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Aug 12, 2002, 11:54 PM
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Car Batery Charger As 12v DC Power Supply???? Will This Setup Work

I am am purchasing a GWS Battery Charger GWS-MC2002. It is a 12v DC charger. You can find them at Now, Since I dont want to always have to hook it up to the car battery, would I be able to use a car battery charger as the 12v power supply. Heres my idea......

The Car battery charger(CBC) has a 120v AC input and a 12v DC Continous output at 10 amps(which I will be using). Now I am thinking that if I hook up the CBC alligator clips to the GWS charger alligator clips, It will be just like hooking the GWS Charger to a 12V battery, because 12v of DC current will be coming out of the CBC. Do you think this would work. Thanx Patrick
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Aug 13, 2002, 02:55 AM
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It wont work as the car battery charger's output is unregulated, and may damage your GWS charger.

Aug 13, 2002, 12:13 PM
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NOT recommended. The power coming off of a car battery charger is too "dirty". You can charge from a car/RV battery while such a charger is also attached, however.

I think the computer power supply idea being discussed in your thread in Parkflyers is probably a better bet, even though it will require getting a power supply with a hefty 12V rating (at LEAST 5A - the charger is fused at 20A on the input side).