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Aug 31, 2006, 02:30 PM
Cho Oi! Hay Qua!
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Originally Posted by the Swamp Fox
Thanks for the flight reports guys ,,,

I did have a chance to open one of these up and check it out ... it is of better quality all around than the previous F-27 models ... it was tempting ...but I flashed back to my pile of backlogged builds . So I'm trying to talk my buddy into getting one
As for speed, I can understand trying to put a number on it to refute or confirm manufacturer claims . But for me, I don't worry about my models speed in MPH ... So I stick with 3 general measurements.
1 ) eh ,,, pretty slow.
2 ) Hey, this feels good ...
3 ) MY GAWD !!!!!

Take care all ~
I vote for #2
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Aug 31, 2006, 03:51 PM
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I'm still wondering what the performance difference between the C and a modded mega 16-15-4 Stryker is. Vert? Speed? None?
Aug 31, 2006, 04:45 PM
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Originally Posted by blucor basher
I'm loving this little plane. We're doing low inverted harrier circles in our little field with it, and it has the punch to climb out of them vertically on a fresh pack. Don't flip over into upright flight at too slow a speed or too low an altitude, you need some speed to get the nose up when flying upright. Inverted, however, the nose stays up willingly. Awesome plane even without the speed factor.

The inverted harriers are very cool! If you have enough elevator throw (move in a hole?), try the inverted near flat spin, down to near the ground, then pop it into an inverted harrier on the deck... Very cool.

Ussually, to get into the inverted flat spin, approach stall inverted and go to full down elevator, and partial aileron in one direction.... Play with the amount of aileron with full down. Little or no power.

Have Fun,
Aug 31, 2006, 04:53 PM
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The IFS is my favorite move but I have never tried it with a Stryker before. Hmm, maybe I'll give it a go with mine this weekend. I'd love to see a video
Sep 01, 2006, 12:34 PM
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Crashed today...

I took the day off and decided to get a flight in this morning. The flight was going well, maybe one glitch. My battery was out of charge and I began to setup for my final. This a roll from a few hundred feet, a dive, then a glide across the field to the landing. In the dive I got a glitch and the plane shut down. I just stood and watched the crash. Luckly it started to pull out on it's own, but the there was still a lot of damage. It is repairable.
I stopped by the hobby store to look into parts, and the guy their took a look at the plane to see if he could see why it shutdown.
This is what he found:
-The wires for the motor were kinked baddly and wrapped around each other
-The battery wire from the speed control to the receiver was wrapped around one motor wires
-The antennae was wrapped around one of the motor wires and the speed control

We straighted the wires out and rerouted some stuff. I am going to fix the plane this afternoon and see later if this helps take care of the glitches (which happened at full throttle or at the end of the run), and the speed seeming slower than it should be.
Sep 01, 2006, 12:49 PM
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Yeah, you want to keep the rx antenna far from any electrical stuff.
Sep 01, 2006, 01:20 PM
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Sorry to hear about your flight. I hate it when the equipment gets ya.

Ya might want to hold off on fixing anything.

I would shoot an e-mail off, or make a call to ParkZone, and see about a complete replacement.Unless you bought it at the hobby store, in which case I would let them do the return.

From what the guy at the habbitual store found, I would say there were assembly problems that caused your glitch. Yes you should have found and fixed this stuff in your pre-flight, but this was sold as charge and fly, not check our work, then charge and fly. From the amount of glitches you have had before this happened, you should have stopped flying it sooner. What if that glitch caused your plane to hit someone?

I think their reaction would give the community a good feel for the company and how they stand behind the merchadise they sell.

I would tell them you are documenting this problem online if they give you any grief or not.

Range test, and don't fly if it fails.

Good Luck,
Sep 01, 2006, 02:30 PM
Just here to fly stuff
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I already fixed the plane. I will do some testing later. The guy at the hobby store rerouted everything, and I fixed the structure. A little glue, and new elevon, glue the cockpit, and it is back to "normal".
I am just taking this as a learning experience. Unless someone had told me I would not have known about the wires. Now I know, and hopefully the plane will be better.
As for indangering people, all but my first flight have been in a large open area about 300 yards long by 200 yards. It is fenced off, and only has one entry and exit point. It is an AMA sactioned field that is used by sailplanes and electrics, and I have been flying before other pilots show up and keeping the plane in the boundrys of the area, just in case I mess up or run into a technical problem. I was planning on letting the plane break cover and be introduced to the others, but that will have to wait till after more testing.
My only thoughts on the build quality is that you get what you pay for. Most likely I will learn more with this plane, then build a second with a Spectrum system and better components.
I wonder if anyone else has looked under the "hood" to see how their planes wires are routed.
Sep 01, 2006, 05:37 PM
Cho Oi! Hay Qua!
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For the PNP, I was kinda worried about the space it has in the radio bay. I seperated the ESC to RX wire the best I could. The wire was really long too! I soldered the supplied antenna to my Hitec 555 RX and so far no glitches.

