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May 31, 2006, 05:04 AM
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For Sale

Getting out of RC, everything must go!

Hi all,

Iím leaving RC, so I have a fair bit of stuff to sell.

Firstly, chargers.

1. Great Planes Triton;
Costs over £100 new in the UK, I will sell mine for around £65 (inc. shipping to the UK).

As you can see from the photos, apart from the slightly damaged box, the charger has never been mis-used, and is in excellent condition.
Comes with downloaded manual (if I find the original Iíll include that), and various charge connectors (it comes with none when new). Deans Ultras, 4mm Golds, Standard Rx connector (for charging RX packs).

2. GWS MC-2002;
This is about £35 new in the UK; I have mine for sale for £25 inc shipping.

Again, in excellent condition, it was an impulse purchase, and Iíve only used it about 5 times. But, the times I have used it, its been excellent. Perfect for a back up charger, or someone who is looking for a charger, on a budget, that performs flawlessly. Iím also throwing in a LRP Nimh discharger, which cost over £10, for free. This has only been used a few times, and is in excellent condition.

3. Apache Lipoly Smart Charger 1215.
Hmm, cant find a link for this, but IIRC, it cost about £20. I will be willing to sell it for £15 inc shipping.

This is an excellent little charger. Very simple to use (just swap the jumpers around), and can charge 1-2 lipo cells (3.7-7.4V), at 80, 110, 250, 700, and 1200mahs. Has little LEDs to tell you when the pack is charging, and when it has finished. Very simple to use! This would be ideal for charging Lithium polymer receiver batteries, or small lipo packs for 1/18th cars, micro helis, or small planes.
Apart from a slight tear in the heatshrink on the front (was pulling off some Velcro), this is in very good condition. Comes with the original instruction sheet, not sure where the orange stains came from thoughÖ I extended the charge lead, as it came with a very short one, and meant I had to have the charger right next to the battery, which I didnít want.

Plus, Iím including four (yes, 4!) lipos for free. Admittedly, they are probably getting near the end of their lives, but they are still very useable. In fact, I used the 1250mah one in my RC18T truck a while back, and it was great fun! Almost double the runtime of the stock Nimh pack! And much lighter too! But these packs are also great for planes and helis; Iíve used them in both my Hummingbird FP, and my small flying wing.
Anyway, there are 3x Kokam 1500, and 1x RobotBirds 1250, all of them are 2cells (7.4V). The 1250 pack also has a simple LED warning circuit soldered to it, which I velcroed to the rear shock-tower of my RC18MT truck, so I could see when I had to stop using the car.

4. JP Ultrapower 12V 10A Power Supply 240V;
This generally sells for £25, so Ill sell mine for £20 inc. shipping.

This is a very nice little power-supply. Far better than most other power supplies, as it is pretty small and light weight, so it can easily be carried around (such as if you are taking some RC stuff to a mates), but still has sufficient ampage to supply a couple chargers. And you donít have to risk blowing yourself up trying to convert a (big and heavy) computer power supply!
As you can see from the pictures, this is BRAND NEW (replacement for one I stupidly blew up...!). I have only opened the box to check its all there, and to take some pictures. The unit is still sealed in its bag. Also has a spare fuse.

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May 31, 2006, 05:05 AM
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Next, random electronics, radio gear e.t.c.

1. GWS PG-03 gyro;
Thinking about £15 inc shipping for this.
This is in very good condition, and comes with the original instructions. Iíve also chucked in some zip tie mounts.
This is ideal for someone wanting to go Ďseparatesí on a micro heli, or just someone who canít quite afford the Ďbig buckí gyros yet. It can even be used to cars, to improve steering (see here:

2. Irvine Racing Glow start;
£10 inc shipping.
Excellent for starting engines, I used mine for starting planes, but Iím sure itís OK for cars, helis e.t.c. Comes with a 1700mah battery, so lasts a while, and a plug in the wall charger.

