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Jun 13, 2006, 11:20 AM
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E-flite 25 size cub with floats (hangar 9)

Originally Posted by Billy Hell AKA Jim T. Graham
NEW E-flite J-3 Cub 25 ARF PLUS 25-Size Fiberglass ARF Floats


Aimed at the scale electric enthusiast, the new J-3 Cub 25 ARF (EFL4000) from E-flite is at the top of its class for scale appearance and performance. It’s also the only 25-size Cub with scale aile*rons. Quality balsa and light ply construction make for a sturdy, lightweight airframe that handles incredibly well in most any flying situation. The firewall is set up for use with an outrunner motor, such as E-flite’s Power 25, making a perfect power match for the airframe. Optional 25-Size Fiberglass ARF Floats (EFLA500) add a new dimension to the scale flying experience, and the one-piece wing allows for easy trans*portation to and from virtually any flying field, lake or pond.

J-3 Cub Features

- Sturdy ARF airframe for fast transition to the flying field

- Factory-mounted wheels with authentic Cub wheel caps

- Built-in float mounts

- Outrunner-ready firewall—perfect match for E-flite’s Power 25 Outrunner, 870Kv

- Factory-painted fiberglass cowl with molded engine detail

- Flies great with Li-Po (THP42003S2PPL- http://www.horizonhobby.com/Products...=THP42003S2PPL)
or Ni-MH (EFLB4010) packs

The E-flite quick-mount floats are designed specifically for 25-size
planes that are float-ready out of the box, so you can go from pavement to pond in just minutes. They're expertly constructed from top-quality fiberglass and painted with a fuel-proof silver finish. They come equipped with a quick connecting rudder assembly to hook it up directly to the rudder control horn. All installation hardware is included.

- 25-Size Fiberglass ARF Floats Features

- Quick connecting water rudder assembly

- Pre-bent and assembled wire struts

- Great add-on sale for the E-flite J3 Cub

I lifted the above from the product announcement thread to start a new thread here with. Now that the plane and floats are on the streets I thought it deserved it's own thread for everyone to discuss which setups they like...and everything else about the model!
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Jun 13, 2006, 04:11 PM
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It's yours for $499 at Hobby Zone (Minn)

The whole package is discounted to $499 at Hobby Zone in Minnesota (not to be confused with HobbyZone of Horizon Hobby fame):


For floats, the total will be $560.

This assumes you have your own radio + receiver. My Polk's Tracker III is awaiting they day I can purchase this.

I'm also interested to see the feedback of those who can purchase soon.
Jun 13, 2006, 05:56 PM
Same Day Delivery
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Thats a lotta dough!!
Jun 14, 2006, 08:48 AM
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does that include the radio, motor, esc, servos, rx, tx, battery.... everything? because if not that price is outrageous.

i work at a hobby shop (Bobs Hobby Center in Orlando FL), and the cub ARF is $139.99, and the floats are $59.99, so its $200 for both; not $560.....

it is a nice little plane; we built one in-shop for a float-fly this past weekend and it looks, builds, and flies great.

we are using an eflight 25 outrunner on a 12x6 APC "E" prop. we used a generic 40A brushless ESC. the box and instructions called for a 3s2p 4200 mAh lipo but it was found that we got a little better performance out of a little 20c 1300 3s1p lipo. we lost a bit of run time but it just flew nicer; the weight must have been the reason. i bet without the weight of the floats the bigger 4200 would be the way to go.

another note: definately use 48oz/in+ servos on this plane, at least on the rudder and elevator. the rudder servo also operates the water rudder.

like i said it looks, builds, and flies great. Eflight rocks i cant wait for another foamie warbird tho

Jun 14, 2006, 08:52 AM
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hawaiianspork226's Avatar
ah i see... next time ill click the link first lol; the combo comes with everything BUT Rx and Tx... good combo then lol

Jun 14, 2006, 12:37 PM
Jeremy D Stott
flyingj's Avatar
Pretty little thing though - esp on the water. By a gas ARF .25 size and make a mount for an electric motor. 69.00 from Raidentech - Acro cub (ailerons) - Very nice
Jun 14, 2006, 04:09 PM
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Will H-9's 32 size motor fit in the cub? The x-mount pattern is bigger, but I was wondering if it would still fit by putting in some new blind nuts.
Jun 22, 2006, 09:44 AM
I was fortunate to stumble across the e-flite Cub 25 and float kit at my LHS even though all the websites I shopped showed backordered till July. Happy Fathers Day to me

