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Aug 04, 2006, 12:16 PM
Dave (Sonic)
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Aviator Skywalker RC plane given to me

first post, YAY!

now that that's out of the way...

My family had a party 2 nights ago and my uncle brought a used Aviator Sky walker electric RC plane. The company seems to be Clic Co.

It's a foam wing, plastic fuselage setup with rudder/propeller steering...
remote is only 2 channels and the motor on this one turns off as you pull back on the stick to make the plane go up....Not the best setup in my opinion.

Anyways it could use some parts like props (came with 3 broken ones, I repaired one with Superglue and its holding for now)...maby a new wing. But other than that its in working condition and will fly.

You charge this by either attaching the quick charger to your car battery (that's safe lol) or into a cigarette lighter on the car for 18 whole minutes to charge this thing.

The system may not be the best setup but I like this scale plane (1/12)

Is it better to buy parts which will likely lead up to the price of a new plane like this one or should I just get another plane with a different charging setup?

Another thought would be to replace the electronics in this unit and maby the motor and make it so it runs all the time but at different speeds and then get another type charging unit for a different nicad battery.

the books I have have some order forms but i'm not sure if they are still available or if the prices went up...they most likely did.

old parts list/prices for parts I need:

1 - prop cap - $1.50
1 - propeller - $1.38
1 - Battery case hatch - $0.72

I'm not sure how old this plane is, was never told that information but I'm sure those prices went up by now.

there's only one servo to control the rudder for left right control, up and down control is the motor turning on and off for this setup. I thought it needed 2 servos because there's a spot on the elevator for a hard and a spot on the body of the plane for another push rod but that must be for the higher end model.

So what should I do with this plane, replace these few little parts and get it working or just get a new 1/12 scale plane with a better charging setup and better controls?

adding to my story

I got the plane in one part last night and ready to fly. the battery took forever to charge but it did hold a half charge when done so ill have to get a new pack. I tossed the plane and the wind took it to the ground snapping the main wing in half. Ill have to add that to the parts list as well and try to fix the other one. I also broke the plastic prop that i glued...this thing just didn't want to fly but it was a little too windy as well...

Another thing that was happening today on the field and in the house was the electronics seemed to be pickup up some interference...the remote would work randomly at times but then work great a few minutes later...whats that all about and what can i do to fix it if need be?

If I need a new plane I'm not really into this too much so I'm setting a limit of $50 for a new one...I would also want to stick with RC and electric....I'm more into music than RC planes right now but they are really fun every now and then.
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Aug 04, 2006, 12:27 PM
Dave (Sonic)
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oh yea, the controller seems to like to leak acid from the batteries which are 6 AAs.

I may want to get a good controller as well if that will give you longer flight ranges but as i said i dont want to go crazy with spending here either.

this current ni-cad pack charges for 18 minutes but only lasts 6 minutes in flight...please say there soemthing for longer flights.

i also have a Airhogs RC intruder plane that used to work ok last year but this year the stearing wont work at all...its underpowered and heavy anyways...
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Aug 04, 2006, 01:06 PM
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hey where in jersey are ya? well id get a new plane 2 channels arent too great unless its the aeroace! just replaceing all that stuff for that price u could probably have a new one of those or save up some more for maybe an easystar rtf! id get the easy star or look for a good trainer if you serious and want to really get into this great hobby, but if you just want somthing to screw with by all means go fix that plane!
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Aug 04, 2006, 02:36 PM
Dave (Sonic)
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Originally Posted by tc dude
hey where in jersey are ya? well id get a new plane 2 channels arent too great unless its the aeroace! just replaceing all that stuff for that price u could probably have a new one of those or save up some more for maybe an easystar rtf! id get the easy star or look for a good trainer if you serious and want to really get into this great hobby, but if you just want something to screw with by all means go fix that plane!
I'm in eastern NJ , middletown/redbank area in Monmouth county.

there's no email or # to contact for parts..just mail in forms which look old so getting a prop for it is out of the question now.. I even tried looking them up on eBay and Google/yahoo...all bring me no luck...

ill look at the easy star rtf

BTW, whats the best place to get a plane?
at a hobby store or online?
i want to get a product where i can get replacements for easily and cheap if needed but i also want something that flies good and long yet also looks fairly good.

hmm, just looked up the price on it...im not looking foward to spending so much on one of these planes but ill have to think about it...the reviews from this board say its a great plane for starters.


