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Jun 21, 2006, 09:25 PM
Fly by grace
rkhoo's Avatar

What is the best methd to transfer plan on Fanfold?

What is the best way to put plans/template on FFF? I am working on a 48" wing span waterplane.

a) Hot iron on laser printed paper on foam.

b) Spay-glue to fix plan on foam and cut both.

c) Use carbon paper to trace plan on foam.

Please comment.
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Jun 21, 2006, 09:38 PM
ARF Hater Club
tommyeflight89's Avatar
D)I cut close to the outline with scissors. I then lay all of my paper "somewhat" templates on the foam and tape the whole perimeter down with some masking tape. With the tape on, you can still see the line and you just cut it out, removing the paper/tape after.
Jun 21, 2006, 09:39 PM
HermitRiver's Avatar
Originally Posted by rkhoo
What is the best way to put plans/template on FFF? I am working on a 48" wing span waterplane.

a) Hot iron on laser printed paper on foam.

b) Spay-glue to fix plan on foam and cut both.

c) Use carbon paper to trace plan on foam.

Please comment.

I use a spray glue adhesive lightly on just the paper then peel it off once cut. Leaves very little residue and goo be gone cleans it off good. Hermit
Jun 22, 2006, 01:36 AM
John 3:16
Daddy-O's Avatar
I have both taped and pinned them to the foam. I have done it with plans completely cut out, and not completely cut out (cutting the plan and foam at the same time). The first time I ever did it, I cut out the template, then laid it on the foam and traced around it (very time consuming). I usually just pin them down now. Hot iron could damage or warp the foam and carbon paper tracing sounds too much like work. I can pin one to the work super fast and just cut it out. Just make sure you have a sharp #11 and a small sharpening stone handy.
Jun 22, 2006, 05:48 AM
“There’s no place like Foam”
gpw's Avatar
Around here , we printout the plans on some 8.5"x11" index card stock, cut them out and tape together... place the template on the FFF(holding it steady with your other hand) and trace around it with a Ball point pen .... SIMPLE !!!
Jun 22, 2006, 07:38 AM
Registered User
jimsp's Avatar
I like to stick the plans to poster board using either a glue stick or a spray adhesive. I cut out the pattern and now I have reusable template that I can stick to the FFF with pins and trace around with an ultra fine point Sharpie. My preferred method, however, is to cut out the parts directly using a simple hot wire jig that I made for a few dollars. If you are going to be doing a lot of FFF construction you really should consider the hot wire approach. There are many posts on the E-Zone from simple to sophisticated hot wire jigs.
Jun 22, 2006, 07:45 AM
Registered User
I outline the cutout plans with a kid's glue stick (just a light application of the glue), then affix the plan to the FFF, and lastly trace around it with a ball point pin. The minimal amount of glue residue either dries transparently or you can easily get it off the FFF with your fingertips.
Jun 22, 2006, 08:08 AM
Registered Lurker
Nethole's Avatar
I tape the plans onto fanfold. then poke through the plans with a balpoint pin at 'corners'/curves, then remove the paper, and then use a ruler to 'connect the dots' on the foam. That way my plans are reusable.
Jun 23, 2006, 11:21 AM
Fly by grace
rkhoo's Avatar
Thankyou all.

I have settled on using spay-glue paper templae onn foam. Then cut them both in one pass.

Boy, it is difficult to cut perpendicaular for a perfect glue joint.

Could hot-wire cut thru both FFFF and paper as well? Or I have to use card stock as guide?
Jun 23, 2006, 11:57 AM
International flyer
I print the plans on normal paper, then cut the templates, and tape them with transparent tape on the foam. Then i cut both of them with hot wire, it's cutting well the tape and it's easy to follow the outlines cause of the paper that avoid the wire going in the part.

The only disadvantage of this method is that it's using a lot of tape !

Jun 23, 2006, 12:23 PM
Brit in Bahrain
Nigelp's Avatar
The trouble with using paper plans directly on foam is that you do not have a templare if you want to make another (unless you copied the plans)

I favour printing the plans direct onto cardstock - cut them out - now you have reusable templates, and then I use a few squares of double sided tape to stick the templates to the foam. Cut round them with a scalpel - using a new blade, lever off the cardstock for re-use and start building.

Jun 23, 2006, 12:41 PM
I'm dangerously carefree
SaMx's Avatar
I use pins. I cut out the shapes first, they pin them to the foam and trace them. It works best for me.
Jun 23, 2006, 01:37 PM
is it flying time?
Jerry Combs's Avatar
I glue my plans to cardstock and then use 3M repositionable glue stick to hold the templet to the foam and cut both the foam and templet out at the same time. I am with Nigel, use a scalpel and change blades as neccessary.


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