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Oct 26, 2006, 10:58 PM
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Got me

Originally Posted by Bryan Bozarth
So.... I repainted my plane....some, but I used some airplane covering on the bottom, and it seems to have made the thing more rigid.. Im going to try it out! By the way, here is a really cool way to test if your color blind! I guess im not so............Cool!

got me
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Oct 26, 2006, 11:01 PM
Say no to interfierence!!
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where Can I get one of the motor mounts?

Originally Posted by Bryan Bozarth
Here is my stryker, it is a peice of junk, but it goes fast.......Don't laugh at the motor mount, or the whole darn thing! OK?

My stock F27-c's motor mount is way to heavy... I need something lighter like the one you have! Does that wire come in the kit? what about the wodden stick?
Oct 26, 2006, 11:40 PM
The Boz
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Originally Posted by John Campbell
My stock F27-c's motor mount is way to heavy... I need something lighter like the one you have! Does that wire come in the kit? what about the wodden stick?

Yeah, If you go to walmart you can get the motor-mount sticks/ wire conversion kit.!!!
Oct 27, 2006, 09:51 AM
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wow, major justice.... more like judge dred there. i can see where you would have taken my comments to be deconstructive without anything to add, but let me readdress that to make things clearer. as for capitalization, that's up to the person writing and it never did seem to harm e. e. cummings. i wouldn't analyze people's writing skills too much in this forum as that's not why we're here. if you want child writing go here:

Never seen the funjet. I said that I think the Stryker has the best stock design, not that it goes the fastest anyway. The whole point of that post was to get people to consider other attributes the plane has, and move on to another plane if they want a cheap way to produce speed, or do some drastic modifications to the aerodynamic signature.
hardly have i seen many designs that have been drastic modifications to the aerodynamics of the stock fuselage. the fastest strykers have had stock fuselages. what makes them faster is the motor and battery pack output capacity. if you want others to consider other attributes how about offering some? the multiplex funjet is faster and can also fly at the same slow speeds as the stryker. it's just a cleaner fuselage design (stock). in my opinion, it's superior to the stryker which is why i was, in my way, encouraging you to look it up and check it out. the stock stryker is no doubt a great design but the funjet is better. here:

As for judging speed, it's pretty relative to the discussion of making a plane go faster. That might not be the discussion on this page, but if you go back a page or 2 you will see some posts about the speed of the stryker. The statement I made says in a nutshell "Get a radar gun if you want to know the speed, and quit guessing." But really, if it deals with airplanes then there is a point in sharing it with other people. I don't see the point in you saying anything more than "I have angled the wings, and it doesn't affect the plane that much." If you're going to try & cancel out my post with another, the least you could do is provide proof (Video of both angles) & capitalize some letters in your post so it doesn't read like a child wrote it.
judging speed does not necessarily go hand in hand with increasing speed. as long as you have a good idea of how fast it "looks" with one set up you can relatively deduce whether the plane "looks" faster or slower with different configurations.

i agree. if you want a definitive answer as to how fast your plane is, get a radar gun. another option is to record the sound as the plane flies past you in level flight. you can then use computer software to determine the speed based on doplar.

i offered my experience with angling the fins. it's not a big deal to move them around however you want so really, do you need pictures and video? try it yourself if you want. i never said you should stop what you're doing because it's been done before. i've been flying strykers for over a year and have done several modifications to just see what would happen if i did this or that. on one of my earlier strykers i mounted two motors (centered where the vert fins go) with one vert fin in the center. over-all, my set up was stupid. i doubled everything. two 8cell NiMH battery packs, two receiver/esc combos and the two motors. it was a brick that flew quite well. very surprisingly so, actually. so, whether you believe me or not, i have tried various things. try them yourself if you're so inclined.

consider this. the twinjet wingspan is 35.8 inches and the stryker's is 37 inches. i have no idea, but maybe the extra inch and less wing area play into the roll rate. you can see the difference just looking at them:


i think there's more to look at than just the fins.

by the way, i wasn't trying to cancel out your post. i was merely offering my experience and observations. again, feel free to give it a try yourself. it takes what, two seconds to move them around?

