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Old Jan 14, 2004, 02:01 PM
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build a rigger, use a qd, or a g260-g62 zenoah, get it fully modded, try a V967/3 prop, get it dialed in, then walk the competition. Amazing to see you post here wayne, i thought you were partial to the dock.. guess ya cant ban me here for "not following." Anywho mr tracy if ya wanna go run sometime shoot me a email, or twmaster, im from baltimore, so yall are not far..

Till then

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Old Jan 24, 2004, 04:12 PM
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Bit old this post. However, interesting.
The MHZ 22.5 Nitro is a Zenoah-based Methanol/Nitr engine. Designed to run on only 10-16% Nitro..4.8hp at 19600 RPM.
Gearboxes also to be had at MHZ. Here is one that takes one engine input and produces two counter rotating shafts at 33% highr than input....
Puts shaft RPM in the 24000 RPM range with most Zenoah and Zenoa derivatives.
Old Apr 16, 2004, 07:51 PM
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I just found out about this site today and I'm looking at a lot of familiar names! One thing that wasn't mentioned so far is the hull that he will be running. That boat is a Bear to set up correctly without blowing over. I saw one at a District race the the owner never threw in the water because he said that he had lots of handling problems. Too bad, I would have loved to see it run.
I'm still betting on the Nitro boat.
Old May 11, 2004, 04:41 PM
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Please read\Gas VS NITRO

Hello to all,

I was big into r\c boats for several years. I ran both nitro and gas,nitro was no doubt faster but gas was more reliable and much cheaper to run.
consider the cost of a glow plug-4-7 dollars each { have many because they are only good for one run sometimes.....then the price of nitro fuel..on a OPS.90 powered outrigger each run would average around 7 dollars a run,for a 5 minute run...big glo's love to consume fuel and glow plugs.

Gas 2bucks a gallon on average...can often run the same 3 dollar spark plug all season...oil mix 5 bucks or so...slower speeds but more reliable and fast ya wanna go?
I recently got into electric micro helicoptors,very challenging and different than going in circles as with the boats.
Do any of you honestly get bored with going in circles????
I have all my boat stuff,and i have been contemplating selling all of it hulls..some ready to run..some motors..zenoahs..indy\pro ops.90 o.s.81 small .12.15 motors w\pull equip....perhaps i will list it all on here if anyone would be interested..if not it will go on ebay then.
The worst part about the boating days,were all the lakes\ponds we were losing-getting kicked out from. We had a group of people that would meet up every sunday like a club..our policy was run whatever ya brung..nitro ...gas electric ....sail. We had around 10-12 of us that made it a special time,and how ironic that we would meet up at same time\places each fun run..... ...suddenly it just dropped off..peoples stopped showing up each got smaller and smaller..then we started to lose the places we after another!
Towards the end it seemed that there were power struggles amongst our once friendly group...became more competitive than would a district r\c boat would show up with a quickdraw and be lake week i was out there with my 'rigger .90.....then another guy (mike) decided to run a two cylinder quickdraw in a cut down vee....basically it got cut throat amongst all of us ......I SURELY miss them times,and once in a while i will pop in a vhs to watch the fun we had back in them days '''93-2001. Sadly we all went our own ways and stopped boating altogether,or keeping in touch for that matter.
My point in this posting is HAVE FUN no matter what you run!!!!!!!!
Apparently we all got bored going in circles and racing one another{fun racing} and WE made it highly competitive by the WHO HAS WHAT\WHO BOUGHT WHAT...It's i r\c alone in my backyard {which is small} with a tiny micro-coptor which i manage to constantly crash,just trying to learn how to hover.

Enjoy the moment!

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