Whats the charge time, fly time, and range on this plane?
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Aug 04, 2006, 06:19 PM
Dave (Sonic)
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OK i got one of the broken props form the bag and got out the superglue.

the prop is back in one piece and balanced like new.

I decided to go photo crazy and snap some pics of my 2 planes.

the air hog intruder that can only be controlled with no wind...which we didn't have today when i tried it again...and the Aviator



The aviator was built great but they didn't work out some flaws in the design that should have been...

the props break really easily on crashes, same for the flimsy foam wing, charge for 18 minutes from the car just to fly 6-8 minutes, steering only by the rudder, steering up and down done by turning the motor on and off...not the best setup as i said on the first post. But the fuelsalage is nice a sturdy as are the push rods...electronics are messing up right now for some reason...

I'm going to wait until there's little to no wind and take it to the field again and see what it does.

I hope the electronics don't get all crazy on me this time...last time they would not work for a minute.

if anyone has any suggestions on what the electronics problem is that would help me allot and save this plane.

I'm going to send a letter to the address on the order form to see if they still supply parts and see if i cant get another price/parts list that's updated.

the remote is running at 27.145Mhz

It may be my cell phone...it messes with allot of my electronic equipment so ill try turning it off when flying next time.
Aug 04, 2006, 09:37 PM
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yep that might be it damn cell phones arent no good anywho(because i dont have one lol) oh and wow i thought that was a total hunk of crap but it looks pretty nice sorta like my cessna, but id get another servo, also measue the motor shaft in mm and tell me because i might be able to find u a prop adapter so you can use normal props also measure the length of the prop, id get a decent 3ch raido if ur planning on staying with this and not relly movin on, but if you plan on moving on get a better( at least 4ch) raido with servos included, two for one lol, but it looks good from what i can see keep with it! good luck!
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Aug 04, 2006, 11:02 PM
Dave (Sonic)
moody07747's Avatar
Yep that's what I was saying the whole time...It's a great plane with some bad design flaws but it really has potential.

Here's what I'm planning on doing.

I want to add a new main wing with some ailerons, add another servo to control that...add a servo to move the elevators, with all the extra weight of this new equipment ill switch to Lithium Polymer batteries and read that sticky on them about how to charge them and all that. I want to add a ESC (electronic speed control) with a LVC (low voltage cutoff) to protect the batteries.

As of now...The motor on the front is powerful but just turns on and off. I'm not sure if a ESC will work on this tiny geared down motor but if not I'll replace the motor in the front with something else.

I'll be switching from a 2 ch. remote to a 4 ch. with servos. (as suggested)

The threaded shaft at the motor output is 2.78mm (7/64")
An adapter would be great and help out allot.

prop is 7 1/4 inches from end to end and the hole in the middle is 6/16" deep. you install the small nut up to the bearing at the housing for the motor, pop on the cowling, pop on this part that i have no idea what it is lol

and then put the prop on followed by a small nut.

here's an update on those pics


there is a spot for another servo on there...maby they make this mount for 2 different models...the high cost with more control and the low cost with no control at all lol

pic A21

shows that i tried taking a pic with the ruler but it didn't work. the center of the screw at the left is at 0", moving to the right, 2", then the last screw is 4" on center.

the plane switches off the motor when the battery gets low leaving controls on for the rudder so you can steer it back home...maby an expert but i like having that motor with power to it but being able to slow it down on landings...that way if you have to take off again....(say you run out of landing space) you can just power up again and take off for another pass.

so now i need some info on where the parts all should come from. most of the hobby shops around here are small and expensive and don't carry much for lower end RC planes and parts. they all seem to like to sell model trains though...

this leaves me with online orders so bring up some great links for me guys. Thanks for the help.

the book says nothing on how to install the prop..what to tighten down or how hard...but whatever...it will be updated with some type of adapted most likely
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Aug 05, 2006, 03:06 PM
Dave (Sonic)
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I have been going through this site and there's just so much info.

i'm looking for some help now on which brands to stick with .

i want average parts so i'm not spinning tons of money and yet want them to work well.

as I said i'm looking for the following

4 or 5 channel transmitter
may switch this to Lithium Polymer batteries
current tiny motor uses breakable props that are not easy to get from what i know. battery pack is 8.4V output, charges from the car for 18 minutes giving you 6-8 minutes of fly time with short distance from the remote to plane.

so i'm keeping the body of the plane and working around it...i need a new main wing with ailerons and a new elevator as well as the rudder for this plane.

