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Jul 30, 2006, 09:11 PM
Jack Iafret
Jack Iafret

Not at the NAT's but will be at F3B Team Select, how about you?

I can tell you last week was a bummer for me as it was the first nats I
missed in a long time. Reading the various reports is both good and bad,
good because the team sounds like they did their normal fantastic job and
bad because of the envy I have for the people who were there and I wasn't.

I lost both my UNL ships in two weeks prior to the event and never enter two
meter (which is why I have been the 2M CD for the last couple of years).
That was the main reason, Nostalgia not being there was another- I guess I
could have come for RES but without an AVA type plane, it did not seem worth
the effort and cost for one day of playing around.

That being said, I really missed it and if all goes well will be back next
year if for nothing other than to be there. It is a great group of people to
be with for a week.

As some of you know I will be CD for the F3B team select this year (24-27
AU) and am putting out another plea for some of those of you that can to be
volunteers for that great event, it is nothing like the NAT's and a lot of
work, but is so important for our country. We will select the people that
repesent the USA in F3B at the next World Championships. Working there is
not an easy chore because we do not have a cast of seasoned workers like the
NAT's, but it is oh so rewarding.

Unlike the Nat's with the great cast of volunteers, the TS usually relys on
it's own pilots to do a lot of the work which is really kind of low class in
my mind, these people have a lot to do just to compete and to ask them to do
a lot of the chores is just not right.

I know gas is high and motels are high and everything else is high but
please give up something you really don't need and only want to come and

Let me know if you can be part of the group that selects our World
competitors. or

Thanks for the bandwidth
Jack Iafret
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