Since I could fly this thing, the Stinger is a walk in the park! - RC Groups
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Jul 20, 2002, 05:12 PM
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Since I could fly this thing, the Stinger is a walk in the park!

Soon, my Stinger will be ready for it's maiden flight, and of course I had fear of crashing (who wouldn't?) So, I made a plane that would be harder to fly. The wing is 72 sq inches of fiberglassed foamboard, with a flat plank airfoil. It's got a little shape to it, but it made the plane fly like a missle, zero lift. The fuselage was three layers of foamboard, with balsa sheeting on it's sides. It really didn't fly great (or fast, just 40-60...), but it flew till it dipped in a turn too much and went in. It took the third launch to get airborn, and a long slow climb. The stinger will be easier! Now I'm happy.

Dimensions/ Specs:
Wingspan 18 inches (chord = 4")
Length 17 inches
Weight about 10.5-11.5 oz
W/L about 22 oz per sq ft
2 HS-50's
Hitec Feather Rx
7-cell 500A's
6v spd 400
With a better wing, and a repaired motor mount, this could become a casual plane to bring to the field. Everyone was going oohh, and aghh during the failed launches, then they turned back seeing it in the air by surprise! Dipped in the turns a lot, flew fine in the straight but tried to snap roll on me in every turn, no biggie.

I can post a construction process if interested, it's pretty simple, took just four days!
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Jul 20, 2002, 08:01 PM
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Wow! I'm impressed! I dare say you're right... that a Stinger will be easier to fly than that! I guess it's rather meaningless trying to diagnose the various trim and stability problems and "dipping" on that thing. I would suggest using at least a pseudo-airfoil and a higher aspect ratio next time around, however.

Congrats, and good luck on the Stinger! I'm just about ready to try mine also.


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