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Aug 14, 2002, 01:13 AM
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Finally took the plunge

I found a local store where the Tiger Moth appears to be quite popular according to the guy working there. Shoot, he even pointed me to a local flying club where they fly their TMs all the time. Anyway, I digress. I've got everything I need. Is there anything I should make sure to do/not do while I build this? I don't want to find out after building that I should have done something different during the process. I've searched the forum and found: (1) epoxy is preferable to the GWS glue, (2) folks are sanding the fuse (What grit sandpaper should I use?), (3) use ribbon and not tape to hold parts together while they dry, (4) it's preferable to strengthen the struts, either with thread/fishing line or use thin balsa wood instead, (5) it's preferable to strengthen the landing gear by having thread/rubber bands between them (though I REALLY liked how Basketcase's gear looked), and (6) enjoy when complete. Is there anything else? Have folks replaced the stock engine for more umph and aerobatics? Would a different prop than the stock one provide any different umph? Is the landing gear removable (one day I would like to try floats when I become proficient enough on regular land). Is it better to land in weeds, or concrete? (Worried about future rough landings...) Thanks.
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Aug 14, 2002, 06:41 AM
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The best thing you could do for more "umph" is using a 7-cell NiCd batterypack and a 9x7 propeller. I got sent the 10x4,7 and it sucked. Too slow and couldn't loop. I wouldn't recommend you removing the gear as that would do more bad than good.

What you should do is make a little V-shaped bend on the top of the gear and run the motorwires over it so the gear can be removed (don't glue it!).

As far as landings go, it's easiest to land on short grass (maximum 1 inch high) or on concrete. However, it's easier to break stuff on concrete. I fly from a poorly managed soccerfield so I always handlaunch and set it down on the grass (noses over everytime but it's no problem). Tall grass work excellent too if you just grease it in and (as always) remember to cut the power when you impact.

I think the biggest advice I can give you is to get in touch with the local flying club immediatly! Before you build it! They can give you tips and help you out a lot more than this forum.

One final thing. Make up you mind about what mods/sollutions you are going to use before construction. I know I didn't

Good luck!

Aug 14, 2002, 12:08 PM
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Ahh...good thing you mentioned the V bend on the gear. I wouldn't have done that otherwise. I definately plan on checking out alternatives to the weenie tires too.

Anyway, I wouldn't mind assistance on this, but I wouldn't want to impose on any club member who'd rather be flying than putting together some n00b's plane. This would also let me get my first maiden flights in before I even show up. I can't imagine the embarassment of augering in in front of more exp folks.