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Aug 01, 2002, 07:36 AM
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If you've had trouble posting to this site in the past..

Although we have thousands of users posting here on a regular basis, I still get emails from members who have difficulty posting from time to time. I've posted a 'help' page, but even that doesn't help in every case.

I am asking for help from you - if you've had difficulty posting in the past, what steps did you take to resolve the issue? I have never actually received feedback saying this or that worked. If we can post the ideas here, we can hopefully build a list of useful tips for new members.

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Aug 01, 2002, 10:05 AM
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Pic probs (you knew it was coming!)

Andy, trying to load a jpeg image of 50,000 bytes, 100X100 resolution. Browse to file location, cannot attach. Your help page says "click o.k.", what o.k., where? My cursor disappears in the "attach" window, and no, the photo is not taking time to load. What am I doing wrong? To follow the vein of your thread, I've done searches, contacted admin., all to no avail. Seems a lot of folks hit a stumbling block with pics. Most of us do not have photo shop software, digital cams, or DSL, cable modems, etc., (the vast unwashed 56k-ers), but want to post pics of models & mods done to them. Most of us DO have a scanner of some sort and Windows (post 95), which have rudimentary photo editing applications at least. The current procedure seems simple enough, and user- friendly to boot, so perhaps I should be asking "Why can't I get it to work?" Thanks- thumbs

Solution to pic problems: Hoooray! Here's what works-A) Keep the file size under 102,400 bytes. B) Fill out "Subject" and "Text" windows first. C) Go to "Browse" and select the file (pic) to be inserted. D) Click the file "Open" if you are not immediately returned to your post. Do not preview your post, the pic will be lost. Do not attempt to click "Attach", this does nothing. E) Click "Submit ". Your pic should now be included in the text. -thumbs
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