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Aug 21, 2002, 03:24 PM
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If you are a modeler, Murphy will be with you..

Vacation... Morning... Clouds far away... Wind 3-4mph. What to do?
Go to the beach !

With me:
- Sunglasses
- Pico Stick (for no wind)
- Some stunt kites (for windy day).
- One Book (for relaxing breaks)

Driving... "...clouds are coming.... mmmmhhh"

At the beach:
Windy day. "No Pico, but I can fly with Kites!!!"

1 hour later, as I find the right site and equipment is ready I see... Clouds everywhere.
Some tricks with Kites, but later... Rain.

Back home... No more clouds.
Throw away kites... What to do? I heard my MSJ crying in the box "... I need running ..."
"Don't worry MSJ, I'll give you freedom at the slope!"

With me:
- Sunglasses
- Pico Stick (always in the car)
- MSJ (480L with Gunther) with 4 packs ready to run.

Driving... "...clouds are in the opposite direction...."

At the slope:
15-20mph wind (a lot of fun... or nightmares).
Pack #1: Ok, a lot of fun, soft landing in the tall grass..
Pack #2: after a minute I heard a strange sound: " ...what's happened? brush broken?... rotor?"
In a low pass with half throttle I can see the prop running... But MSJ isn't happy.
Poor performance and a very strange sound.
After some circles I land...

Prop broken: 1 blade lost (never occured when flyng).

"mmhhh... the spare prop is in the field box in the car..."

At the car:
Wrong Box....

Back home:
Two hours of daylight time still available... I can repair MSJ and fly.
I enter in the workshop and I change the prop.

Later:"No more light?" Outside... Clouds... and RAIN!

No More Rain.... but no More Daylight...

Lessons of the day:
1- Never go to the field with only one plane
2- Don't keep spare parts and tools in two identical boxes, but only in a big one.
3 (1+2) When you have to change your car, don't buy a car, but Trucks only
4- If you have a lot of time for flying, you won't fly

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Aug 21, 2002, 03:37 PM
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I forgot....

the MSJ with One Blade Prop .
... and it climbs!!!

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