As of now, im just lost with all the parts out there...I don't have a clue as to what brands i should stick with or how everything gets layed out and wired.

i do allot of DIY type projects so i have tools and skills and learn fast.
Aug 05, 2006, 05:36 PM
Registered User
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ok ill get ya a tower list that SHOULD work just depends on the size of the servos, take a pic with a quater next to them, thatll help!
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Aug 05, 2006, 05:37 PM
Registered User
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oh and those pics are really great they help ALOT!
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Aug 05, 2006, 07:52 PM
Dave (Sonic)
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Thanks. pics link updated


I went around the web and got some links for myself. this all is starting to seem really easy to me now.

I basically need a battery, transmitter/remote, receiver and servos.

a 4 channel transmitter sends a signal to the 4 channel reciever which has the battery and servos plugged into it. servos move when the signal is sent to them.

right now i'm just looking to get the basics done on this with a better remote, receiver, servos all around, and speed control.

after that i can really go all out if need be. getting servos the same size really size is not a big deal here...super glue, mounting tape and zip ties really are great and ill be tearing out that circuit board in there now so ill have plenty of room for them all.

so i need an ESC and 2 servos for now....oh and a battery system.

BTW, i went and tested the theory on my cell phone...no fix...the phone off and me in the middle of a huge field still had the prop motor turning on and off randomly as well as the rudder going crazy...

for a prop adapter it would seem i need to get that small shaft wider so i can use a normal prop...maby something like a bearing that sits on the output shaft and then the new prop sits on the outer side of that bearing....but instead of it being a bearing it would have to be solid...like a custom milled spacer made of aluminum or steel....I may have some friends that can make that for me but they have big mills so i'm not sure if they can make something so small...

anyways, for the radio, im looking at this

i only need 4channels for now and can always upgrade later.

now for the current motor...can it be used with a ESP or should i just replace it?


im looking to run this on 72mhz
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Aug 05, 2006, 11:04 PM
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nice radio but i t already comes with two servos, duh... lol
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Aug 05, 2006, 11:50 PM
Dave (Sonic)
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Originally Posted by tc dude
nice radio but i t already comes with two servos, duh... lol
yea ill use those.

Reading about that item more, it also comes with a small 3 ch. reciever. im planning on upgrading to the Tower Hobbies S3K 8-Channel DC FM Receiver.
It should give me a longer remote to plane distance.

After some upgrades ill get a new main wing with ailerons and that will need more servos.

hay how about a one piece new one for now...the current one is just under 34 inches and all thin foam (one piece)

I would like to replace this with something a little stronger as its one of the weak points of the design. I don't need ailerons for now but will later.

will any 34" wing work in place of this?

also, this current motor is on/off. only 2 wires on it as well so a ESC wont work with it or so i have read here. I'm going to have to replace the motor with something else which is good because that will allow me to use a better prop, right?
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Aug 06, 2006, 12:31 AM
Dave (Sonic)
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OK here's my list i have planned.

Towerhobbies.com all these are "Stock numbers"

1 - LXGAE820
comes with servos ill need

1 - 8ch receiver to replace the one that comes with LXGAE820

motors...i was looking at LXHAJ0

its a car motor but it might just work for this, no?

props...currently the stock one on this plane is about 7.5" from end to end leaving 1.5" to the ground.
I was looking to get these props - LXZK94 with an adapter - LXVY80 but that's a 9dia. prop and it would hit the ground when the plane takes off and lands.

so now what?
Aug 06, 2006, 01:29 AM
Registered User
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well your motor right now is OK, i think you should just keep with the same/same size prop also i have NO i dea why you would get an 8 ch reciver when you could get that radio with a 4 ch reciver and servs for near the same price, lol( just because you have an 8 ch reciver and a 4ch transmitter dosent mean you have control of all 8ch only 4) but ill lokk at all that stuff later i need sleep good luck!
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