18th August - RC Groups
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Aug 19, 2006, 12:38 AM
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18th August

Today we had some flying at last. The competition started early at 8am in order to get two rounds flown with nearly 50 competitors. At first it was quite slow and then pilots started suffering with interferrence. An Italian plane spirraled in whilst flying legs. Manuel Ramos' plane continued climbing into the clear blue sky and was 'lost'. A few spectators saw it fly straight down into the distance whilst Manuel and his wife were still searching the air for it. He eventually found it in a cemetary and had to pay the locals to get it back. A few more crashes and the competition was stopped for transmitters to be checked against a specturm analyser.

When flying continued we had very few problems and the rest of round one and all of round two were flown, but it was nearly sunset when we finished.

The British team did OK, we all have models in tact. I put a small prop on for round one to save some current in the heat and did 41 legs. In round 2 the sun was a real problem and my turns were compromised. The model flew a lot faster with the bigger prop but I still only managed 39. Hopefully I'll do more tomorrow. George was all over the sky in round one and I can't remember if he got 39 or 40. In round two he flew a lot smoother and got 41. Dave had problems with his model in round one and aborted the flight. In round two he flew very high because of the sun and flew 47 legs but used 11 climbs so was only credited with 44. This is a massive improvement which is mostly due to the new IB4200SHV's that Dave soldered together into 15-cell packs just yesterday. If processing allows him a little extra weight he will solder an extra cell on and could then go even faster - well done Dave.

Quite early in round one Guntmar set a new record with 49 legs. This lasted until Thomas flew and managed to hit 50. In round 2 several pilots were also scoring in the high 40's but the highlight was Thomas again with 52. He finished the flight with a good run of 6 and still had time to spare so went back for a 7th at ground level. When he got to base B he still had time to get back and compete an 8th leg. I'm sure I would have tip stalled the model into the ground during either of the last two turns - very impressive flying.

Tomorrow we will have the last round in the morning and then a relaxing afternoon perhaps?
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Aug 19, 2006, 03:28 AM
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Thanks for the report Mike, feeling sorry I'm not there this time now, 52 legs, wow. say hello to Dave-soon to-fly-48 and the rest of the team for me, and to the Belgians as well. Oh, and congratulate Antti on his good results so far...
Aug 19, 2006, 08:43 AM
turn, turn, turn.
Thanks Mike. I hope your guys can get that extra cell through the weigh station.
With your reports, I almost feel like I'm there.

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