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Jul 31, 2006, 01:23 PM
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Does a Heli w/tail rotor really fly like this?

Ok, here's the deal... I have a Blade CX Coaxial and having a very limited indoor airspace to fly in I want to use a sim to learn nose in control. I modified my CX transmitter to use the PPM output into a PIC interface into the Serial port on my computer. Using FMS I can configure all 4 channels just fine. In the real world, I don't "Fly" the CX as much as "Drive" it. Move it forward, aft, left, right, center the stick and it stops. Attempting to fly the heli's on FMS I find that once moving in a direction, it takes a counter direction to stop. I end up over correcting (I assume) and end up swaying back/forth or left/right. I did down load 3 coaxial heli's but the flight charectistics are the same as the tail rotor heli's.

So my question.... Do heli's require this counter command to control flight or do they require a constant stick direction to maintain direction?

Flying a heli on the sim does feel like the discription I have heard of balancing a marble on a plate of glass.

I this sounds correct, Ok with me, I do want to learn how to fly, that's the object. ..... Practice.. Practice.. Practice.. Right?
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Aug 02, 2006, 11:36 AM
Scramjet Scientist
They definitely fly like that. Those coaxial helis are almost too stable where CP helis are pretty much unstable. You give it a tap in one direction and it zoots off that way unless you correct. It removes a lot of limitations but also makes it a lot harder to fly. Definitely keep practicing on the sim if you're going to move to collective pitch helis, or fixed pitch for that matter.

Aug 03, 2006, 07:37 AM
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Thanks for the answer. Yes, I fully intend to make the move into a CP heli but I need to get my Tail/Side/Nose-in orientation nailed down first. That is why I got the coaxial for in house flying, but then flying the sim was a whole different feel.

tnx agn for the reply.

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