I have always dreamed of flying a float plane and this seemed like the perfect fit because of its easy transition from land to water configuration. I have the luxury of having a par 5 hole on a private course in my back yard and being a self taught beginner/intermediate flyer, I liked being able to get use to the plane in a wheeled configuration before plunging into the unknown world of water landings and takeoffs. It fits in my trunk without removing the wing (if it was a ¼” bigger it wouldn’t) and by no means a backyard flyer it’s the perfect size for your basic golf course flying.

What a nice kit! Without a doubt this ARF went together better than any other. The warning addendum about loading up the BEC with four servos concerned me but I opted to stay with the E-flite 40 ESP because I already had it in-hand and it’s preconfigured for the motor and soldering motor connectors isn’t my favorite part of building a plane. I did use Hitec servos instead of the recommended MN48 JR Sport because of availability and hope that they have a lower current draw since no specs are available for the MN48. I may go with a separate BEC but since I fly mostly in the evening during cooler temperatures I am hoping I don’t experience a shutdown.

The framework for the floats seemed a little excessive from a weight stand point. I almost think I could stand on this thing and not bend it. Other than that, everything else seems well designed from the standpoint of strength vs. weight.

Flying notes:

I usually upgrade to the next size motor than recommended but this is definitely not necessary as the 25 e-flite is more than ample to pull this puppy with the recommended TP3S2P pack. The tires are a little small for grass but functioned fine on the short cut fairway. Normal front yard height grass would be a no-go without a non-scale tire size upgrade.

Initial ground passes, while waiting for the maiden flight butterflies to leave, proved to be somewhat more challenging to keep straight than other tail draggers but when it came time for a full power “let’s go” it was a non-event. I got cheers from high school golf team practicing on the next hole but I don’t think the coach appreciated me taking their attention from their game.

What a beautiful site a Cub is in the air. A scale plane that is also an aileron trainer and float plane…what more can you ask. I made about four passes when I realized that I hadn’t trimmed the plane out and I didn’t need too. I little more throttle down wind was all it needed.

With pre-flight jitters subsiding, it was time to consider landing after about ten minutes since I wanted to check the ESC temperature because of the enclosed warning. The unlimited landing strip allowed for a smooth approach and a no bounce touchdown. Inspection of the ESC was positive as it didn’t even appear hot to the touch.

I probably sound like one of those magazine reviewers with nothing but positive things to say about this kit but it really does deserve it. I can’t wait for my first opportunity to float fly.
Jun 22, 2006, 11:12 AM
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Thanks for the review.

I ordered my batteries, now I need to get the motor and esc.

I was thinking of using Hitec servos also, which ones did you use, and did you have to cut the servo openings? I was thinking about the HS-225, but haven't decided yet.
Jun 22, 2006, 02:44 PM
HS-225 is what I used and is almost an exact size match. No modificatons will be necessary.
Last edited by kevestes@esonitr; Jun 22, 2006 at 03:45 PM.
Jun 22, 2006, 03:10 PM
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Thanks for the information, looks like I will be using the HS-225, the recommended 25 motor, and a CC phoenix 60 or 80 controller. I think my lhs has some of the 60s in stock.
Jun 22, 2006, 04:40 PM
Death and Taxes
conceptmachining's Avatar

What does the Phoenix 80 and 60 BEC handle? What battery are you using?

