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Aug 12, 2002, 09:42 AM
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Looking for suggestions on motor/gear setup for Kyosho Stratus 1600

I just picked up one of these at my LHS for a heck of a good price ($69.99) so I couldn't resist. I want to put a light, good quality in-line gear system in the plane. It comes with a 380 motor, but I am considering going brushless. Can someone suggest an optimal motor, gear and prop setup for this plane? Thanks,

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Aug 20, 2002, 07:29 AM
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Motor for Stratus

Good morning!
You may wish to consider a cheaper alternative that I now have some real world flight time on, and with which I am quite pleased.
I have an FVK Impulse 2 LMR ( 98" span, sheeted foam wing with ailerons and flaps, F/G fuselage, 6 servos using the Ultimate BEC). I am powering it with an R/C car motor, a Trinity Chameleon Pro 2, 19 turn unit ($35 from Tower) through an MPJ 3.8:1 planetary gearbox ( about $24 from either Aircraft World or Hobby Lobby ) on 8 CP1700 cells and either a CAM 12.5X7.5 or a Falco 14X8 prop.
I believe this will be a notably heavier plane than the Stratus, and I am QUITE pleased with the performance.
With the Falco prop, I get 5 climbs to altitude. The CAM prop gets me there much faster, but only 3 times.
I have also put this same setup in planes for two friends. One is an Omega 2.5, and the other is a Hangar Nine Aspire EP. The Aspire belongs to an R/C car racer, so he wanted to run it on 6 cells to take advantage of his 6 cell RC2400 car packs. He uses a 17X13 CAM prop.
The Omega runs on either a 6 cell CP1300 pack and a 17X13, or an 8 cell CP1700 pack and a 14X9.5 prop.
Both planes fly GREAT!
I have another complete drive train ( Chameleon Pro 2 motor, MPJ gearbox , Griffin 40 controller ) ready to go now. I was considering putting it in a Hangar Nine "Aspire EP " that I had stripped out, and selling the whole rig. But, shipping the big one- piece wing would be a problem, so I'm not sure now.
I AM going brushless with my Jerry ( Aveox 1015/1.5Y, 4,4:1 ) just to get the higher performance this ship needs.
But, for just getting a glider to thermal altitude in a brisk fashion, this MUCH cheaper setup works GREAT!
Sure, you need to put a set of brushes in it once in a while, but I can't tell you how many flights that will be as yet. Best guess for me is AT LEAST 30 or more flights on a $4 set of brushes.
Not wanting to restart the old "Brushed vs brushless" debate, as I will be on BOTH sides of THAT one!
Just ( inexpensive ) food for thought.
Bob Cowgill
Cocoa, Florida
Aug 21, 2002, 10:21 AM
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Thanks for your suggestions Bob. I have gotten a good brushless direct drive suggestion from Air Craft. They recommend a Mega 15/16/6 motor running a 8x4.5 Graupner Cam prop. Amp draw will be around 15. Once I get some additional $$$ I'll probably spring for this setup.

Aug 21, 2002, 09:50 PM
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That is the exact setup (16/15/6 graupner 8x4.5) I use on a smaller sp-400 plane. I get around 15oz static thrust on 8x600mah packs. In the Kyosho it should be great!