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Jul 21, 2002, 12:32 PM
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Yet Another Zero Build Question

Hello all,

I have done a search for this but had no luck with this specific question.

In the Fuselage Assembly Section, Step 7 instructs cutting out two 5x5 mm slots located 11 mm from the center (reference Fig. 9).

Do these serve any purpose? I have read the instructions and stared at all the parts trying to divine the purpose of these slots, but I have come up empty-handed (or is that empty-minded? ).

Any words of wisdom?

Jul 21, 2002, 03:19 PM
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Yes these slots are necessary if you are going to use the stock aileron linkage setup... They provide clearance for the aileron tork-rod assemblys...

If you used a servo out in each wing, you wouldn't need the slots... I used the stock setup with mine and it flys fine...

Don't use the glue supplied with the kit, it takes forever to set up... I used Zap-O and it works great. However, don't use a kicker with it as most kickers will harm foam...

Fly it with 8cell AAA's 720ma's, get the balance forward of the position in the plans and it'll fly great...
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