tool kit add on for the flight gear which probably can accommadate surface use

also good thread for surface UAS pre UAV system at
and flight gear build thread

this system with simgear probably would allow a way to not have to bother to use a CAD program such as blender and speed things up a lot for a lot of others who wish to progress in a faster or different route

(info tends to be very linux supported presently)

Special Edit 12th nov 2006

Edit 12th nov 2006
Robotic simulator surface robotic project possible glue-ee
decided that term sticky was more for forum controller and glue-ee made better sense so will try out that

Also Blender hasd Export import for most all types of files so no need to make API for it

Having problems to find suitable open source electronic programs that can do electronic simulationns especialy for electric battery motors combos

Now dont say motor calc or e calc as that is not open source or free and my buget restraints dont reach to these costs and as my calculator gives me adaqate results or free online dymond site (again not open source ) will go that way for now
figure going to have to hang out in german forums to get good free open source electronic simulators

eeekkkk babalel fish time again
lucky I can mostly hack the french stuff direct

if you have ideas on electrionic simulators or similar PM is best and then after I sifted them through them all I can tack them to this semi sticky (new term semi glue thread ) so its tack them onto this glue thread and (semi glue as sticky is more for forum controller )


Sorta got myself involved with a project for evening computer course which will be robotic simulator

special edit 30oct
this forum link is for simulation forum and the post number 29 has the most up to date relevant info on a similar theme

highlight if you dont want to look everthing up are

The site has tution on how to learn and make 3d objects in openGL

CAD blender from has also game section with physics engine and AI

Also micro soft MS flight simulator has a program to design senery and planes etc which might be able to do robot simulator stuff I think its called MSFD and knowing them they got other products mayby even robot simulator design and that dsolution might suit others with more funds than me to dio a similar but not free version
(I will stick to free open source wherever possible )

special edit 17th nov
(point of useful info is combined with can probably do robot simulator faster solution than with CAD

special edit 16 oct
(point of useful info is for surface use alone already has game system and can probably do a surface robot staight from the box and it freeeeeee
so surface robot users can plug away straight away )

special edit 18 oct

there seems to be a very useful train simulator might be useful to see what qualities it has (me no intrest in trains )

Money or lack of it is a issue so except its very cheap like YSFLIGHT site $15 free trialware I will tend to avoid expensive software and probably opt for free or super cheap software
special edit 16 oct
YS is less intersting than flight gear as there are some parts of the code not available
edit end

I opted to do a robot simulator enhancement project for next few months preferably surface type first and then with a view to later on flying types

There are lots of links on this subject a few supplied below
sorta figure might as well see what anybody knows about this or anybody want to join forces

any way if nobodies interested will post stuff up as it goes along

If somebody else wants to head up a full project that continues beyond mid 2007 be my guest and set up a full sticky thread
as I will finish this major input in April May 2007 to go fly my RC models and return in winter 2007

winter time projects

The general story is that most robot simulators and commersial types seem to use open source GNU OpenGL which is basicaly the graphics for background and graphics for robots planes tanks etc including sims like Aerofly

The purpose for the project in this section is to follow the theme make a robot in a simulator that in the future would be be put into a real robot

The enhancement I will look to make will be

I/ Real component inside chassis with real wiring in open source CAD that will go into real time simulator

2/ Real time physics of items like electric motor amps volts etc as robot traverses hilly or simulated muddy terrain and grafical output onto HUD or similar re pics below

3/ Real time window which shows the onboard computer code output so to see where time delays or loops etc exist so as to speed up code (HUD or window )

4/ Real time sensor output windows to show what sensors acualy recieve such as lazar or sonar

5/ Interface and couple program like CAD to simulator program such and similar with suitable code or API
(probably electronic sim to blender CAD to flight gear sim)
but lots of possibilties exist that might be easier for others to try such as simgear to flightgear direct

6/ Later on when all other components work might look at AI or automonmous systems

7/ and all the other stuff I cant rememeber right now

Anyway i am at the early reasearch stage
I am opting to do project in windows first and later in MAC for my mac but if others want to do linux and other types feel free to make another thread to keep all of us informed
(nov 17th MS is not easy solutiion might have to do it in linux)

If any body want to join in probably best system is to respond with a link and set up seperate threads blogs web pages etc so this thread dosnt get blocked up too much

Special EDIT 16th OCT

The ultimate aim for me from this section is to take the material and plug it into other projects that lead to building a UAV
Its hopefully easier cheaper to make mock versions in computers first for testing them out
computer crashes are cheaper
(initialy I will try to make surface devices later avation )
one micro step at a time

I suspect to solve that problem will require the merging of sevaral open or non open source programs
all my preferences are for open source free types
(but due to my lesser linux mac abilties will probably stay with MS XP and after everthing works convert it to work on linux mac ) has as far as I can see the best CAD for open source access

[url] [url]has the best for open source access but the ccrm is a very intresting possibilty that might usurp flight gear

(ysflight has some source not accessable )
On that basis I will concentrate on merging these two into a more useful program for cad cam purposes
if somebody wants to try or join in feel free even if its with other programs

special edit 16 oct
(point of useful info is for surface use alone already has game system and can probably do a surface robot staight from the box and it freeeeeee
so surface robot users can plug away straight away )

Simulator seems to be most relevant sites relevant sites

Special edit 17th nov info below is interesting to follow also condences and reduces the work load of so many links

Open Source Free add on simulator Tool Kit for flight gear flight sim

Open Source Free Simulator for flight aircraft hopefully suitable for surface use instead
Open Source Free CAD with game simulator engine

Progress report 1 st oct : started thread

progress report ................................

special edit 16 oct
some extra edits included

Some few Links which I will add to as I go along at this location

Tutorial related
lesson on openGL probably the most important site for simulators

robot sites of use
the guys no nonsence hand on how to build robot
sterio vision project for pc robots looks realy good
(linux I think)

wild stuff window dosnt allow port access so needs a work
around eeeeekkkkkkkkk

Examples of some sites with Robot simulator components or open source GL programs are listed below

The main site for open source graphics software
Realy important site seems to be OpenGl replacement site

light weight java game heavy on java good site simulator games graphics news source grafix2.....
( approx mame needs google search) good site some heavy stuff useful info forums




One of the most important sites for a sim a robotic site a stage site and
3d robot type Gazebo(seems to be only linux unix) good site but teckie stuff heavy important site for real robots sensors(tend to be linux) simple 2d type big site good potensial excellent information very good site very good site but over my head (good free game astroids etc )

Open source CAD sites are there to be found but some CAD are shareware and API excellent 3d but hard slow work to learn

Some flight simulators that seem to OpenGL
(possible might be able use for surface robot ) open source excellent seems to be open source still checking out site not sure its open source code but might use API and it s free

Important program type sites the open source to match mac XCODE for windows /linux pc
From apple mac the modeling program solution thats way out in front
Virtual studio from micro soft(not very fimilar with the product so recheck my info) vitual studio c6 is free I think similar to xcode poduct c++ and few other lingos but more dumbed down
MS studio works is top software design product and cost big bucks and only sorta matches mac xcode which is free
cvs is the free software package whiuch programers use to update programs but other standards also exist

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