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May 19, 2001, 10:08 PM
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Hybrid Gas/Electric engine

I was just wondering, if you got a cox .049 and a 540 electric or something, would you be able to make some sort of a hybrid engine, that would be able to deliver the response of an electric, and just have the .049 charging the battery for longer life. it would mean you could have a very small battery for much longer flight times. I got this idea after seeing a webpage (I cant find the URL anywhere) on a guy who was making a generator for his laptop using a model jet turbine. Mind you, the reason for having electric is quietness, so the engine might defeat the purpose.
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May 19, 2001, 10:28 PM
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NO! anything else on your little mind?
May 19, 2001, 10:42 PM
Never stop learning!
That sounds a little like that new Ford electric/hybrid vehicle.....a 50 kW motor drives it and a Powerstroke Diesel runs the generator to recharge batteries....
May 19, 2001, 10:42 PM
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I'm sure what Bare meant to say was that more power would be derive by having the glow engine drive the model directly, as there are inefficiencies in having it drive a generator. There would be inefficiencies in the generator and then in the electric motor itself, all decreasing the power.
May 20, 2001, 01:58 AM
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Hell, bite my head off why dont you?
May 20, 2001, 02:20 AM
Festina Lente
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I could see this idea being useful for multi-engine airframes if developed properly. Imagine a single smallish IC engine powering a generator. That generator in turn powers 4 electric motors to drive the props. I'm sure there are losses and I don't know what the weight of a generator that can deliver the power we need would be, but it COULD work assuming the technology is out there.

May 20, 2001, 03:07 AM
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Mind you, the reason for having electric is quietness, so the engine might defeat the purpose.

I thought that the reason for electric is to not have to get all that stuff on your hands and breath those rotten fumes and get laughed at because your plane won't start no matter how hard you spin the prop. And also because everyday is Earthday.

But I like your line of thinking. It is inventive. I personally like electric only flying but I'd be open to alternative fueled engines. Like one with a tank I could inflate with carbon dioxide.
May 20, 2001, 04:11 AM
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Is this a great troll or what?

IC planes rock and roll. I have flown IC for years. Don't believe the hype. IC planes have WAY more power and run time than electric planes.

But IC quickly gets very contrived and boring.

There is no hybrid.

Be free. Fly electric - anywhere - anytime. Its great, USA rocks - fly an airplane wherever, whenever it makes you happy.

F*ck rules. F*ck meetings. That's what has ruined model aviation for years. Fly when it makes you happy. Fly when you get the chance. Be free - fly like a bird!


I love this game.