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Aug 02, 2006, 02:39 PM

Another noob 2nd plane question :-s


Im still learning to fly at the moment, but want to know what you people think is a good plane for me to move onto next?

At the moment I have an ab challenger (typical noob plane?) and im flying it well, had about 10 flights (till the battery dies) and not damaged it at all yet (YET). we also have an aerobird extreme and I can fly that no problems too. Have not taken either out in more than about 5mph of wind (is this the same for ALL rc planes). I really fancy something 4 channel so I can start to experiment with roll, high wing but im open to advice. any sugestions. Ive got my own rc gear and tons of different sized servos so i would like to but just the plane, dont mind making from plans or a kit either.

any ideas?

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Aug 02, 2006, 03:01 PM
That thing's operational!
birdlives1955's Avatar

Well, there are quite a few different options out there..... However, I have a couple of recommendations.....

Unfortantely, I'm not sure of many nice looking models that come without power systems..... However, I am aware of a couple that might work for you, and also a couple that you may or may not be interested in since they come with power systems....

First off, my very first plane was the Superstar EP by Hobbico. It's a big ol' heavy plane, about 42 oz. with the stock power components, but it is a nice flyer and it also looks a little bit more scale than something like the Aerobird stuff which is nice.... It comes with a speed 600 can motor and a 7-cell ni-cad pack and although it flies well on that set-up, ROG runs are pretty long for my tastes and it tends to lose a bit of altitude in the turns.... However, it's a REALLY nice flyer and I really like mine! I've had it for about 7 months and I'm just about to upgrade the power system to a brushless system.... I've gotten used to flying a little bit more powerful and lightweight warbirds and although I like the way the Superstar flies with the stock set-up, there's a 300 watt outrunner that might fit the bill a little better, and the weight of the plane could be decreased by a significant amount, so much that the 300 watt outrunner has the potential to give the plane about 1:1 thrust, way more than you'd ever need for a high wing trainer!

However, the other plane I think you might like is the little e-Flite Cessna model. it looks pretty nice..... The only donwside to that one, though, is that it's a foamy.... So, in other words, it will not be as strong as a balsa bird, foamies are still strong but to be honest I like the looks of balsa airplanes, when they are covered with covering film they just look REALLY nice!

So, the other option for a Cessna type model is the World models Cessna Skylane. To be honest, this might be your best bet. It's a balsa plane and looks to be very nice quality. It also comes with a geared speed 400 motor and a prop, however the power pack is left up to you..... I'd suggest that for OK performance you could use the recommended 8 cell ni-mh or ni-cad pack, but for optimum performance you could run the brushed speed 400 motor on a 3S pack of about 1300 to 2100 mAh. 1300 will get you the lightest weight, but 2100 will get you the longest flight times.... Just try to make sure that the battery can handle the amperage of the motor on 3S, you'll most likely need a pack that can handle about 15 amps just to be safe, the motor might not draw that many amps depending on what prop you use but to be honest, with lipos it is best to try to have some headroom with your pack's discharge rating.... Here's a link to the plane:

Anyway, for planes without power systems, I'd recommend some of Hobby Lobby's most recent additions to their catalouge. personally, I think that the coolest one of these models is the Cessna 172 model... It's a high winged, all wooden model and from the videos they show, it's even a little bit aerobatic with the brushless power system that they recommend. Here's a link to it:

Also, check out their twin motor cessna Skymaster model, it's made a little idfferently but it might also suit your needs:

The most aerobatic of these planes (wihtout getting TOO crazy with an EDGE 540 or anything) looks like the Aero Subaru model from hobby lobby. It's got a low wing and it looks like the plane can be set up to fly nice and tame or nice and crazily! Haha, but anyway since it has a low wing, the roll rate of the plane is probably a little higher than that of the high winged planes that were mentioned above. It might be anice plane to try, but I'd highly recommend trying the videos of all three of those hobby lobby planes in order to get a feel for whether or not you'd be interested in those models or think you would want to get them.

Anyway, have fun, and may God bless you and your family! Take care, and happy flying!

Your friend,

Aug 02, 2006, 03:47 PM
Thanks for taking the time to write all that Matt, thats really helped. :-D The Superstar EP looks great too. Im really not bothered about looks, either way its gonna end up wrapped in gaffer tape! Have to look into the rest of them, thanks again bud!
Aug 02, 2006, 05:34 PM
That thing's operational!
birdlives1955's Avatar
No problem! I hope you enjoy your second plane! May God bless you, and happy flying!

Your friend,

Aug 02, 2006, 09:36 PM
N.F. Dawn Patrol

2nd plane

I am on my second plane, My first was the firebird freedom. crashed it many times because of a faulty speed controller. I finally broke down and bought a Parkzone j-3 piper cub rtf from . I love it, it practically flies itself. And with A 4 dollar prop upgrade to a high pitch i can tool around the sky for 10 min plus on about 30-50% power
Aug 03, 2006, 12:48 AM
Juan Alvarado
What I would suggest is that you first think about whether you want to continue with a fully packaged deal like the hobbyzone/parkzone or get the pieces as separate components. The packages will be considerably cheaper. You can get a 4 ch high-wing trainer on Ebay or discount outlets like for well under $200. The downside is that you can count on a lower quality product and components that you may not be able to reuse in the future. If you go the separate component route, you can expect to spend about twice as much. You should end up with a better quality setup and components that you will be able to use with future planes. You will have a wider variety of planes and components to choose from, and the understanding how everything works and is put together. This is the route I would recommend if you think you will be in this hobby for a long time.

For reference, these are the components I ended up with when I jumped to the 4 ch setup (I'm quite happy with these):
  • Used JR 6-ch computer tx/rx set purchased in the "for-sale" section of this forum - $95
  • Ultrafly Cessna 182 at TowerHobbies - $60
  • TowerPro brushless ESC/motor combo at - $51
  • Two lipo 2200 mah batteries at - $74
  • Five servos from - $50
  • Lipo charger from TowerHobbies - $25

You can see this adds up to around $350, plus misc tools and peripherals that you will need.

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