Hitec HS-81 servo problem, But total success with Ken Hill's "Polly Pusher" - RC Groups
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Aug 09, 2002, 11:14 PM
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Hitec HS-81 servo problem, But total success with Ken Hill's "Polly Pusher"

First, everyone needs to know: the "Polly Pusher" from Ken Hill at Acesim is really good. I've made one, and I think it's about as good a speed 400 trainer as you could get--easy but fun to fly, fun to make, inexpensive, and tough as nails.

Now, if my HS-81 servos would just quit breaking down, I'd be in fat city--twice after medium hard landings, a servo has just stopped working. On autopsy, I find that the gears are undamaged, but the little circuit board inside the servo quickly gets hot when the radio is turned on. Any ideas on this one?

Rob Taylor
Falls Church, Va.
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Aug 09, 2002, 11:50 PM
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Everytime I bad mouthed the HS 81's here for the exact same problem you had (5 in a row), the only response I get is "they work fine for me". I know many people personally that have several of them in the junk box. I live near Hitec and took them in, they said they would repair them. I said I would never put another 81 in the air again and they could just keep them. I asked if I could maybe upgrade and if they could send me 2 HS225MG's for the 3 HS 81's I had with me (new project), I would be happy. Being the extraordinary company that they are, they sent me 3 225mg's. See if Hitec will work with you to upgrade to 85's, they are a great, dependable servo. Hitec is one of the best companys around for customer service.