It must have been pretty relative or you wouldn't have justified it with a response. A little advice: No one respects people with a better than thou attitude. Make it a point to second guess everything someone says, and it will be apparent in no time that you're not a good person to deal with.
i responded to mention the funjet as far as awesome stock designs go, i responded to state my experience with angling the verticle fins and lastly commented on the judging of speed part because i, in all honesty, didn't see how it fit with the rest of your post. i will admit, i didn't read back a couple of pages (i'm usually pretty good about it) so i'm sure that's the source of my confusion.

the better than thou attitude is actually what i'm getting from you. i didn't shoot down any ideas yet you jumped all over me. demanded proof that i changed the angle of my verticle fins.... i'm sorry, but i don't carry a camera or camcorder every time i'm flying. there have been a couple of days that we did shoot video but it's all still on tape. had some pretty interesting video with a wireless camera mounted to a stryker, too.

be less judgemental yourself as you're becoming what you claim i am. know that when you post something in the forums others will offer their own opinions. there are nicer ways to ask for evidence supporting what they have said. that said... let's move on.

i prefer to get as much speed out of my plane as possible because i like to get from one side of the sky to the other as fast as possible. when there's wind, however, i slow it down and play on the currents. i'll see how long i can hover in one spot, play with inverted harriers and such. the more wind the better! i also like to fly laps around the park at a slow and easy pace. there's a great soccer field that i fly at sometimes where i stand in the center and fly circles around myself. i also fly through the goal posts on either end. the last time i did this i wasn't so lucky. nailed the upright with my wing and put a good dent in it. it was covered with fluro orange duct tape, though, and was saved. the motor mount snapped and the motor w/esc flew out. nothing new.

i haven't bought the funjet yet, but i expect it will take over as my favorite plane. right now the stryker is my favorite followed by the twinstar 2. i'm hoping to get some good video in the future using one of those small usb cams. the video quality seems pretty good.

what other, non-speed related attributes are we talking about?
Oct 27, 2006, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by lowdive
i prefer wind to fly my stryker in. can take it to altitude and then glide on the currents. i've had a couple of 25-30 min flights like that. got to the point i was laying on the ground to keep my neck from hurting.
Well fellows i just regestered to this forum after enjoying reading for the last few days. i have a battery question. i just bought a stryker 27C and as u know it has a car charger. i have an idea for converting it to a wall charger. can a female part of a car charger be connected to a dc 12 volt charger and be used to charge the lipo batteries for my stryker 27C?
Last edited by papa1931us; Nov 28, 2006 at 09:04 PM.
Oct 27, 2006, 03:28 PM
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i'd recommend a charger specifically designed to accept a/c power input. i've seen a few that weren't too expensive and have been recommended by others. unfortunately, i haven't kept much track of the details as i've yet to upgrade to lipos. you might also consider getting one of those portable battery boosters so you can charge anywhere. i picked one of these up on sale... mainly due to a dead battery the week before (i think i've charged too many r/c packs off it!).

DieHard Portable Power 1150 with Air Compressor, DC to AC Inverter, Outlets and Light

it was on sale for $90, so figured i'd get it.
Oct 27, 2006, 03:47 PM
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I agree that how you type is by no means a way to assign any particular level of intelligence. Some of the best RC builders/designers can barely link english words to form a sentence, and they never punctuate anything (Right at least), and it was out of line for me to bring that into the subject. There really was 'No Point' in it.

Yeah, the fastest Strykers are stock fuses with bigger motors/power plants, but no one has tried any drastic modifications. If someone knew basic aerodynamic princiapals, then they couldn't hurt the design with some modification (But getting enough structural integrity to support very high speeds is another problem you'd encounter with a modified fuselage). Someone stated earlier in this thread that they did some drastic modifications, and the result was the same as the stock fuse (which I don't necesarily believe).

I like fast planes too, but there are some inherent problems with a 30 inch piece of foam doing 150mph. In my opinion, the Stryker is a good moderately fast sport parkflyer because it's speed is more than enough for "most" intermediate RC pilots, and I like the fact that I can push it to it's limits. I guess that knowing I can handle whatever the Stryker throws at me gives me confidence in performing awe inspiring high speed maneuvers. The funjet will have more capabilities as far as gaining speed in a dive (The cleaner fuse), and will gain speed further into the dive. The Stryker seems to Max out, but if you are flying with a plane that fly's 150% faster, and gains speed faster & gains speed for a longer amount of time, add in the fact that you won't be able to create the further distance to accomodate the factors, and you may never see the maximum speed of that plane in a dive. The main attribute that comes to mind is the response of the elevator control. Now remember that this comes strctly from my experience flying similar models, but with equal throws, the elevator response is quicker than the Twin Jet at equal speeds. I figured it was in the design of the control surfaces, but the quicker elevator response at moderate speeds seems to pay off more than a quicker roll rate. You do most of the flying with the elevator. I also like the durability of the Stryker, it seems like it should be a lot weaker. The Stryker fuse is perfect for accepting what modifications that I want to do. Besides a few attributes, I also think that it's pretty easy to deal with. You have the option of buying RTF, and the components are pretty simple if you have to re-build. Now I know it looks like I'm gushing about the Stryker, but I have just as much I don't like about it. The servos seem kinda cheap, the LiPo charger that comes with the package is pretty much junk, Horizon Hobby is hard to deal with, and aspects of the fuse make it prone to certain specific damage. I really don't like the aesthetic design of the Stryker. I have a UF F-16, and that design is just much more appealing to me as far as the shell design goes.

