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Jun 18, 2006, 06:04 PM
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How to keep plans on foam? Basic questions.

So I'm gonna build the Alley Cat. Its 24"x36". Its my first time visiting staples for a full page of plans. How do you go about keeping the plans from sliding around while you cut them out?

Is Gorilla glue the best stuff to use on the foam? I tried Hot Glue, CA, and Eposxy and nothing really held that well. Do I need to remove the paper from the Blue Core?

I'm sure these topics have been hit on before. Not sure what I'm doing wrong but my searches are coming up empty. Thanks guys!
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Jun 18, 2006, 06:23 PM
That thing's operational!
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Hey X,

Hi! I know, this stuff is a little trucky and it took me a minute to figure out these things too. As far as keeping the plans on the page, I usually just add a drop or two of UHU Creative foam adhesive to the back corners of the plans pages to hold them on the foam and let them sit for about one minute. This will hold the paper pretty securely for the amount of thime that it usually takes to cut a piece out, and then you can easily remove the plans templates from the foam as long as you don't let them sit on there for a really long time. Also, I've heard that another good adhesive used for this purpose is 3M 77 spray adhesvie, but it's kinda expensive so I ususally just use the UHU creative glue.

As far as what adhesives are good for foam, there are definitely several options, but to be honest the most easy to use and effective adhesive I've come across for foam-to-foam attachment is UHU Creative glue. You can find it easily at Michael's arts and craft stores, and they sell different versions of it..... There's a version made specifically for use with foam, and it works great! In the past, I've tried a few different types of glues, from epoxyto Liquid Nails to GWS glue, and the UHU Creative is the easiest and most effective glue that I've found for use with depron or blue fanfold "Dow Bluecor" foam. Believe it or not, it also seems to work well as an adhesive for hinging ailerons to foam wings with scotch tape too, and it'll even hold carbon spars in place (although I'd suggest using automobile-grade 5 min. epoxy for carbon spars, it's a lot stronger and more effective for adhering the foam to carbon spars.) I have used 5 min. eopxy a bit, and it also works well but it's a lot heavier than the lightweight UHU Creative and it's also a lot more messy, you have to mix the hardener and epoxy resin together and sometimes, depending on the grade of epoxy that you get, it can take some time to dry strongly. With UHU Creative, you just apply the glue, touch the pieces together, take them apart and let them sit for a few minutes until the glue is pretty much dry to the touch, and then join the pieces together. It makes for a fast, really strong, and lightweight bond between foam pieces and there's no mixing involved, the application process is very clean too since it just comes right out of the squeeze tube.

Also, as far as removing the film coating on the all-blue side of the fanfold, I've heard varying things on what to do about that. I've heard that some people take off, but I usually just leave it on because it's a lot of trouble to take the film covering off and it probably doesn't save all that much weight. Also, it's just a guess, but I would imagine that the film makes the foam sligthly stiffer and stronger.

I've heard that Probond and Gorrilla glue will also work for foam adhesive, but the UHU Creative is just a personal preference and it works really well.

Have fun!

Jun 18, 2006, 06:31 PM
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How do you go about keeping the plans from sliding around while you cut them out?
Use tape.
Is Gorilla glue the best stuff to use on the foam? I tried Hot Glue, CA, and Eposxy and nothing really held that well. Do I need to remove the paper from the Blue Core?
I use low temp hot glue and Elmers Ultimate Glue. Remove the skin only on the areas you are applying glue to.

Jun 18, 2006, 06:50 PM
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i use 3M 77, but spay it ever so lightly or you'll have difficulty getting the plans off again
Jun 18, 2006, 07:11 PM
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I print my plans in tiled format onto the heaviest card stock my printer will handle. It's 110# and comes in 8 1/2 x 11 in. Available at office supply stores. I tape the pieces together, cut them out, and hold them on the foam with a piece of aluminum angle and my left hand while I go around the outside with a very fine ballpoint pen. Cut on the lines and glue together. I usually use CA for most joints, epoxy or Gorilla glue mixed with a little water in high stress areas.

Jun 18, 2006, 07:25 PM
Yep I got another one.
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High temp hot glue gun is all you ever need to put foamies together, no need to remove the paper. I use a glue stick to hold paper plans to the foam it will peel right off when your done.

Jun 19, 2006, 11:25 AM
Use the Force!
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My Trick for Holding Plans in Place.

When I build a Foamie, I take my X-Acto knife and cut little holes into the template that are about 3/8" square. Depending on the size of the pattern, I will use anywhere from 2 to 8 holes. Then I put a short piece of scotch tape over each of the holes. When I position the template on the foam, you just push the scotch tape down and the sticky part reaches through the hole and sticks to the foam. You can re-position the piece a couple times before the tape looses it's sticky surface.

Works great!


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