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Aug 13, 2002, 10:28 PM
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This is 1 free offer you should not refuse!

I was at a client today servicing thier copier and noticed a roll of plastic film that looks exactly like Sky Shine that New Creations sells. It is a Highly Reflective Holographic coating on 1 side and silver on the other. It has no adhesive.

Looks like a bit of spray 77 or double stickey tape should work well. i am sure it can be used for covering as well, did not test if it shrinks yet.

Real nice stuff, also perfect for wrapping stuff with or making streamers or whatever.

Kirk sells it for $5.00 for a piece 3" x 18".

Send me a self adressed prepaid box or container, and i will send you out a piece 3 feet by 18 feet. well it is only 31 inches wide so you are gonna get jipped a bit. If you want more than 18 feet just say so.

I only ask it be used in some way shape or form to promote aviation, and give me some feedback as to what you are using it for.

It is pretty strong stuff. Temporary restraint of other half to allow one to commit aviation is valid!

send to:

Ron Parigoris
44 carriage drive
Kings Park NY 11754

I have fooled with spraying foam and letting Spray 77 dry completly. Then putting on mylar and reactivating with Monokote iron. Spray 77 works well by heating to reactivate. i have a feeling this stuff will too
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