Your response just seemed a little adversarial to me. We are here to give people different views on the same things, but also keep in mind that information should be accurate, and recent. When I think about the angle of the fins, it seems that it decreases the vertical height of the area it disrupts (So in theory should give you a similar effect as shortening the fins.) Like I said earlier though, I really didn't consider making the roll rate on mine faster. If I did, I would probably shorten them, and not angle them. I just wanted to toss that idea out there for others, instead of forgeting about it. Someone said that they lost a stab in a tree, and it flew better with only 1 (not centered though) until he landed it. I do realize that there is more than the fins that go into roll rate, and I mentioned that in the same post.

Besides, I didn't demand anything. I was just reversing the roles, telling you that it was pointless for you to comment on something. There are a ton of pointless posts on this forum, and even more pointless paragraphs. You did manage to single me out, whether you realize it or not. Most of those comments adressed posts that are scattered throughout the last 2 or 3 pages of this thread, but it just seems that you don't like me, and that was the reason for your response. People have different meanings for different words, and they often use the wrong words when saying what they are trying to say. It pays to put yourself in someone elses place. I bet that if we met in person and I made the comment about judging speed, you wouldn't look at me & say "What was the point in that". If you would, then you probably aren't someone I'd talk too.

There really is no point in ruining the discussion about "Our favorite plane", and if you think about it, we're both moving on to new favorite planes with more efficient aerodynamic designs (Me: F-16 You: Funjet), but we really won't know for sure until we prove them airworthy & see for ourselves. We could be here in a month, still considering the Stryker as our favorite.

I did look at the Funjet, and It's a lot prettier than I expected. What kind of kits are available?

Judge Dread out
Oct 27, 2006, 05:11 PM
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the funjet isn't available in the US yet, but should be very soon. searching it on towerhobbies.com shows a date of late october. as yet, i haven't searched out the details of the kit(s). looking at a price of $65, it had better be more than just the fuselage!

i'm currently working on a drastic design change with my stryker.. i'll get some pics with my phone and upload later.
Oct 28, 2006, 02:36 PM
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I found a similar model to the funjet made by Hobby Lobby, and it's ARF, comes with ESC, motor, and EDF unit, called the Firebird. This is another model I hadn't seen yet, but looks pretty cool.


132$ is pretty fair when you consider the included components. The only question is do you like ducted fans? To me it's just another thing to replace if you wreck it bad enough.
Oct 28, 2006, 02:49 PM
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i was also looking at the firebird but its performance seems to be lacking. tempted, but i want to wait on the funjet. hobbypeople.net also has something similar, edf:
Oct 28, 2006, 03:03 PM
If it floats....sail it!
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If you want to go ducted fan, then take a look at this: http://www.hobbypeople.net/gallery/107310.asp#More

There is one at the field where I fly and it is very fast. Downside is that it empties the pack in 4 minutes.

Oct 28, 2006, 03:06 PM
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A cross between an F-14 Tomcat & the space shuttle. That's probably the best description I've heard of that plane. It works for the stryker too.
Oct 29, 2006, 11:13 AM
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I "pancaked" mine into the runway yesterday during a "too low" high speed pass (full throttle from @ 400' ). It was weird, I was in ground effect, holding a little down elevator, then WHAM!!. I chopped the power immediately, and the thing popped of the ashphalt and into a stall, I applied full power and the thing kept flying!!!

When I landed, I had about 2" left on each blade of my 6X5.5. The bad news is I bent the shaft. I don't think I will be able to find a new shaft. Should I straighten it (don't know if I can open the can), or should I just put a hotter motor on it now that it is "wounded"
Oct 29, 2006, 12:22 PM
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you know what looks like a good motor for the stryker? the littlescreamers "park jet". 2800Kv compared to 2200Kv (mega 16/15/4) or 1880Kv (stock stryker C). it's supposed to pull just over 18a with a 6x5 prop. $50 from hobby-lobby.com. i haven't tried one yet, but i've read good things throughout the forums.
Oct 29, 2006, 01:15 PM
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Stryker at the beach...

I'd like to share my stryker video at the beach.


Mega motor 16-15-4
4S 2100Mah Power Evo Lipo
ESC 35A Phoenix
6 X 4 APC e. prop

RC Control airplane Jet F-27 F27 stryker Brushless Beach (4 min 50 sec)

I hope you like it... there's a slow motion part at the end...

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