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May 18, 2006, 02:53 AM
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new skymaster at hobby lobby
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May 19, 2006, 01:12 AM
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I have always liked the Skymaster for its fairly unique design.
Not being familiar with this model I went and took a look and first thing that hit me was the price tag! Ouch! Nonetheless I read further and looked to see if there was a video. Hobby Lobby is good about having nice videos for thier planes.
I watched the video and first noticed rudder action! Nice I thought, and wondered how it was accomplished. Next came the take off and as I had suspected the takeoff run and lift off made the plane appear to be a heavyweight. The performance looked scale like but I wondered about how well it would do aerobatics. Mild areobatics are mentioned. Not 3D, just simple rolls and loops and immelmans.
After landing the taxi revealed another nice surprise. Steerable nosewheel! Another nice touch! Actually for the hundred and twenty price tag it should do all this and more.

Now back to the description page where I learned "the rest of the story". Comes with 2 speed 400 motors but no speed control. What really makes this plane kinda special and actually worthy of the pricetag is that it comes with 5 servos! Installed! Two are installed for each rudder and one for each aileron and of course one for the elevator.
This alone makes the pricetag worthwhile.

Nice looking plane. I want one!

The one thing that does concern me are the wing panels. Described as removeble, I wonder just how sturdy the mounts are for these and how reliable the electrical connections are (in the long run) for the aileron servos.

Because the servos are already installed I wonder how easily repairs are made for this plane...I saw that no replacement parts are available...Yet...

May 19, 2006, 01:25 AM
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Originally Posted by willin
After landing the taxi revealed another nice surprise. Steerable nosewheel! Another nice touch! Actually for the hundred and twenty price tag it should do all this and more.


One thing you missed in your observations on the Video is the just hang there over the runway and to keep airspeed as he was bleeding too much with up elevator, the flyer applied a touch of throttle and it finally came in smooth. This to me tells me that the wing loading is very light and using the round cells so, your statement of being a heavyweight does not represent what I saw in the Video. Now if you wanting to call a model heavy then, my Great Planes Super Sportster EP comes in at 3.16lbs. and it only has 383 sq-in wing area but, I Love the way she flys and it still comes in very nicely...check at least this Video and you will see how well a heavier model floats in....

EDIT: I am sure using Li-POLYs instead of the round cells will make improvements in flight characteristics for the SKY MASTER.

Only the flyer (Hobby Lobby) can tell you why they did not opt to show you more manuvers (call them) as I feel this model has way enough power to perform most "SCALE SPORT" moves.
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May 19, 2006, 01:36 AM
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Colorado Gliders has some neat tools that you can calculate wing loading and other things....

As you can see the SkyMaster ARF comes out to a Trainer Wing Loading of 15 oz./sq-ft. assuming an average wing cord of 8 inches.
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May 19, 2006, 02:24 AM
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SkyMaster ARF from Hobby Lobby

Okay, I went back to Hobby Lobby's web site and notice the wing area is 387 sq. in. wing area, 44 oz. flying weight so, I played around with the average wing cord until the online calculator arrived at 390 sq-in as this is as close for tinkering late night

Right at 16 oz./sq-ft, still a trainer wing loading.
May 19, 2006, 02:34 AM
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guapoman2000, I didn't mean to sound as if it were a real porker in the weight department, just that I feel it might be better, lighter. As for the Landing we have no idea of the wind present at the time this flight took place and that could have been a factor as well.

Once again I didn't mean to come off as though this plane could barely get off the ground because it weighed so much. It flew very well as far as I could tell.
I totally agree that by using Lipos would enhance the flyability. I bet most who buy this plane will no doubt use lipos. In fact I have no doubt that many would want to upgrade by installing brushless motors as well.

Overall I was impressed with this plane. It looks nice, has several nice features I had not expected, seems a real value considering all you get and just in case you missed it in my first post, I want one!

Thanks for your remarks guapoman2000, Oh! By the way, how do you feel about buying this model? Do you think it is worthwhile simply based on the information at hand? I am not in the financial position to purchase on just yet and I have several other needs I need to address before plunking down the bucks for this plane. It has easily made it to a pretty high level on my Next to buy new airplane list.
Right now I am needing some tools and a better radio.

May 19, 2006, 06:59 AM
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5 micro servos are pre-installed: two aileron and one each for elevator, rudder and nose wheel steering, the 2 in the tail have extensions running into the main fuselage and are ready to plug into your receiver. Two geared 400 brushed motors are installed and wired together,

The above really brings the bacon home and "almost" being a RTF instead of the titled "ARF." Receiver + Brushed ESC is all you need and it is ready to fly as solder and connections are done for you. This maybe the best value for $$$ from Hobby Lobby in a long time as you can go around and compare other 50 inch wing span ARF's and they perhaps are asking the same or more without any electronics.

I really can not see why anyone would spend the extra $$$ for brushless on this model since the power system is more than adequate for this medium to light airframe, however, it's their $$$.

If you think this is expensive to fly as an Electric then you can always try to Electrify this one....

Check out the KMP version and you can read all about the larger Sky Master at:

These will put you dishing out some serious $$$$ Green backs!
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Jun 20, 2006, 12:22 PM
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Hobby Lobby is selling the exact same aircraft as our Park Pilots Skymaster.

Apparently the Chinese company which makes these told us both that we'd have exclusive north american rights.

What we've done though, is make it totally RTF out of the box. You don't need anything. It comes with speed controller, engines, spare props, reciever, radio and servos. You basically can pick it up out of the box, plug in the wings, hook up the battery and fly it right away. All for 219.95$ (introductory special).

If you want one, call me direct at: 1-888-968-7251, and we can get one on its way to you.

I think they are a great deal for the price, and they are a very peppy aircraft to fly!

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