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Jul 24, 2002, 12:46 PM
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Accurate weights of various DWE micro RC plane components

One of my DWE orders arrived at work, allowing me to weigh everything inside. Here are accurate weights of the components (weighing errors are less than manufacturing variation).

36 sq inches of 1/8" contest grade balsa = 6.271 grams = 1.393 g/cubic inch

32 sq inches of 1/32" contest grade balsa = 1.807 grams (should be 1.4 grams if it is exactly 1/4 the thickness of the above material)

KP00 + gearbox (you can cut away most of the gearbox without obvious ill effect, which might save you 0.7 grams estimated) = 5.038 grams

U80 prop = 0.667 grams

actuator coil with small PCB board, terminated = 0.695 grams

1" GWS wheel (one) = 0.458 grams

12.25" of 0.020" music wire = 0.489 grams (0.040 grams per inch)

1 actuator magnet (both halves) = 0.283 grams

1 battery holder magnet = 0.0739 grams

Clearly the motor and the wheels are the biggest possible sources of trimable weight. Hope these figures are helpful.

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Jul 24, 2002, 01:01 PM
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You can make a pair of balsa wheels that weighs 0.3g for the both of them.

Check out the weight of Didel gears (Dan's site or the Didel site). KP gears are not very good and rumoured to cause substantial friction loss. You can make a gearbox similar to the one in Bob's picture with the KP/M20-LV motor that will save weight. You can use Dave Lewis' 3.8mm (I think) CF tube as a prop shaft tube with his 1mm id ball bearings (less friction and next to nothing in weight) and then a 1mm CF shaft for the prop shaft and ream your U80 prop out for a tight fit.

Keep it up.

Jul 26, 2002, 02:30 PM
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More weights:

0.06" dia. carbon fiber rod: 0.0804 g/in
0.05": 0.0552 g/in
0.04": 0.0285 g/in
0.03": 0.0123 g/in
0.02": 0.00742 g/in