3. GWS Dream Starter GWT-4A 4ch. Tx.
Asking £10 shipped.
Apart from the antenna, this is in very good condition. Antenna has been snapped, but temporarily fixed (I have flown quite far out withy it as it is though). Would be ideal for a first transmitter, or maybe a back up one for flying in the house, where range is not totally necessary. Also throwing in a micro 4ch. Rx (piece of suitable antenna wire will have to be soldered on), and an Esky micro servo. Comes with matching crystals (Ch. 80, 35.200mhz)

3. Hitec Supreme Superslim;
Costs over £30 new, £20 inc, shipping
This is an excellent dual conversion receiver. This has been used no more than 10 times, and is in excellent condition. Comes with original box and instructions. Iím also throwing in a Overlander 800mah receiver pack for free.

4. Servos, 3x Hitec HS-55 ( and 1x Hitec HS-56 (
Would cost over £45 for these new, asking £25 inc. shipping.
These have just been taken out of my Zoom, and have performed excellently. These could be used in micro helis, Zooms, T-Rexs, 1/18th scale cars e.t.c. 2 of the 55s, and the 56 have boxes, and there are a few spare servo arms. (One of the tabs on the 56 has been broken off, you can see it in the picture.)

5. Castle Creations Phoenix 25 Brushless ESC;
Would like £30 inc. shipping for this.
In very good condition, again, has just come out of my Zoom. Has high quality 3.5mm connectors for the motor, and Corally 4mm Gold connectors on the battery side. Also has a CustomIdea HRPoly-X ( attached. Unfortunately, it seems that the speaker has stopped working (LED unit is still fine). You might have some luck trying to get the buzzer to work.
Please note, this is the slightly older PHX 25, the one with the 1.5A BEC, but is still excellent.

6. Hacker B20 18L Brushless Motor,
This costs over $100 new, Iím selling mine for £30 shipped!
Very high quality motor (as all Hackers are), and is in very good condition. This has just come out of my Zoom, and while is it more aimed at duration rather than power, is ideal for the aggressive sports flyer (FFF, circuits e.t.c.) Also ideal for many different planes. Comes with a heat sink, and quality 3.5mm connectors pre-soldered.
May 31, 2006, 05:06 AM
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Next, my Zoom/Zap/Shogun stuff.
Asking about £75 (may sound high, read on though!) no inc. shipping.
This is my good Zoom, the one with the upgrades e.t.c.

Spec list includes;
Hubdaves Belt Upgrade (
MJP Carbon Fibre gyro mount (not being used)
Carbon Fibre battery extension
HeliUp Low Profile Gorilla Gear (almost indestructible!)
MicroHeli Precision Tail Gearbox (not being used)
Upgraded boom supports
Boom Mounting Servo Mount
CF tail linkage
Aluminium tail blade grips and tail lever

Also comes with lots of spares, including;
Few blades
2x Upgrade Hardened steel main shafts
Stock landing gear (front strut has been repaired, but you shouldnít need this anyway)
Various stock tail drive parts (shafts, gears e.t.c.)
Tail gear box
Stock tail lever
Almost complete bag of replacement screws
2 sets of tail blades
Few tail booms (not sure how many are useable, these are aluminium and some are CF)
2 spare belts for the belt drive (doubt youíll need them though!)
Ill also throw is some Allen keys e.t..c
Also have instructions, and the original box.
This is a very nice heli, and flies great. Hovers very stabley, and tracks well in FF.
I have just rebuilt this heli (around a new frame as it happens, had a spare one), so itís in great condition. Hasnít been flown since the rebuild. Some parts, such as the HeliUp landing gear, are new since the rebuild, so havenít felt a landing yet!
As you can see, one of the Align 305 woodies, the tip covering has come off. I have sealed it with CA, and I would happily fly with them, but some of you may wish to replace them.

On top of all this, Iím throwing in a FlightPower 1650 3S lipo, and Evoflight BL motor in, for free! Admittedly, these arenít the best components for all out 3D (the lipo has probably past its peak), but are perfect for FFF, the odd loop e.t.c.

