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May 08, 2010, 12:19 PM
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Same wingspan, but with huge flaps to slow down the beast like the original. And they work great.
first testflight, inland with 10 kts+ gust (i could not wait), my groundspeed got negative, so on approach it bagged away, but stil under control.
My setup is 2 x1650kv 38gr (cheap chinese) 7x4 props and one Lipo2500 3S. and 100gr. added in the nose.
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Oct 27, 2010, 10:06 PM
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Here is my contribution to this thread. I built a Grumman Hu-16A Albatros in 60-70's colors of the USCG. It is the Quonsett Point, RI scheme. I have it powered with rewound Hextronic DT-750 outrunners. The contra rotating props are GWS 10x7x3 blades. I cut them down recently to 9x7x3 blades. I use 2 paks of 11.1v 3S -2200 Mah lipos.

The plane was built from blown up 3 view drawings and actual pictures. I used pink foam through out. It is covered with glass cloth 0.73oz. and polyurethane paint. This group of pictures was taken on 10-24-2010 in Rochester, Mass.

There is a short clip with a flyby at our event here. If I open a build log there will be more in the thread.

(4 min 24 sec)

**Neons** Bob
Oct 29, 2010, 11:02 AM
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I was at this float fly and I can say that this Albatross looks and flies great. It is nice to see scale seaplanes in the air. Bob did a fabulous job scratch building this plane.
Oct 29, 2010, 02:03 PM
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Neons, that Albatros looks great! I am actually planning a Grumman Goose using the same materials and same motors. Do you have any more information about the build? Can you tell me the specs? :: Motor rewind specs, ESCs, AUW, wing incidences, wingspan, etc?
Oct 29, 2010, 07:34 PM
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Christech (T.)
It is very interesting that we meet in RC Groups. Amazing how fast you found this thread like I did also a couple days ago.. Thanks for your favorable comments T. especially when it is coming from you and G. is very honorable. You both teamed up and did the real fabulous job of building that OS2U Kingfisher . Yours was built to traditional ways which makes it estetically a better plane for sure. I am trying to make a plane look good with modern and composite material with lower costs for the mechanically inclined builder. This is not for amature builders. There are many planes for entry level in the Free plans site in RC Groups to help starters.

Warhead. Fancy meeting you again. I remember you with that most beautiful piece of work you did on that Curtiss Goshawk. I think you also visited my build in the Hans Joachim -Me-109G thread also. I am planning on doing a quick How I Built It thread on the Albatros Hu-16A as soon as I can get together a few more pieces to the story. I believe I took over 100 pictures during the build. It was not elegent I will tell you. I like to say I am a Down and Dirty builder. You may even scratch your head and say to yourself, "What the **** is he doing that for"? It all comes out in the end product.

Here are some quick specs.

The motors are the "Blue Wonders" Hextronic DT-750's. Wound to 15 turns 23awg wire. They are putting out about 46oz. thrust each. There is no nneed to wind these motors as they put out about 43oz. stock wind. Putting out around 5-6lbs of thrust is not necessary with this plane and a smaller motor would fly it fine. The extra power just litteraly drags the plane around crazily. I had the 10" props and cut them down to 9". It also drops torque and better amp usage. A plus.

I build planes without plans. I use 3 to 5 view drwaings and I use Poster Printery, ProPoster, and my favorite IsoPlot to blow up the size I need to build and then print them out on printer paper. The output has lineup marks and I glue the blown up plans together with Elmers. These are also used to make templates for hot wiring the wing for example.
The plane weighs around 48oz. RTF.
The wing is 55" X 10"chord
The Fuselage is 41"OA X 8" height X 5" wide. It is 2" pink foam laminated from Home Depot.
The Elevator is 20" X 5 1/2"
The Rudder is around 12" high
The wing is modified Clark Y airfoil. It is zero incedence and the same with the elevator.
The moters had 2 degree upthrust and 2 degree out thrust. I put 0 upthrust as the lift was plenty and it hopped out of the water. I use 1/4 throttle for take off and no more than 1/2 throttle in flight. Just too much power. GWS Props are counter rotating. The motor cowlings are GWS zero that are modified.

I forgot what Esc's I used buy any 25amp will do according to the motors behavior with timing. If it is a real cheapy like the Simple ESC's they can hiccup badly at the wrong time. Uhg!

