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Aug 13, 2002, 10:28 AM
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Promax 4011 quits, anyone else have this?

I have a twin Promax 4011 stick direct with 4.7x4.7 Graupner Cam props and 10 RC2400s used on WagMax 2.

Last night out flying it climb was not great. Put it in glidermode for a while, aimed it towards the field and added power, spin right into ground?

No damage to airframe, stick needs a little fixing on.

What happened is the left motor quit. The main lead going into the end bell had all the strands broken about 1/8 inch outside of the case? It dosen't look like heat or over amps, looks almost like they were cut, but it was still inside the insulation? I do have shottky diodes soldered on about 3/8 of an inch from endbell. It did not break just at the solder joint, but between the bell and the shotky?

Anyone else have this happen? How did you resolve?

I was planning on trying to solder in some new castle Creation wire.

Ron Parigoris
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