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Aug 11, 2002, 09:23 PM
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Gain Altitude, Airspeed and Ideas at the same time, "IN A HURRY or NOT ". WagMax 2

Been sorting out WagMax 2.

78 oz. Slope Slayer with either 3/4 HP Aveox on 16 cells or Twin 4011 Promax with 10 cells.

Using HiTec Digital servos for Elevons and NASA Lead Edge Droop along with 9 channel JR PCM and hobbico gyro for pitch.

Going fast and fast climbs are not at the the top of the test fly list. Flying slow and landing without breaking stuff is.

Got the NASA Droop dialed in. The 14 inch outboard of the Lead can be articulated down, or up. 22.5 degrees down seems to lower stall, and really drags up things. 32 degreeds droop really drags things up, probably same stall as 22 degrees though. It has ability for 5 degrees up, which I think may help fast and perhaps inverted, but have not begun that phase of testing as of yet.

Procedure for landing this beast is really quite easy. Just plain keep the bottom of the wing level with horizon. With no droop you will be going fast and very shallow glide angle and bleeding airspeed takes a loooonnnnngggg time. Half droop, keep bottom of wing level with horizon, slower speed and steepier angle and bleeds speed faster. full droop, keep bottom of wing level with horizon, very steep angle and slow speed very draggy. Deploying droop does not create any radical pitch change. So far only change needed to be made is to lower nose a bit with over 1/2 droop so you don't get into mush mode.

I have been flying a traditional pattern, but for WagMax standards a close in pattern. Enter downwind glider mode, no droop bottom of wing level with horizon which nets out to quite fast, add half droop just prior to turning base, and slow down on base a bit and when turning final, add full if needed, but retract to half once 20 feet off ground. With full droop, it will stall, not drop a wing just look like a beautiful glide, and when it is time to flair, there is no response. Amazing but this mush mode for a 5 pound aeroplane with only a bit over 2.5 square feet of wing is very gentil. Belly floppedt once, will try not to repeat it. Once begin to flair, I retract LE Droop so as not to break Beckman Actuator pins.

Have bout a dozen flights so far.

OK, think i can get used to landing this beast.

Now for flying it. Touch the throttle with the Aveox stick and the plane accelerates and goes where pointed. Half throttle with half droop with a plane slow and on the deck puts it up a few hundred feet up before i can retract droop! Talk about Gaining Altitude, Airspeed and Ideas! By the time I get droop retracted, the plane is at 500 feet. It dosent take very long to turn a pot. Power off, 90 degree turn to right, 270 degree turn to left, and an on the deck highspeed flyby that is nothing short of being a missle with the familiar characteristic missle whistle.

Did do a full throttle flyby with twin Promax right after a dive. No sign of flutter anywhere. Rock solid, just goes where pointed. Great sound, but for a very very short time, WEEEEEEEEEEEEOWWWWWWWW, gone.

Sorry no photos of completed project just yet. I did attach a photo before smileys and covering went on and in.

The NASA Droop is doing as expected, no more, no less. First test flight, did a stall with 1/2 droop, a pusseycat, at best a waddle, perhaps a slight wing drop, and before you relaxed stick all the way it was flying again. Tried it slight power on and glider mode. Second test flight, figured would try a no droop stall. This is a different wing from WagMax 1, maby you don't need the fool droop. OK slowed down at about 500 feet, not too slow just yet----------- "STALL SPIN" right into ground. Unrecoverable spin from 500 feet. Perhaps 750 bearly but not 500. No damage except broke a pin in Beckman Actuator. I was flying at my favorite Topped Dump Hump, about a 200 foot hill with tall tall grass with a 3 or 4 tier graded face. Didn't have another pin in field so fabricated and installed a stop (twig from tree) and set to 1/2 droop. Went up with Aveox stick that is 4 oz heavier than twin and stalled again, this time it had 1/2 droop, a pusseycat. It really works! And believe you me, if you have a model that is this heavy, and you want to have fun flying it you need some sort of slowemdown ability. With NASA Droop it not only allows you to slowemdown, but Speedemup as well!

Will post again when WagMax 2 get some more hours and have some photos.

Ron Parigoris
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Aug 11, 2002, 09:46 PM
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WagMax 2 photo of bottom

This photo is of bottom of wing. It shows the receiver, gyro, digital servo for controlling NASA droop, and main spar.

And oh what a main spar it is. It is a piece of 6061 T6 Aluminium with 2 holes drilled in the ends, sistered to a carbon fiber tube that is wrapped on the outside with Spectra. Then inside the CF Tube, is another CF tube, that it is also wrapped with Size E dacron. Then both the Aluminium and CF are glued together with JB Weld, but not before it got another piece of vertical CF web between them, then the whole thing is wrapped with Spectra. This is the attachment point for the Quick Stick. It has a reasonable area to goop to the foam. The bending/flex of the aluminium and the CF Creation is very reasonably close.

Ron Parigoris
Aug 11, 2002, 09:59 PM
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WagMax kool digital wing servo

Here is a photo of kool HiTec digital wing servo. Very precision adjustable,and tremendous staying power compared to HS 81 or HS85s.

Forgot to mention, Wayne was flying the last flight tonight (Sunday), with Aveox stick, and it was blowing bout 12 to 15 from the SouthWest. Above a road and tree line at about 400 feet, he got popped, cut the motor and put in 1/4 droop and began to circle. OK at 78 oz he did not rise in the thermal, but it sure did extend the glide.

I will need to make a point to go out after a cold front moves through, and there is convergence going on (I live on Long Island if North or Northwest wind on north shore, and south seabreeze on south shore, where they meet, it is up city) and find a nice vail extending below the convergence, give a 5 second motor run and try to fly this beast for at least an hour and land with a near full battery.

ron Parigoris

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