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May 25, 2006, 09:45 AM
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Yet Another Raptor Build (YARB) F22

With 316 sq inches of wing area (not including tailerons), a BP21 with 8x6 prop, and likely a 1650 (possibly 2250) Lipo. We're looking at TOW of about 15 ounces, so about 6.9 oz/sqft wing loading.

Just painted it two days ago, and did controls testing yesterday. I included 'McDonalds straws' at the midpoint of the control arms to reduce the play.

I did have issues getting the CG where it needs to be, so I added about 12 inches or so of 14 gauge wire to extend my battery connection to the controller.

Already debating about the next vesion (better job of gluing so it'll weigh less, and to do the top first, then the bottom, so I can rewroute the wires /cables underneath so they won't be visible from above, possibly adding real ailerons, and going with a standard elevator, and possibly adding a servo to have separate aileron control, to allow me to create flaperons to slow the landings).

Sorry, pictures will be posted later today.
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May 25, 2006, 12:56 PM
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Too much flex in the elevon controls. Lunchtime's initial flight proved short due to induced roll when I gave additional up elevator. No damage to fuselage. Gluing elevons back onto the 'sticks'.
May 29, 2006, 10:58 AM
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Finally had a 'real flight' today. Morning hours before wind picked up.
Smooth landing, but managed to catch the right rear taileron to disconnect the horn from the carbon fibre insert. Now, carbon rod can twist slightly with enough force as it broke away from the gorilla glue. (Any suggestions for improving/replacing this control arrangement, please suggest them).

Was airborne for 6 minutes, with an old version BP21, with 8x6 prop, and an old maxamps 2250 (assume 2000mah capacity) and ended up with a voltage that suggested 30% capacity remaining.

If I did all the numbers right, that meant flight time sucked about 14 amps. Of course, if I count the warm up, then flight time was about 12-13 amps.

Still a lot, I really wonder if I could get away with a standard BP12 (not the new ones, the original BP12s ).

Pictures of the raptor<p>

Fullsize tail view
Fullsize top view
Fullsize top front view
Fullsize underside
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May 29, 2006, 07:07 PM
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More flights today. I had much difficulty gaining altitude and required significant elevator input to climb. Checking again, my CG is about an 1.5 inches from the point where the main wing's span is reduced to that of the 'faux intakes' (from the picture, the CG I was using was 1.5 inches back from the forward most point where there is green and orange paint on each wings.

I'm thinking about moving the CG back about 1.5 more inches (so three inches from the forward most section of green/orange paint). Doing so will make placing the battery much easier, as I'll be able to slide it into one of the faux intakes, or maybe even have it in the faux canopy.

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