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Aug 02, 2006, 11:51 AM
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Anyone flown the HobbyZone SuperCub Yet?

Just wondering if anyone has had experience with the new Hobbyzone SuperCub? I am hoping it is all it is cracked up to be...
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Aug 03, 2006, 08:08 PM
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I would say that it is. I got one earlier this week when I just happened into the LHS and they had two on the shelf. I had been looking at them for a few months online. It's a very well constructed plane made of the same material as the Typhoon and the F-27B. The wing generates a lot of lift and the plane flies well at just about any throttle setting. The 480 motor provides plenty of power. It climbs well from a hand launch or ROG. I take off and land from our gravel driveway! Being a bit larger than the Cub/Decath means it has larger wheels which help in the gravel. The steerable tail wheel is very nice as well. I got this as a change of pace from the Stryker and Typhoon. I learned on an Aerobird Challenger and Megatech Freedom Flyer. Those planes are no more! I think if this had been around when I learned I'd probably still be flying it. Great plane for the beginner or more experienced pilot looking for that relaxing summer evening flight.
Aug 09, 2006, 11:37 PM
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Does anyone know if there is any other video around other than what they have the HZ website?
Oct 03, 2006, 04:51 PM
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Yes, the Hobbyzone SuperCub is a great airplane. It's taught me a lot about RC flying.

I've crashed it dozens of times. Only parts I've had to replace so far have been a couple of props, and one wing strut. Everything else has been repaired with glue and tape.

I'm impressed with how rugged this airplane is.

For example, I was doing a loop, starting too low, and came out of the loop at full power, hitting the ground with the underside of the nose. Bent the gear back, and actually popped the battery box cage out of the foam fuselage. Took it home, cleaned it up, and used foam safe CA to rebuild the foam flanges that the battery box mates to. Then, used canopy glue to glue it back into the fuselage. Then, used clear packaging tape to reinforce that whole area. Straightened out the bent gear, and it once again flies great.

This week, I was flying it out at our RC flying field when a strong gust of wind caught the airplane and backflipped it over the fence! It was still at full power, with the elevator pointing forward, and hit the ground hard. Broke the wing just outboard of the attachment point, most of the way across. Took it home, cleaned it up, and used Gorilla Glue to glue the wing back together. Used packaging tape as a temporary spar strap to clamp it together overnight.

Airplane flew great the next day. I discharged one battery pack flying it, and landed. Went to install the second battery pack, and noticed that the tail was flopping around more than usual. I must have cracked the horizontal stab during my crash the day before, and haddn't noticed it. Got it home, cleaned it up, and used medium foam safe CA to glue it back together. Reinforced it with clear hockey tape. Used the hockey tape to create a spar strap the length of the horizontal stabilizer. Should fly fine once again.

I did add a half square of the stick on lead weights used to balance RC airplanes to the firewall, in the belief that the airplane was slightly tail heavy. Seemed to make it easier to fly.

About the only complaints I've got about it is that it doesn't use an industry standard flight pack. It uses its own funky four wire servoes. And the foam tail wheel comes lopsided from the factory. I replaced it with a Dubro aluminum hubbed 1/2" tailwheel. Drilled out the side of the aluminum hub to make room for the plastic nut that retains the tail wheel. It'd be nice if it came with a prop saver, too.

Chris Shaker
Oct 04, 2006, 06:17 PM
Uh Oh
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Hi Guys,
I recently picked up a Hobbyzone Super Cub for a friend who is learning to fly... he was flying the HZ Commander and having a rough time of it. WOW - what a difference the supercub has made in his flying. I went out and bought one for myself ... what a great plane, a real joy to fly (especially in pairs!). Can't go wrong with this flyer ... 480 engine is really strong and powerful enough to allow for recovery from problem situations. 5 Stars, finally HZ has built a plane that is perfectly suited to the new flyer .. and so far, it has not shown the problems that plague the Commander, Freedom, and other stuff that they market.
Oct 05, 2006, 06:56 PM
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It's a great first timer plane...

I picked one up a couple of weeks ago and love it. I've never really flown before this plane, I had a gas plane that I was always too afraid to fly because it was too big, heavy, and fast so I never flew it for more than a few minutes with the help of a buddy cable and I never took it off the ground or landed it. I got this guy and its a great size. It's got the right amount of power, with extra to spare for when you need it. As soon as I get it flying at altitude I pull the throttle back to just over half way, I'm still a little timid with it and don't like it flying too fast yet. It is very easily flown from a hand launch in fact easier than taking off from the ground. I've had a hard time off the ground simply because the wheels are a bit small for taking off in the grass and landing it, I usually nose it in because the grass jams up in the wheels and makes it roll forward. My first flight with it was awesome, I just went for it. Took it up pretty high, flew a few circles around us and brought it in for a landing. I was freaking out but it flew great. It has great flying characteristics and is great trainer. I don't attribute my first flight success to the minimal amount of flying the gas plane because it was so brief and nearly 8 years ago, I believe it was from flying Air Hog Aeroaces for a few months (which are a total blast) and the many video games I've played like BattleField 2 where we can fly planes and choppers.

Two mods I've done to it where bigger wheels and hanger bolts for the wing struts. Here's the details:

First: I just bought some 2" Microflite Wheels #418 from LHS for $6 and I'll try those on there to see if I can take off from the ground and land it in grass easier. Even though, as I said I've put the prop into the grass on just about all of my 8 or so landings so far it hasn't broken the prop or anything for that matter.

Second: I wanted to fix the wing struts which have to be screwed into the bottom of the fuselage. I can't fit the plane, with wing on, in my little Ford Ranger and I was worried about constant screwing in and out of the little screw in the plastic on the bottom of the fuselage would eventually strip out the hole. So I went down to Home Depot and bought some hanger bolts, which are like a 2 screws with the heads cut off and the thread portions stuck together. So I can screw the hanger bolt into the hole under the fuselage and then slip the wing struts over the other end of the hanger bolt and then use a nut to attach the struts. The smallest I could find were #8-32x1" and they seemed to do the trick nicely. I did have to drill out the hole on both the fuselage and the wing strut just a tiny bit but it works great.

I would agree with cjshaker, I also have the same perception of the tail wheel being a bit lopsided. I'll be looking at some way to fix that as well. I also don't think I like the ACT (Anti Crash Technology) based on what a buddy of mine said about it. When I flew my plane, I totally forgot to even turn it on because I was so nervous. My buddy had it on and he said he almost lost his plane because it was flying away from him and when he'd try to turn it to come back around it would take control and level it back out continuing away from him. He eventually had to turn it off so that he could turn it around.

All in all, it's a great plane. You spend $160 and you get everything. I went that route to get back into the hobby and I'm glad I did. For a beginner it's a great plane.


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