Thereís a ton more pictures in that galleryÖ
May 31, 2006, 05:07 AM
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Next, car stuff.
I basically have a load of stuff, which I canít be bothered to sort out.
Asking about £65 for the lot, not inc shipping (as p+p will depend on if you want everything).

Firstly, thereís my lovely little Team Associated RC18MT;
Admittedly, this isnít in the best of conditions, and could probably do with a rebuild. Body is a bit tattered, but is great for bashing around.
But, when itís working nice, this is SUCH a fun car! Very quick for its size, handles well on all kinds of surfaces, and because itís so light, jumps great!
Itís got a few upgrades, including;
RPM front bumper (its great!)
Integy steering upgrade
Gold springs (stiffer than the stock one).
DIY spring retainers (donít look as nice as the stockies, but at least they work!)
M.Tronikes waterproof ESC
Hitec transmitter

Also comes with 2 batteries (removed heat shrink, and re-soldered with thicker wires), and set of pretty much band new (think they have been used once indoors on carpet) Team Losi Mini-Pins on yellow dish rims. Has also got a few spares (linkages, shock spares e.t.c.).
It needs two front dog bones, a couple bits in the rear diff, and a couple screws replacing (rounded). Also needs a new motor. Oh yeah, forgot, needs a new bearing in the rear hub, but to be honest, Ive used it without and it seems fine (it has two there).
This would be ideal for someone wanting to get a BL system from the start, as this doesnít come with a motor, and you could also upgrade the dog bones to CVDs, and get stronger diffs. Would also be great for someone looking for a bargain, and doesnít mind doing a bit of work on the car.

Iím also including an almost complete Kyosho Alpha EP2. Canít remember what itís missing, think it was just a couple screws and some dogbones.

Then thereís a bag of old ESCs, servos, switches, connectors e.t.c. (some work, some donít), which are probably great for messing around with.

Next bag is just random bits of shocks, springs, servo arms and the like.

Also include 2 transmitters (Kyosho and AE ones), I canít get them to work well, but you may have more luck.

Also got 2 old 1650 Sanyo packs Ill throw in for free. May be too heavy to be worth the extra postage thoughÖ

Everything else:

Again, lots more pics in the galleryÖ
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May 31, 2006, 05:08 AM
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Think thatís it for now, but Iíll probably find some more stuff Ill post. Postage is for mainland UK, obviously elsewhere will be more.
Thatís it for now, Ill be posting some more stuff later.
I am of course open to offers, and if you buy more than one thing (i.e. a charger and power supply), total cost will go down.
Oh, all the car radio gear is on 27mhz, and the plane/heli radio gear is on 35mhz.
And finally, hereís a pic of everything ready for shipping 

Sorry for going on a bitÖ
Thanks, Duane.

(Oh, and I know it isnt ll in the right forums, Ill try and post them elsewhere soon).

Oh, heres a link to the gallery:
May 31, 2006, 08:31 AM
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do you have any cc 80 am speed control? Do you ahve any 800watt and abouve outrunner motor?
thanks Marc
May 31, 2006, 11:36 AM
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i'll take the servos! (hitec 55 and 56) will PM you or email!

and by the way - sorry to hear you're leaving the hobby!
May 31, 2006, 11:39 AM
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Todays a good day to fly
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Pm'd you about Hitec receiver and Power supply....
May 31, 2006, 12:34 PM
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Kogi, sorry, I have neither.

Jam and muscle, Ive replied to yor PMs

Thanks, Duane
May 31, 2006, 06:41 PM
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that triton...does it really charge li-po batteries? ANY lipo batteries?
May 31, 2006, 06:52 PM
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whats the C rating on the 1650 pack? also what size is it? i'm interested if i can get that info
Jun 01, 2006, 03:58 AM
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Originally Posted by muscleflex
that triton...does it really charge li-po batteries? ANY lipo batteries?
Yes, it charges Lipo batteries

If you bought it with those servos, Ill give you a discount

Let me know,
Cheers, Duane
Jun 02, 2006, 07:37 PM
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Hi all,
Triton, Powersupply, and servos have been sold.

Thanks, Duane

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