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Jul 18, 2006, 05:40 PM
The smaller the better...
MegaByte-2's Avatar
Thread OP

7.5 in F15 downed by barn swallow!

7.5 in F 15:
AUW 10.57gms
90ma lipo
AeroAce Electronics

This F 15 is fast. Flying just below 1/2 throttle. The barn swallow decides its a threat. It lives in my barn. I fly away from it, not thinking, towards the barn it attacks again and I decide to lose alltitude and turn back towards me.
It finished me off just as I was turning away from the barn.


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Jul 19, 2006, 01:43 AM
Realtired User
mharms's Avatar
That's pretty funny. No damage, I hope.

My little flying wing gets some attention from birds once in a while, but none have actually attacked it yet. Sometimes, I get a whole bunch of little birds flying with me. Its like they think I found a thermal and want to get in on the lift. Or maybe I found "their" thermal.

Jul 19, 2006, 04:31 AM
gws-online-dealer's Avatar

Those swallows are damn good pilots...!!

They even can do tougher moves then a SU27...
Jul 19, 2006, 05:45 AM
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PeteSchug's Avatar
Interesting video.

The bird probably has young in the nest and is defending its offspring against a possible predator.

Here in NYC there is a famous hawk that lives on Fifth Avenue. The people in the building next door do not go out on their terraces during nesting season because the female will attack them. (no terraces on the hawk building itself.)

I once had a couple of chickadees attack ME, because I went out on my friend's deck to play my fiddle. I'm not that bad, but apparently I interrupted a courting song and among chickdees that is just not done. They crashed into the back of my head (I thought they were fighting) pooped on my fiddle case then landed on the bird feeder and scolded me for thirty seconds or so before flying off.

Birds are very smart for their size but a lot of stuff is hard wired into their brains and you just can't reason with them.

Jul 19, 2006, 08:15 AM
The smaller the better...
MegaByte-2's Avatar
Thread OP

I'm sure you're right. I let them live there. It's a 100+ yr old red oak barn. All rough cut lumber. It just keeps things out of the rain. They keep the misquito population down as rent. LOL. I really wanted to build the X-Falcon, but it looks so much like a bird, I was afraid the hawks would get it.

Swallow-1, F-15 -0

Jul 20, 2006, 05:53 AM
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Capgun_Slim's Avatar
I'm jealous, I wish I could fly right outside my house like you. That bird just comes screaming out of that barn!

I used to fly in a huge field, (that's now a supermarket/strip mall) and there were these 2 giant hawks that would come out of their nest in one of the few large trees in the field, and they'ed follow my Graupner Terry around, but they wouldn't get too close.

Sometimes I'd get to the field and they were already circling in a thermal, and I'd throw the Terry up, cut the motor when I got in the thermal and speck it out. They would follow it up as high as I could still see the plane, circling right behind or along side of it. I'd dive it straight down until about 75-100 feet up, then pull back hard, and they would dive right after it. Never striking it, just checking it out. I think it freaked them out a bit after I'd pull back and let it stall straight up, and fall back to earth. I think they might have realized it was some sort of game. Got a little scared once I'd hit the throttle, but not enough to leave it alone.

Great video BTW.
Jul 20, 2006, 08:23 AM
Registered User

Bird Brains

Years ago when I was living in Nashville, TN, a raptor flyway where they are thus not territorial, for several years a particular male Red Tail seemed to love one of my Hobie Hawks .... the one with the bright red tail. When he saw my car he'd fly from his place on the hillside about 1/2 mile from the Percy Warner Park flying field and peacefully circle till his HOT (Oh Baby, OH Baby: WHAT a piece of tail!) friend would come out of the trunk in her pretty narrow white transport box, get assembled (he's still circling), her dumb driver would slowly walk out and set up the hi-start (still circling), radio-check (still; you get it), wait some time for a bubble to announce itself with wind shift, and FINALLY join her at the top of the line. In that territory once you are up over 800' you can stay up an hour easy in the many thermals (the reason why it's a raptor flyway), and the bird and the plane would thermal and fool around together. He wouldn't loop or fly inverted, but he'd stick with the Hobie. And once visited a red-tailed power plane piloted by a red-neck who tried to kill him (the bird was a much better flier), but he'd always come out to meet MY car. One day I was testing a friend's new sailplane for him, and the bird seemed to recognize me, my car or flying style, cause he SHOT out from the hill to meet the plane at the top of the line. Then he stopped above it and something fell from the plane. My friend ran after it, shouting that the bird knocked off his canopy as it slowly tumbled down. The bird and plane circled upwards. Several minutes later my friend returned in amazement. It was not the canopy that fell. It was a perfectly formed heavy elliptical leaf with a small perfect talon hole dead center where it had obviously just been plucked from the hillside! There were many equally amazed and delighted witnesses! The nice hawk had given the newcomer a present that slowly tumbled and could easily be caught, but the glider was too stupid to catch it. No matter, they flew off together (males WILL tolerate a lot from nice babes). I had hand raised a Red Tail myself and knew some experts. My falconer friends and Fish & Wildlife officers had never heard or read of such things, only of eagles passing sticks, but they assumed that this happens all the time, far too high for us people to see .... and a REAL hawk would never miss or drop such an easy target! Lee
Jul 20, 2006, 10:08 AM
The smaller the better...
MegaByte-2's Avatar
Thread OP
I'm lucky enough to live in a rural area. Have 12 acres. Mow 2 1/2 for a side and back yard. all bordered by trees. 5 acres behind that is just a hay field I dont mow and the rest in trees.
Make mowing more justified....I'm cutting my flying field!

Yea.....That one came out of the hanger(barn) with an attitude.
They normally swarm the Red Tailed Hawks and Sparrow Hawks like a WWII scene around a bomber. Banging it in the back of the head till it leaves the area.

Maybe the red flames made it look like a red tail.....That was its first light after adding them. It was funny though. Next time I'll just go to full throttle and leave it in the dust.LOL

Thanks for the compliments,

Jul 20, 2006, 11:05 AM
Registered User
do you have any plans for that little F-15.. looks like it flies quite well!
Jul 20, 2006, 11:48 AM
The smaller the better...
MegaByte-2's Avatar
Thread OP

Thanks for your compliment and interest.
I should have it and 2 other set of plans posted at the AA Toolbox for free downloading in the next couple of weeks. AA ToolBox:

I have a project I need to finish first.


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