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Jun 06, 2006, 12:03 AM
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GWS P51 Mustang Build - April '06

I have always been fond of P51 Mustangs and just happened to be in the hobby shop and spotted a GWS P51 Slope Glider kit for $29. I was definitely willing to give this guy a new home to be loved and cared for instead of neglected on the shelf.

The build was pretty straight forward and I chose to go down a path I hadn't done with foamies before. I've glassed, I've airbrushed, but never covered a foamie with an iron on covering. I snatched up some Ultracote (looked for So-lite) but chose on the Ultracote for the large number of color choices and ease to acquire. Not too fond of the way the rudder goes together on the fuse and it took some heat and tweaking to get it straight with the fuse. I filled all of the panel lines the best I could and sanded the whole plane several times.

Wasn't to sure which theme to model it after, so I did a hybrid. I need some color on the top so I can see it. I love the all silver P51's but I'd lose that in a heartbeat. I went with a Petie's 2nd hybrid and added the battle stripes. I really like the way it came out and how the panel lines are very subtle.

Covering was pretty straight forward, just had to keep the heat low or the EPP would dimple.

RTF Weight is 489.5 g with 1320 3S Lipo (17.2 oz)

Here are specs on the build:
  • GWS P51 Mustang
  • Ultracote Iron on Covering
  • Himax 2812-1080Kv Outrunner
  • APC 8x6E Prop
  • CC Thunderbird 18 ESC
  • TP 1320 3S PL Lipos
  • Deans Ultra plugs
  • Hitec HS-55 Servos (3)
  • Futaba R146ip RCVR
  • Futaba 9C XMTR

The CG in the manual is WAAAY off. That was one hell of a ride!! I was able to bring it back in - barely! Once back and re-balanced, I took it out again. The throws were very small as recommended on low rates and even so on high rates. I dialed everthing up to 120% on high rates and this bird is a blast!!! Totally fun and an awesome flier! Luckily a 2100 pack balances in the exact same spot that the 1320 does so I have my choice in long flights vs. lighter short ones.

Anyway - enough gabbing - here's the pics and link to Video:
Video 1 - GWS P51 Mustang - 12.2 MB
Video 2 - Baylands - 13MB
Video 3 - Battle at Baylands Pt. 1 - 23 MB
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Jun 06, 2006, 02:22 AM
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Really nice job on the mustang! Flies well too...

Off topic but I noticed you are also into reef tanks and off-roading a bit... me too. Have you thought about planted fresh water tanks a la Takashi Amano? Check out Albany Aquarium in the East Bay
Aug 16, 2006, 04:45 PM
Meh, it'll still fly.

So how do you like it compaired to the corsair? I've got a full set of electronics and a couple of brushless motors just waiting to go into something.

I've been really wanting to go the ultracoat way. Is it as strong as glassing it? If you remember, I glassed my corsair. It was messy and long. Ultracoating seems easier, but at a loss of strength??
Aug 16, 2006, 09:50 PM
The dude...
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I am very pleased with the results!! I'd say it is as strong as glassing (I've gone in from 20 ft and it survived very well!!) and the Ultracote is less brittle which seems to help when stressed. You feed in some epoxy into a crack, then hit the Ultracote with an iron and back to new!

I'll probably do it on the next foamie I do - it adds a little weight, but nothing close to the amount I added to my glassed corsair. I've flown a foam only corsair and it was toast after the first and only crash I ever had with it, but if flew very well until that point. My glassed corsair is super strong, but 23 oz too...

Would I do it again? You better believe it!!! I had some folks at the field wodering who made my P51 since it looked much better than the standard GWS and I attribute it to the covering and how sturdy it made the airframe - it flies like it's on rails and I love it.

I hope this helps - and if you are looking for a covering that is a bit lighter (though limited covering colors ) try So-Lite... I've heard great things but couldn't get the colors I wanted. The ultracote adheres to the foam at a pretty low temp so it's easy to work with, but it takes some practice to get it to adhere and shrink without making the foam dimple like a basketball.

Good Luck!
Sep 26, 2006, 03:59 AM
Registered User

20-Amp Brushless ESC EFLA311B(Efite).

Looks like I am just in the right place.
I Have a problem with 20-Amp Brushless ESC EFLA311B(Efite).
Using this in combination with Himax HC2812-1080 out runner motor,Battery lipo Thunder Power TP1320-3SJ 11.1v (3 cells), radio Futaba 6EXAS radio system computer radio w 127rx &3004 servos.

My problem is that initial when I used this ESC it worked fine and then now after several trial to check the trim of all the Air flight control, the ESC does not give me the alarm sound indicating that the system is ready to start.
So now the motor does not start I am only getting the singal beep only

Esc in reciever is connected to channel 3. The default setting from the factory for this ecs is brake off and low votage cutt off to Lipo. Could any one find a solution to this problem. I am not able to fly my airplane just because of this esc. Is there any other setting I need to do in to my radio like trim and expo ????//....

I am using 11 x 3.8 APC propeller, is this something got to do with the amt of current because of this prop.

Henna_Ojisan has used this similar setup to fly his P51 mustang.
Nice video .... Good job.

Please if any one could help me out with this....
I am not able to do any flying...

Sep 26, 2006, 10:18 AM
The dude...
Henna_Ojisan's Avatar
It sounds like you have a good setup as far as motor choices and ESC. You might want to change your prop to one with more pitch and less length. I fly with a APC 8x6E prop and I am perfect as far as amps go. It does require a good toss if hand launching or a friend to throw. I have not taken off from the ground with it yet, so I don't have any feedback there.

As far as your ESC - you may want to make sure that your throttle trim is all the way down and that the throttle is not reversed. If you have not flown the plane yet, I would recommend some expo on your elevator and ailerons. You will also need to make sure that the CG is in the correct place and the GWS manual appears to be incorrect. My CG is right where the front of the hatch for the canopy meets the Fuse. It is balanced very well and flies incredible. The R127 rcvr will be kind of heavy, so to get better performance (later on) I would suggest a micro receiver. A Hitec Electron 6 will cost ~$55 US.

Here is another thread on the GWS Mustang that has lots of helpful tips and tricks - it is good to read as well: GWS Mustang Build Thread

I've responed back to your PM as well, so good luck and welcome to RC Groups!!

Jason (aka Henna Ojisan)

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