Paint was Walmart craft paint flats. Decals are waterslide paper from ebay and printed. I made my own decals to match the real ones with a military True Type font. I also used the actual USCG photos as references. The wings are all foam and no wood. I use carbon arrowshafts for wing spars. The wing is covered with 0.73oz fiberglass cloth and waterbase polyurethane paint. After all the panel lines markings, hand painting, Mylar package tape trim stripes, and decals are on the plane gets a good coat of Satin oil based polyurethane hardwood floor paint. it seals it all.
The reciever is a Corona on 72mhz. I used Hextronic 900gr. servos.

I think I have leaked out some info here to give you an idea. I know you are a builder as I have seen your good work. You know what I am doiung here. When the time comes I will announce where and when I am going to post the pictures and explanations to how I dd this plane build. You will be informed when I do that. Thanks for comments guys.
**Neons** Bob
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Oct 29, 2010, 08:12 PM
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warhead_71's Avatar
Thanks for the details Bob... really helpful. I think mine will be slightly bigger, but just barely. I'm sure I don't need to rewind the motors, but if I prop down like you did then I might be able to use a few more RPM. I heard that 16T of 21ga was a good efficient wind... I'm guessing 15T will bring it up to about 900KV.
Nov 09, 2010, 01:28 AM
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**neons**'s Avatar
I just recieved some more pictures of the Albatros in flight from a club photographer. I like the action take off flight. They almost look real. Here is our group in attendance with some of the planes. **Neons** Bob
Nov 09, 2010, 12:39 PM
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warhead_71's Avatar
Great-looking plane. Wow, that's a lot of spray over the elevator on take-off. That's a really nice Kingfisher in the club photo too.
Nov 09, 2010, 01:21 PM
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Thread OP

Sweet plane

A really sweet plane. In the mean time my albatross has been retired. Its legacy lives on in an aeornaut Candair, that I will start to build over xmas so I can hit the lake next spring with a new plane.
Nov 09, 2010, 01:52 PM
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**neons**'s Avatar
Thanks for your comments. I just added some spray chines up forward. The spray is going right directly into each motor just before it gets up on plane. I saw it in the zooming views in the videos on take offs. I have all I need to post my build log in its entirety soon. I am still hoping for that good video on the Albatros in the sun and low wind. I do have some right now that I may use if I do not get one. The OS2U Kingfisher is a terrific flyer and is in RC Universe here:
Christec is a senior member in our club. He has an extensive build log above.

Kestral, Thank you also on your commnts. I hope you enjoy your new Candair plane as much as I did this one here. I enjoyed looking over your Blog. Great pictures of some nice aircraft.
Check out this Albatros site here. The fellow Stef, lost his museum quality Albatros in a maiden. The video is still there but all the nice pictures have been pulled down. Too Bad. They were spectacular. The plane really belonged in a museum the way it was built. I hope he comes back some day.
I may post some pics there to cap off that build link. I hope he sees them.
**Neons** Bob
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Dec 08, 2010, 08:48 PM
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From Here Forth I think I will Post My Build Log

My build log has about 70 pictures and 20 pages in a Pdf booklet. Most of the pages will be copied in here with related pictures. I am going to put more pictures and comments though. Please feel free to ask questions as I place them in here. Just be specific which photo or comment you are talking about .

I had been tossing where I should release my flood of pictures and notes on how I built my USCG Albatross. There is already a reasonable amount of info in this thread that many others and I placed here. I was thinking of just opening another Build Log and put all my info in there.

This thread is already getting old and it would probably just fade away with low activity. So, this is where it will go to keep all the info and links together for any future builders to find. There is not too many build links on the Grumman Albatross. That is why I want to make it easier to find by compiling the info in fewer areas.

I will start here with another flight video. I am still feeling the plane out so I do not have the landings perfect yet. Stay tuned.
(3 min 54 sec)

**Neons** Bob
Dec 09, 2010, 09:24 AM
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A Brief Introduction
Booklet Written and Produced by
Robert Pacheco –
Swansea, MA USA

Not for Commercial use:
The Albatross, the fifth amphibian built by Grumman Aircraft for the military, was designed in the late 1940's for Air/Sea search and rescue, air ambulance, antisubmarine patrol, cargo, and transport. The first of about 450 aircraft built entered service in 1949. The Albatross served with the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and the military services of 17 foreign countries. The last aircraft left Navy service in 1976, and some Albatrosses are still in service abroad.

