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Feb 02, 2012, 09:18 AM
r/c ships and workboats
Originally Posted by Umi_Ryuzuki
Not sure what class tug it is, but it belongs to Allan Wing of Seattle.

not a Miki Class but a standard old style that I can't remember the name of.
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Feb 02, 2012, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by keith S
not a Miki Class but a standard old style that I can't remember the name of.
OK, looks like it may be Arthur Foss, judging from the style and colors.

Sorry to get off track -- it just looked really neat!

Pete G.
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Feb 03, 2012, 06:10 AM
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ADAGIO(slow dancin'man)

Originally Posted by arrow5
Well have you seen American football players outfits ? Start at the helmets and work your way down, stop at the waiste...what comes next ? What d`yah call them strides Mate ?
Pussycats in pantyhose...and more armour than an Abrahams tank.
Feb 05, 2012, 04:20 AM
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STOUT got work.

Feb 09, 2012, 09:38 PM
Model trains, Rc Boats, Rc air
Does the steam boat springer in the first picture run on steam?
Feb 18, 2012, 07:08 PM
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Cant wait for my rematch with UMI,practice,practice,practice!!!!!!just wondering how Monroe went this year,didnt make it due to performing at Monster Jam with my 1/5th Scale HPI Bajas.I got to talk to all the Monster truck drivers & crews,lots of autographs.Just got back from the flyaways auction,bought a 1/8th scale Circus Circus for $100.00 partial built with new radio,1/4scale servo.Still workin on the constellation,just getting the hull painted right now.
Feb 20, 2012, 09:27 PM
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STOUT worked also on last Sunday .
She carried the 2 small steamboats.

Feb 26, 2012, 11:37 PM
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Yesterday  STOUT fought .

Feb 27, 2012, 04:52 AM
NeverAgainVolunteerYourse lf
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Got a feeling there will be a epic battle that spans the Tasman soon...... got an order for 3 Fibreglass hulls

Feb 27, 2012, 05:07 PM
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ME TOO...+ ONE (mutant trackable tug I think they are called now)
Mar 09, 2012, 02:49 PM
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question from a novice

Hello all,

I think i have read just about all of the trhead. Took me a while though
Nice plans for a starterboat.

I got some questions:

As I am new to this type of moddeling, I would like to know what propshaft to use.
When buying one is it compleet? axle outertube seals. Webshops I visited do not seem to be very fourthcoming with additional info in the productpages.

Could someone please direct me to a compleet set Lenght 7" or 8" 18cm or 20cm.?
Come to think to it for the rudder gear would be nice.

Would a lubrication -"tube" or what it is called. be adviseble?

For the motor I am thinking Graupner 500E
And for Esc Mtroniks Viper Marine 15 ESC I only have my doubts about the 1.2A BEC. Will this be enough?

Oh yeah...how much pull does the rudder need (strength of the servo kg.).

I know lots of questions, I am just starting, and yes I read it almost all.

Thank you all

Mar 09, 2012, 04:41 PM
GILL RC's Avatar
It looks like you have made some good choices.
As to the shaft. Youcan get complete sets, stern tube/bearings (brozeor oil Do NOT use ball bearings under water) Shaft, lock nut, and collet.
I would suggest 4mm shaft as there is a very wide selection of props for this. Just get the length stern tube you need and the shaft will be over length, just cut to size.
I have been using Cornwall models lately, good selection and the prices are good. They also ship fast.
Mar 09, 2012, 10:10 PM
In The Sorrano Triangle
direct drive or gear drive
...lh or rh prop needed
size prop..3 or 4 blade
motor mount clam shell or ?
drive coupler 4mm to ? Robbe 4mm shaft recommended length?
Batteries and connectors mtronics uses tamiya ( I changed mine to 3.5mm )
keel or no keel
kort or standard
I have more questions...later
best of luck
Mar 10, 2012, 02:12 AM
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In our country, we use 55T - 70T 540 motor for crawler cars. They are run without a gear at 7.2 v.
It doesn't need cooling. Although summer of our country is very hot , it has no problem.
We use reversable ESC for cars . I recommend to use good prop as possible. A prop influences the performance of SPRINGER greatly.

Mar 10, 2012, 03:13 AM
john fomie's Avatar
Thank you.

I am going to shop for some brass tubing and steel also to create the rudder.
Anny idees for the rudderservo?


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