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Jul 31, 2006, 10:11 PM
i say, Yippee

New Fortune 612 owner

Hi guys,

Long time flyer totally new sailor, and i'm looking for help with a Kyosho fortune 612 rts. Just built it up and am looking for pointers in setup. I'm out in Delta BC and am not sure if there are any guys around me that sail. There is a club in vancouver and i'm sure to check it out sooner or later but for now my local duck pond will suffice. it's only about 3.5 feet deep so if anything sinks it's a brief walk in my waders.

I hope to avoid having to clean my waders free of duck er poop. So i'm looking for alittle advice.


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Aug 01, 2006, 01:23 AM
Useful Idiot
Go to the side of the bank with the wind facing you. Try to choose a day with wind Bft 2-4. Switch Tx and RX on and launch the boat on a heading of about 45 to the bank with your sails in. It should carry on in a straight line with no rudder. If it tries to head towards the wind, the mast should be tensioned forwards using the forestay and if towards the wind with more tension on the backstay. After a while briskly use the rudder to get it moving at 45 the other side. Then you can give it a try sailing at 90 to the wind before bringing it back to you, this time with the sails fully out, downwind. That'd be the time to take the hatch off and check for any water inside the boat and also to make any changes to the mast angle.
Aug 01, 2006, 08:22 AM
Good Sailing ~~~~~~~~ _/)
RCSailor199's Avatar
Originally Posted by martin richards
and if towards the wind with more tension on the backstay.
I may be missing something, but I think you meant to say that it tries to head away from the wind, then tension the backstay. I could be all mixed up however.
Aug 01, 2006, 10:49 AM
i say, Yippee
wow great advice, really appreciate it. I was out last night just to get it wet, and alittle excited in try it out. wouldn't you know it.... no wind. Not even a little gust. Oh well i guess i'll have to leave work early to test it out today
Aug 01, 2006, 02:19 PM
Useful Idiot
Originally Posted by RCSailor199
I may be missing something, but I think you meant to say that it tries to head away from the wind, then tension the backstay. I could be all mixed up however.
Woops; I must try to use shorter sentences, then I won't get confused myself. Tks RCSailor
Aug 01, 2006, 10:56 PM
Registered User
Ed Morales's Avatar
make sure that all your hatches are well secured and water tight.them fortune 600's are notorious for leaking hatches.better safe than sorry.
Aug 01, 2006, 11:55 PM
i say, Yippee
I did check my hatches before it saw water. The rear hatch was pretty tight, but the front hatch was quite loose. Little bit of weather strip and presto.

I had it out in a gently breeze for the first time, was alittle worried about maybe taking a dip but it turned out really well. I was in the water for about 5 minutes follwoing the advise and it work out well for me. Dropped it back in and i didn't head back for 45 minutes. Wow that was alot more fun than i thought, turn was pretty tricky at first and also when it started to lean way way over. Well at least until i figured out how to correct it. I going back out tomorrow morning before work. So far so good!

2 quick questions

1) are there any mods that can be do to the boat?

2) how do i get it to go faster? hehehe
Aug 02, 2006, 03:14 AM
Registered User
Ed Morales's Avatar
try changing the sails with panelled sails
Aug 02, 2006, 10:24 PM
Useful Idiot
The other, more difficult, way of making it faster is to enable the boat to carry more sail for given wind conditions. This implies legthening the keel to give a greater righting moment. If it's fixed, it's not worth the effort of the major surgery but if it's removable, you could try fabricating a longer, narrower fin (keeping the underwater area the same).
Then you'd probably have to uprate your sail control servo to handle the increased area.
Aug 04, 2006, 01:01 AM
i say, Yippee
What are panelled sails?

I'm upgrading the sail control servo as the stock one is very weak. Can you buy prefab'd keels? The kyosho one is one piece.

