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Jul 23, 2006, 09:46 PM
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I got the Hospital Blues...

When I got back from Toronto, my wife was feeling especially bad. Part of a long string of periods in which she was feeling bad. The symptoms were all the same as before: mild fever, craving food but getting sick if she ate too much, nausea, lack of energy. This time, however, there was also pain in the region of her stomach.

After years of having the doc say she should "loose weight" and "control her blood sugar" they finally decided to take a look with an ultrasound. The tech told her, unofficially (as only a doctor can report the obvious), she had gall stones. From this we were anticipating the need for surgery but had to wait for the doc to read the omens. While waiting, one afternoon she developed a high fever (103F) so she called me and the doc. I drove home and he looked at the films and by the time I arrived he had told her she needed to go to the emergency room which led to a hospital bed...

Where she has been ever since, a week and a half so far. This from a process projected to be over in a couple of days. First she a larangospic (sp?) procedure to remove gall stones from her bile duct. Doing that agravated her pancreas and she had to spend two days waiting for a pancreatitus attack to subside. Then she went in for the 1-1 hour orthoscopic gall bladder removal.

At the end of an hour the nurse called me in the waiting room to say it was taking a little longer. At the end of the second hour she called again - more time was needed. After 3 hours the doc came to get me. He made me go in the hall to talk, not a good sign though I figured Donna wasn't dead cause he did not have the chaplain with him.

There were complications. Her gall bladder was fused to her small intestine and left a hole when it was removed. He had to do a bunch of surgical modifications to fix this problem. She's occupying a bed at the hospital while waiting for sufficient progress to come home. I don't have much free time.

The surgeon told us this kind of a problem would have taken a decade to get to this stage. She has been complaining about feeling bad for almost that long. I found myself very bitter at the doctor for missing this. I could not believe this was a "House" (re: the Fox TV show) mystery but discussions with several surgeons indicated it would be almost impossible to diagnose.

When she comes home I will be stuck at here except for working for a while.
That will be a good time to build.
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Jul 25, 2006, 11:53 AM
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Sorry to hear your troubles...

But look at the bright side: it could've been terminal cancer. Too often, that is discovered too late.
Jul 26, 2006, 08:14 AM
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best wishes

sorry to hear about your wife and wish her a speedy recovery. untill someone anyone has been in your shoes it's hard to understand how illness like this affects both spouses. you'll go thru the hard times and recovery process with her pretty much as if you had the illness yourself. thankfully you have a hobby to occupy yourself with. you'll need it. i don't say this to compair situations or for sympathy. i just want you to know from someone whos' been there and still there. i was diagnosed with diabetis(3yrs ago) that went undiagnosed and untreated for about 10 years. it has left me with severe neuropathy(nerve damage). i went from robust,runnin and gunnin to a wheelchair in about 2 weeks time and had to give up the only hobby/sport i really cared about(golf). just as i was starting to be able to work again my wife was diagnosed with a very agressive form of ms. since that time we've both been through some rough spots but the thing is we go thru them together. when times are the roughest we remember to talk to and lean on each other. she bought me a hanger 9 j3 cub to put together because she knew how much i missed playing golf and she figured, quite rightly, i'd enjoy rc airplane modeling, flying and building. i've always enjoyed working with my hands. she did this out of the blue for my birthsday. well not to be out done, i set her up to learn and do stained glass. the 2 hobbies give us something more to share and talk about. we love each other more than ever for it. you may wish to do something along these lines for your wife. illness can't be the center of focus in your lives. i guess if there's a point to all of this it's this. enjoy all the times you have together, both good and bad. they are all the time you have together. any time you wanna talk, about anything, just holler. send me a pm or email.

best wishes and warmest regards,

the wiz,
ps. San Antonio has always been 1 of my favorite citys. i was based out of there and the San Antonio comedy club back in the mid 80s' while i was pursueing a comedy career. how's things there now? ignore the spelling. i spell for radio.

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