The Albatross usually carried a crew of seven, including pilot, co-pilot, radio operator, radar operator, navigator and two crewmen. The search radar was said to be sensitive enough to spot a life raft on the open ocean. During the Korean war 900 airmen were rescued by Albatross crews. It has a wingspan of 85 feet, a length of 62 feet and weighs 22,000 pounds empty. It can carry 1700 gallons of fuel in its main, float and drop tanks and has a range of over 3,000 miles. It has two nine cylinder supercharged Wright 1820-76 radial engines that produce 1450 horsepower each and give it a cruise speed of close to 200 mph and a service ceiling of over 25,000 feet.

N3HU is an 'A' model Albatross. The 'B' model was designed later, has a 16 foot longer wingspan that gives it a greater range and service ceiling, but slightly slower speed. A 'tri'-phibian version with skis was designed to operate off the ice and snow in the Polar Regions. The original medical stretchers are used as bunks. A marine lavatory re-placed the spartan Navy head and a small galley was added. The USCG designated the plane as a C version and when further modifications were made the final E version.
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Dec 09, 2010, 09:35 AM
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**neons**'s Avatar
My Thoughts for Selection of this Aircraft
I started to think where I live there is plenty of water around this area plus fortunately living alongside the large bay attached to my home. I wanted a plane dedicated to some RC flights on the waterside. I also wanted an amphibious plane with less ability to be blown over by the wind that a float plane has. I searched the web and reviewed many videos.
Some Finished Model Specifications
Wingspan……………55.0 inches
Length………….……36.0 inches
Weight……………….2 lbs. 8oz. less battery
Power Plants …………Hextronic DT-750 rewound 17turns Delta 22AWG wire
Power………………..48oz Thrust each motor
Propellors…………….2 - GWS 10X6 DD with opposite rotation
Reciever……………..Corona 4 Channels RS 4011- 72Mhz
Range……………….. 3,500feet

In the 3 view drawing, I was able to blow the plan up to the desired span I wanted. The original aircraft Hu-16A had a 16 foot shorter 80 foot wing than the HU-16B and later versions. So it was a choice to make the A or B version. I wanted a plane in the 55 inch wing so if I built the B version that size it would translate to a smaller fuselage. The A version gave me a bigger fuselage. Looking at the finished plane I guess I could have built maybe a 70 inch wingspan with plug in wings. I mainly wanted the larger fuselage for many reasons.
Battery………………..Zippy 2,500 Mah 20C 11.1 v Series Lipoly
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Dec 09, 2010, 09:59 AM
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How do I work with 3 view or more drawings? This is where the the photo tilers come into action. You will need one of these programs to be able to lay the plane out in the program to resize the above pictures horizontly and vertically. For example, when I lengthened the fuselage to 36.0 inches long all the other dimensions proprtionally came to the correct size perspective.

My favorite program is IsiPlot. I bought it many years ago from this website below. I believe it was around $15 US. Email Stefano at the bottom of the weblink page and he will assist in the purchase using PayPal. I like it for the measuring scale lays out pages to print as you change the sizes accordingly. He will send the registration code to open the Free download program to become a full version and will allow 2 computers. I could not scratchbuild without this program. I love it with those 3 view drawings too.

Now here is another similar program that is supposed to resize plans also. I have not used this one but did get good reviews from it also. It should do what we need here also to enlarge these pictures to print out for the build templates.

Have a look at both of the programs and give the free demos a try also. I am going to upload the first part of what to do with the templates after they are printed and glued or taped together. Either way. I use Elmers white glue or the rubber nipple bottle of paper glue called Mucilage in school supply shelves to put the sheets together. I have a paper shear to trim the sheets also. It can be done with scissors also.

Update! Just found this Program to make Posters. It can also be used to enlarge plans. Wide use of formats and the finish sizes are unlimited. It saves files in Pdf also.
**Neons** Bob
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Dec 09, 2010, 10:10 AM
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In order to build my plane I needed some foam to make the plane this size. I visited a local building supply chain store to buy the pink foam. Home Depot has the pink foam. Lowes has the blue foam. Both stores have it avalable in 1", 1 1/2", and 2" X 2 feet X 8 foot panels. They also have pink Z-Fold foam which is around 6mm or 5/16" diametor. They new runs of pink Z-Fold foam is all pin pricked now and not as nice as the older runs were. I may have to switch to blue foam next in this stuff. I do not recommend using the expanded white type of foam for this type of building.

Some more Pre- Maiden flight shots.
**Neons** Bob

Have a look at these nice Walk Around web pages.
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