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Jul 11, 2006, 09:33 AM
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got the fever w/ Commander 2; what next?

hello all! i have flown my commander 2 5 times and while i know i have a lot more practice to get i am already looking down the road. this is so much fun!

i was looking at the parkzone J3 Cub but after doing some reading here i wonder if i might be better served in the long run buying a radio and ARF of some sort.

i will say that i was incredibly humbled on my first attempt at flight (new nickname is 'crash') so i don't want to get ahead of myself and wreck a beautiful wood framed model. but if i want 4 channel flight what should i be looking at? i noticed the estarter via Rocketman's video postings (oh man those vids are awesome!!! ). i am not in love with it's looks but it sure seems to fly nicely! Ideas?

Also, radios are a big mystery to me as well. it seems a 6 channel would keep me happy for many years but i don't want to break the bank either. i like the idea of eventual retracting gear and also flaps for landing (is that goofy or a neat idea?). i saw an ad in a magazine recently for an SX600 i think that looked nice but i really don't know what i'm looking at. the ad stated the price was $159 i think but does that come w/ servos?

Lots to get confused about and i don't want to buy expensive stuff i don't need (gotta keep money aside for a 5in1!).

Any input is appreciated!


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Jul 11, 2006, 02:57 PM
Sussex, UK
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There's a lot to learn when you're at that stage, so the best advice is just to read around.

If you're planning for at least the next couple of years, buying a proper radio is a good investment. While you don't necessarily need 6 channels you do need the model memories and mixers that come with a computer radio. Whether you buy futaba, JR, hitec, multiplex or something else is up to you, they are all pretty similar and the biggest factor is what your local club uses most. (so you can help each other with programming and buddy box leads). About the only hard decission is whether to go for the new spread sprectrum stuff or stick with the traditional radio gear.

Many radios come with servos or without, you have to phone the shop to find out. Some even come without batteries but you really need a rechargable transmitter battery.

For a second model you have a pretty wide choice, read around and see what you like but don't get too ambitious and remember that you'll probably still crash it a few times. You could even buy the radio gear and convert your Commander to 3 channels.

There's more stuff here:
Jul 11, 2006, 03:20 PM
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I would suggest something like the GWS e-starter or Beaver, or even pico tiger moth as a next step. You can get the plane with all the necessary servos, receiver (rx), speed control (esc), and battery for around $100-$150 (excluding construction materials). Just try and find someone to help you take off and land on the first flight or two.

As far as the transmitter goes, I've been pretty happy with my GWS TX for the first 6 months of flying. It doesn't have a computer or any mixing, but it works fine for park flyers and the likes. If you want a computer radio, you could probably ask for a Futaba 6EXA in the wanted forum and get that for a about $80. All together I would expect to spend about $250 to get it in the air (and repair it after the first couple crashes)

6 months ago I was in the same place as you. Got a Firebird Commander 2 for christmas. About a month later I bought a Tiger Moth 400 ($250-$300 initial investment). Now I have 3 planes in addition to the FBC2, but it still gets flown on those really windy days.

Good luck!!!

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