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Aug 19, 2002, 02:44 PM
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Scary flight

Sorta a bitter sweet day for me. Well I finally got my battery problem and other things solved for my hornet. A huge thanks to Andy N for giving me the ICT power supply free of charge. It made a huge difference in my batteries. I haven't even used my dymond super turbo charger because I wanted to test the power supply with my regular old charger. Well with my black square stock MS 8 cell 880 pack, it still would only go a few inches off the ground. But with the 7 cell 700 battery, if I went any higher, it would have collided with the ceiling! I'm sure to even get better results with the ICT power supply combined with my dymond. But I don't think it was just the better charging that got it in the air, I loosened the gear mesh between the motor and the main gear to about half way out because it was too tight before. If this helped, what a difference from just a small adjustment. The blades were spinning much faster now with it like that. Finally a little luck.

I was only at about 45% throttle and it was well above my head and about to hit the ceiling. I have a problem with over compensating on the throttle to bring it back down. Only one notch up made it climb allot and only one notch down made in fall allot. As usual, I was having a hard time keeping it undercontrol but only because I was nervous of it being that high Well because my hornet was flying much higher than what I'm used to, I sorta freaked out and cut the throttle right off when it was about 5 feet above the ground and it had quite the hard landing. At one point, me and my hornet were face to face at eye level and it was about 6 inches from my face so I had to stop it. It landed on a angle and the blades hit the ground. Luckily their weren't spinning because I have already stopped it from running but there was still some spin left over.

Very minor damage. The upper canopy support snapped off but can be easily glued back on. The tail push rod support also snapped off but can be glued back on. This last type of damage annoys me because it keeps happening hard landing or no hard landing. The battery support leg (right hand side) broke off at the end (by the motor.) This is the 4th time this has happened and if it weren't for the stupid postal system breaking my hornet this wouldn't keep happening. I just keep CA'ing it back on but obviously it doesn't get a good hold. How do I keep it from coming off all the time? I have some Kevlar thread that I could use but will this be good enough?

People say its harder to fly in ground effect, but atleast your more relaxed because you feel safer closer to the ground. Of course, I'm very happy I finally got it to go higher and I hope it will stay that way but I hope I can gain more confindence flying it higher and not do stupid things.
Scary the first time you have it this high after your so used to having it close to the ground. Thats enough flying for me today. I'm a little freaked out over the hole thing but at the same time, very happy.[IMG]
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Aug 19, 2002, 05:11 PM
Renewed interest
ozace's Avatar
sounds like you have a ratchet on the throttle
i had ane on mine and removed it and put on the smooth one
made a heap of difference no clicks just smooth control.

good luck
Aug 20, 2002, 09:11 PM
Crazy Cessna Owner
Robbie d's Avatar
Your remark about being 'face to face' brought back images of one of our indoor meets last year. A regular there was flying his piccolo when it decided to 'kiss' his forehead with its main rotor. A little blood was spilt but he was ok.
Aug 20, 2002, 09:32 PM
The Flying Object
Andy N's Avatar

It's nice to hear your Hornet finally get back in the air, even better.

Next time, just be calm and let it go smoothly with all your confidence in controls, nervous will cause the crash.

Did you install the one way hub on your Hornet? this way will keep your Heli even more stable, not jump up to the ceiling or drop to the ground like a rock

Please let me know or drop me an email.

Thanks Adam,

Andy Nguyen,

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