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Sep 01, 2006, 03:11 PM

Big Thank You's - 2007 F3B Team Selects

<div>Jack Iafret, Robin Meek, Hutch Hutchison (kidnapee), Jim Deck, Joe,
Dave Hauch, Dave Corven, Phil Renaud, Marc Gellart, Mike Lachowski, Joe
Wurts, Marlene Valdes, anyone that I have forgotten to mention, and the
<div>THANK YOU !</div>
<div>I just want to make darn sure that you all know just how much I, as
well as the other competitors, appreciate the time you put in toward
organizing and running this years F3B Team Selection contest.&nbsp;
Even as short handed as we were, you all were able to multi-task to
help pull off 6 rounds of F3B competition complete with rain
delays&nbsp; :-)</div>
<div>I know that it seems like it is a lot of&nbsp;work just to select a
team from what seems to be a quickly diminishing pool of F3B
enthusiasts, but it truly is efforts like yours that keep the flame
flickering.&nbsp; F3B is in my opionion&nbsp;THE RC soaring
event.&nbsp; It is challenging on so many levels.</div>
<div>I also want to thank the pilots who chose to participate this
year.&nbsp; I know too that it is difficult to put so much effort
toward getting out to a contest where there are so few
competiting.&nbsp; Although, I am sure that like me you all think that
even a small F3B contest is a fun event not to be missed.&nbsp; </div>
<div>In my area here in San Diego, there is a little more interest being
generated for F3B.&nbsp; Some&nbsp;of our club members are getting
gliders so they can start flying the tasks and checking F3B out for
themselves.&nbsp; They saw Aaron and I practicing and thought it would
be fun to try.&nbsp; That is where the flame first sparks.&nbsp; So, I
encourage everyone to keep taking the equipment out to the field and
setting out the Mono and hoops and just fly.&nbsp; You know how fun the
gliders are to fly...they're nimble and fast, and strong, and they put
smiles on your faces.&nbsp; It sure would be great to see the kind of
participation that F3J enjoys.&nbsp; Thanks again for your
perserverance, and your love for F3B.</div>
<div>Finally, I would like to say that I feel like we have a really good
team for the 2007 World Championships.&nbsp; I am honored to be a
member of the team with Tom and Aaron, and to be able to represent US
F3B Soaring at the World Championships one more time.&nbsp; We will
keep you posted and put together our web page soon.</div>
<div>Thank you for the bandwidth.</div>
<div>Mike Smith</div>
<div>2007 F3B Team Pilot</div>

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