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Aug 08, 2002, 11:29 PM
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My beginner plane adventure thus far...

Hi, I am new to r/c aviation and these boards although I had lurked around here for a while and r/c flight has been a desire of mine for a long time, but recently I took the plunge and purchased some equipment.

Along with some replacement parts for my r/c truck I ordered a wattage lightning. I flew it hard for 2 days and tore the little thing apart while learning important things about r/c flight. A few days after that I ordered a new fuselage and wing for my lightning as my electroncis where fine. I actually flew the lightning for about 40 or so full flights although more than half ended in crashes because the plane is so un-responsive and would not fit in my flying feild which is my 3.5 acre backyard although the non-tree part is only 120ft x 60ft.

As the new parts where coming (long shipping time) I found a way to ride to my nearest lhs that carries r/c. It turns out to be 8.5 miles which takes a while on bike. (Hey im only 15) Well I purchased a pico stick and built it. (fuselage version) Then I got my radio and electronics, well, most of them. Anyways I got everything but the kit second hand but it all still seemed new to me. I built the kit over about 4 hours and I enjoyed building the kit very much. I used mostly 5 min epoxy on the kit.

I need tips on how to install radio gear in the kit and how to do the pushrod thingy and attach it to the servo. I need servo tape right? I am such a newbie at this. also I hooked up the esc and used my radio to test the throttle...FUN! This really is far superior to the lightning. Wow. I want to fly the lightning more before I fly this, but I really can't wait to fly a full function plane. Also my radio is a 4ch JR J-line radio and I have sub-micro stuff. I also need a suitable battery for my plane..any suggestions? I'm going on vacation for a week tommorrow and I will put r/c on a hiatus and fly my kites on the beach. Anything you can reccomend to a new flyer thanks for all help..

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Aug 09, 2002, 12:00 AM
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Got a location? anyone near you would be glad to help.....

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Aug 09, 2002, 12:43 AM
Live to ride... and fly!
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==I need tips on how to install radio gear in the kit and how to do the pushrod thingy and attach it to the servo. ==

I REEEEEALLY don't like the way GWS tells you to install pushrods on their planes (Z bend at each end with a V bend in between for adjustments). Get yourself some Dubro Micro Connectors and install them on the servo horns. Then make a Z bend on one end of the control wire and insert it in the horn. Leave the other end of the wire straight, run it through the micro connector and tighten it down with the supplied screw. Adjustments couldn't be easier, loosen the screw, adjust the wire and tighten the screw again.

Welcome aboard and good luck with your final setup!
Aug 09, 2002, 08:36 AM
Captain Carnage says......
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congrats on your choice of plane

it was my does have some quirks though

and i have done everything imaginable to it that can be done

well almost....

i have a post somwhere here on how to add wingstruts

a must for more aggressive manuevers as the wing will fold in anything put a lite wind or shallow dive

the post was started by rryhne so just use that in the search and look at titles only

you have all the plastic parts in the leftovers on the a-1 parts tree

all you need is bamboo sticks (grocery store 100 stick for a dollar)

i have put a 370 motor on it too

as for batteries the eflight 400mah 6 cell nicad flat packs give me about 20 mins per flight (they are about 14.00 per pack)

the landing gear will spread while trying to rog and land
a piece of fishing line tied between the two just abobe the wheels
with a little ca to hold it in place will help prevent the spreading

parkflyer and omega have some good posts on these birds as well
welcome to the Pico StickFD squadron

Aug 09, 2002, 10:48 AM
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flyercomet just ask us

your questions and we'll answer them;

radio installation is usually the trickiest part;

tres is as always right on target and the micro connectors are the easiest;

i use balsa wood stringers (about 3/16 square) and clevises instead of the GWS wire; it adds a bit of weight but it works for me; the clevises are attached to metal pushrods that you cut off to about 2 inches in length and connect to the balsa stringer using dental floss;

hope that helps;