Sep 02, 2006, 01:00 AM
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Got me A 'C" & thought s on noise rejection

Lead sled,

I predicted this was going to happen when you were describing you initial flight glitch s. I'm sorry you crashed ......it is a tough plane and easy to fix.

I had THE exact problems you had with my F-27B 's.............it is the position of the ANTENNA WIRE mostly and then a bit postion of the reciever and other cables, inrelation to the antenna. There may be shielding problems on the RX that allow the anteena to pick up noise .........anyway it is mess.

Most of the time I could IMPROVE this sort of hated irratic behavior by messing with the anteena under the canopy. SOmetimes it was only mm's I moved it away or in a certain direction ........this effected its ability to COLLECT noise. Other PZ planes show less tendency , it has to do withe arrangement of components and the tight compartment of the F-27 If you can get the wires sorted out JUST SO, you might go glitch free for good periods. It can be a trail and error. I used to put the plane out 100 feet and watch it best I could on ground to see if I could get it to glitch , and keep screwing with it till I got it right. THAT SUCKS. to much headache

I think I warned you that this can be annoying trait with this plane. I bought my Stryker "C" PLUG N PLAY yesterday.......before the hurricane... When I'm healty enought to fly it in a few weeks ........I will have a SPEKTRUM DX6 reciever cramed in it tangled wires and noise won't be a worry. A DEANS connector ( I hate that dumb connector they put in it) for batt and a TP-2100 LIPO. THE DX is
IMPERVIOUS to all noise this plane is capable of producing.. Install a DX6 RX and You can also cut that stupid antenna wire plum off that hangs frailing about and brings many a good rc plane down tangled in rudders , snagging tree limbs or what ever else ect. , causes drag and other problems . The DX operates in a freq range ABOVE all the noise crap that is happening around it. I fly near airforce base areas, around cell towers , you name it ..no problems. Except when I DUMB THUMB and smash a jet.....but thats fault and I can live with that.

I a use a 2.4gig DX6/rx in my MUTIPLEX TWIN JET ( another delta wingfoamie)....it was my test bed for that rx........ The RATS NEST of tangled wires in that plane is enought to make a seasoned RC pilot SCREAM But , it doesn;t matter one bit........I practiacally have the RX TAPED to the side of the ESC and I have NEVER HAD a glitch . I did everything YOU shouldn't do on purpose trying to screw that RX up and It doesn't care. The Spektrum RX makes building a plane ALOT easier, you can plunk that RX about anywhere you like........I have 10 of them in every postion in all kinds of planes ( except gas)and can't get seem to get a failure. It also allows Alot of flexibility in the placement of components and a big headache out of the build too.

I now figure my DX6 has saved me many a plane and paid for itself over ten times in the past year.

With the speeds of the 'C" model and fast jets and pushers like my TWIN -JET , a glitch can shoot you down in a heart beat as you now know. You can't afford to loose control for even one sec with a plane like this .

Airwaves were alot cleaner 20-30 years ago 72 mhz was ok...... we have these cool high-tech planes now.......time to use better technology....don't ya think?
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Sep 02, 2006, 12:30 PM
Just here to fly stuff
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It lives

I flew the plane this morning, and had no glitches, and the plane flew very well. I guess straightening the wires out helped. It flew well with the repairs. I did notice a little gitter in the control services, but nothing that caused any problems. I could run the engine at max and no glitches. Overall it was a great flight. But, I am going to get a Spectrum DX6 for the next plane and avoid these problems.
Last edited by LeadSled; Sep 02, 2006 at 12:44 PM.
Sep 02, 2006, 02:24 PM
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The F-27C flies better with one vertical tail than with both, IMO. I found this out by flying through a tree inverted. It emerged with only one tail fin, and it was easier to do smooth high-alpha after the tree. Looks funny though.
Sep 02, 2006, 07:22 PM
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I have a spektrum that I operate my glow aspire EP on, I get it around 2,000 feet in the air (estimated, spec out) with a 2m wingspan... spektrum radio does fine.

I have a stryker with an Align 2500kv, i'll be racing a C tomorrow and see what happens. It I throw a 5.5 pitch prop on it i'll be doin 145 mph pitch speed, but that might burn up the motor...
Sep 02, 2006, 09:36 PM
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Hey guys,

I just picked up a ready to fly version of the Stryker C. I was wondering if there are any mods to do to it? I know in the B version when you put a brushless motor on it you needed to add a carbon rod to the bottom to prevent wing flex and fiberglass the motor mount area. Are these needed here?

Also planning on using a JR 6102 radio and a berg RX in it. Anything to know about that?

Thanks a lot,

Sep 02, 2006, 11:38 PM
Live, Die, FLY
stupid hobbie shop closed right when I get there, have to wate till ing tues. GRRRRRR

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