Kevestes, I would definately add A BEC to your set-up. Just trying to help out, as it would be an expensive meltdown. I've been there, and will always use a BEC unless the ESC is rated for the correct amount of servos. With a 3 cell battery, you may be borderline, but with a 4 cell for sure use a BEC. I'm going with a Hyperion 4 cell 3700 MAH 20 C battery. Should give me close to the same flight times as a 4200 2 P. I want a battery that will ballance correctly, this is why I am using the 1P. Its slightly heavier than the 3 cell 4200, but not by much. I think 1.5 ouces or something like that. I mounted my ESC underneath the MN48 Rudder and Elev. Servos...well on one of the cross braces. It will get pretty good airflow there. Cut the little square out on the cowl too, so that it gets some ram air from the props thrust. Receiver I mounted behind the last window and have the wires come up from the bottom. A rather clean set-up without much cramming the front battery tray. I can get the battery in and out without effort. I also got some other velcro straps...ones that are less bulky so the air flows better. I have the cub on floats. Took it out yesterday without the main wing. Did some skipping across the grass. With the 4 cell and pwer 25 it looks to have plenty of gitty-up.
Jun 23, 2006, 09:11 AM
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CC phoenix 60 handles 60a continuous, and CC phoenix 80 handles 80 continuous. I may have to use a UBEC though, not sure yet. I like the CC controllers because of their ease of programming using my laptop. The specs can be found on these links;



I am considering using a separate receiver battery and getting the CC 85HV, simply because I already know I will use it in other aircraft later. Of course a UBEC could work here also.


Also don't go by the price on their website, you can get them much cheaper just about anywhere else, such as tower hobbies.

I bought some of the TP 3S2P 4200 prolite packs. It is the H-9 recommended pack, I can put two in series for my Axi 4130-16 powered Fliton edge, and hobby lobby had them on sale last week!
Last edited by P-51C; Jun 23, 2006 at 09:18 AM.
Jun 23, 2006, 12:46 PM
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from the looks of it, the BEC on the Pheonix 60 is rated the same as the Pheonix 45. Using a 3 cell battery it would be real close using 4 servos that you would use in the cub. It may overheat and shut down on a warm day. I don't understand why they don't build an ESC with a BEC if it cannot handle the array of batteries and servos that can be used on it. Anyway, using the 60A speed control for other planes is a great look forward. Yeah, I know what you mean by pricing on the CC site. I have 4 CC speed controls, and they all were at least 20 cheaper elsewere. I have an 18, 35,45, and 60. The 60 is waiting for the US25 by eflite coming here next month. I'll be tossing the floats on that one too. They say it flies with floats better with the larger Power 32 motor, so I have that waiting. Thats another reason I went for the 4 cell 3700 pack. I can use them both in the US and Cub, as well as other 25 size planes that I get in the future. Its a good light and powerfull battery, and I don't have to worry about the pack not ballancing each cell correcly. I don't have a mega expensive charger able to charge parallel packs. The thing I planed to do before I got the 3700MAH packs was to buy 4 cell 1P 2100MAH packs and then use a y connector to parallel. Then I could use them in other smaller planes, and also be able to ballance them correctly after pulling them off the Y connector. Thanks to ~AKA~ Basketcase (Wayne) he really helped me set things in order from the start. Helping me choose the most inexpesive way to go, with the best performance. One of the best guys I have known on any site (or anywhere for that matter)....and I've been a member of a lot of them. A big thank you goes out to him...and others that have helped me with this hobby.

I'm gonna get my BEC today. I'll take the cub to the lake today. I will get back with you all.

Jun 23, 2006, 06:59 PM
Death and Taxes
conceptmachining's Avatar
NOT GOOD...NOT GOOD. I had my main wingset set at home everything was dandy. Had to take the wing off to get it in my car. Got to the lake and put the wing on and plugged in the batt. When the alerons swung up and wouldn't come down. So, I tried reversing the wires...still didn't work, so I go into programming mode, and checked it and then reversed. Accidentally reversed the throttle....a don't doooo my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The thing took off so fast that I dind't have time to react because I had already sat the TX down. The thing ripped toward my car and slammed into it. Causing the prop to break and cowl. scraped up the floats, but not beyond repair. I'll probably use them on the US25. I did order a cowl and prop and prop adaptor, along with another float set. It has to be a pretty bird in the air. Amazingly it didn't do much anything other than that. It was a pretty amazing crash. LOUD...very LOUD. Scared the crap out of me. Bad deal....bad deal. Live and learn I guess. So, anyway, glad I brought my e-starter with floats. Had a blast with it. Amazingly though, I'm not too upset anymore about it. Hearing the kids chearing because of the Estarter made my day. It will fly someday. Just wish I didn't have to pull it apart for transport.


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