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May 19, 2006, 01:36 PM
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Ripmax Evolution Sport motor & prop choice

Would any one have some motor advice for a hotliner that I have aquired.

I have:

A Ripmax Evolution Sport Hotliner which the manual says will fly on a seven cells using a speed 600 and an 8x4 folder. (The specs on the box say 66.5 inch wing span and 40-60 Oz weight)

What I have in my spares box is a Mega 22/20/2 and a 70amp speedcontroller.

Internet research for the motor at gives a few prop size ideas on 6 or 7 cell rc packs which I also have.

is there a good combination of the kit I already have that would fly this hotliner without being totally ballistic?

I think the 7x4 on 6 or 7 cells looks good with my motor but to be honest I don't know for sure.

The instructions say that you can use a lightspeed 600 or Kyosho Magnetic Mayhem motor with an 8x4 folding prob?

Given that I have both 6 or 7 cell sanyo sub C packs and the mega I'd be grateful for advice on utilising what I have or advice for an alternative using some or none of my spare parts.

Thanks in advance

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May 21, 2006, 06:11 PM
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I went for the 7.5x4 which gives me 35amp at max power and around ten minutes of run on a NiCd six cell 2400 pack.

just got to put it all together now. :-)
May 22, 2006, 06:28 AM
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In my honest opinion;

7.5 x 4 prop = too small. This plane NEEDS a 9 x 5 minimum
6 cell 2400 nicad pack = go 7 cell NiMH minimum or don't bother
10 minutes run time is toooo long. This is a plane that needs short burst of power to height and then glide. You aren't going to be flying for 10 minutes with the motor on . If you are really getting 10 minutes run time it's proof that you aren't fully pushing the battery hard enough.

Forget the Ripmax suggestion of the speed 600 can motor. Just won't cut it. If you want to fly a hotliner you have to equip it right ..... brushless, otherwise you only have a electric sailplane at best. With the set up you mentioned you will get 44.5 watts/pound (this is after you work out the efficiency of the set up).

This is a hotliner and needs to be set up as a hotliner to really give it justice. The 22/20/2 is a "hot" (low windings) motor great for geared and EDF applications. The 22/20/3 or 22/20/3E is the better motor choice (I know that the 22/20/3 was in your spare box).

I have a 7.5" x 4" prop on a RCer WARP 4 BL4-15 (3 turn) that pulls 31.5amps off 8 cells, giving 218 watts. Planning to go into a light 25oz e-sailplane that make it climb ...... very well and quickly at 140watts/pound, but float with the angels.

The Mega 22 series are made to go up to 70amps. Save up for a 22/20/3 or the E version and equip it with a 10 x 6 prop or higher, 8 cells+ and get around 62amps and at least 347.36watts output.

The Evo sport is a lady that is made to go fast. Treat her with the right motor she deserves . She doesn't like to be touched with low cell count batteries (6 cells ....??? No one flies with 6 now days) and small props.

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