Is it better to use the stock 2 stick remote or can i use a pistol remote? Rudder would be the wheel, and sail control would be the trigger (brakes = sails out/throttle = sails in) if that makes sense.
Aug 04, 2006, 04:58 AM
Useful Idiot
The standard sails will lie flat. Panelled sails have a slight curvature built in and are more efficient when the curvature is just right. If you do a google search on "panelled sails" or "broadseam" you'll find it much better explained.
Pistol grips have the problem of sail control. Unlike cars, it's quite possible to sail some time without adjusting the sails and the sprung trigger is more of a nuisance. Two stick is better, with no centring on the sail control and maybe just a ratchet to hold it in the set position.
Aug 04, 2006, 10:14 AM
i say, Yippee
I've got a JR XP652 plane/heli remote that i've changed to ratchet on the throttle(sail control) I'll give that a try.

I was out yesterday briefly, and was attacked by a duck... Anyways the winds were more than i would have liked and while tacking back to shore a gust came up and i had to let out all my sails to keep it somewhat upright. If the sails fall in the water will the boat right itself?
Aug 04, 2006, 10:46 AM
Good Sailing ~~~~~~~~ _/)
RCSailor199's Avatar

Something that I noticed right of the bat is that you mentioned you are using a JR XP652 plane/heli remote control unit. Are you using 72mhz frequency in the boat? If so you will need to immediately change to a ground frequency as to not conflict. You may be able to get away with it for a while but I would not risk it. They do not look at you very nicely if you are using Air on a ground item. Your JR may be able to be converted over but I would check with Horizon Hobby on that. If it is a module radio, get a 75mhz or 27mhz set.

If the sails fall flat in the water, sometimes they will right themselves but other times the water will fill over the sail material and you will not be able to do anything but to either go swimming or some other way to rescue your boat. I have seen this happen several times and the boat will begin taking on water very quickly as although you think you have sealed everything well, water will find its way in through holes for sheets, etc... I watched this happen exactly as you described a couple of weeks ago on a Star 45. Boat got knocked over very hard and the sails started filling with water. Before long the boat was going down quickly. Luckily we had our rescue kayak handy and all was salvaged with a lot of drying that had to be done. Be cautious with what your boat sails in as far as weather. Some boats can handle the stronger winds but most cannot. Better to be safe than sorry as I would hate to hear that you had a boat visit the bottom of the lake. Not a good thing to have happen although very rare.

Good Sailing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _/)

Aug 04, 2006, 07:03 PM
Registered User
Aten W Arthog's Avatar
If you're really afraid of sinking, you could install some hand-shaped foam blocks in the bow and elsewhere in the hull, or use bubble pack 'balloons' in there as long as they don't interfere with the under-deck systems. They might not be enough by themselves to keep the boat from going down, but they will lengthen the time before it does sink. If your radio is in a sealed bag, not much harm done. For one really small boat I had, I threw a couple Alkaseltzer tablets in the hull so if it sank, I could spot it by the bubbles. For me the real key is to pick sailing spots that are safe and not impossible to recover a model from should it get becalmed, capsized or have a radio failure or leak.

Keep a pocket fisherman or other really short fishing rod with you, ( acually just the reel on a cut-down pole handle is enough or just a roll of twine with a weighted float on the end, so it has some heft and can be trown pretty far out) put a heavy weight and large visible bobber on the end of the fish line along with a treble hook or two with the points dulled down a bit, to catch on the rigging somewhere, hopefully without tearing a sail. You can "snag and drag" it back to shore before it sinks. I've had side stays fail and the mast flop over into the water, next to the hull and still connected by lines. Then the mast and mainsail slowly sank into a straight-down mode that made the boat drag them along the pond bottom, so it wouldn't just drift into shore downwind. A one-foot keel aground in four feet of water! Had to get out the rod and reel. Good news was, no harm done, just wet sails, back in working shape in 30 minutes. (I hate wooden bowsies, BTW!)

Use a sharpie and put your name and phone on the inside hull so if some boater or fisherman recovers it and you're not around, they can still find you to give it back.
Aug 05, 2006, 10:57 AM
i say, Yippee
I did shape some foam styro blocks and put them in the hull. Hopefully that will help alittle. I had it out again yesterday in about 2 - 4 km winds. It handled it the wind pretty well, tacking back i had a scare. A radio glitch pulled the sails in and top deck was half in the water for a few seconds. When i got it back to shore the hull had a few ounces of water in it. Nothing damaged, and i've sine run the antenna wire upright outside the hull. Its lost some scale apperance but it won't glitch now.

Any hints on better water proofing the hatches?

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