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May 05, 2006, 11:47 AM
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KZ 4 new from Ivan Pettigrew

Some time ago I started looking for flyingboat plans and this led me to Ivans door. time went by we began to chat and over time I was able to do some research for Ivan.

Following a couple of conversations about motors Ivan decided to carry out some experiments with geared S480 motors.......the result was the reduced Sealand a huge success possibly even better than the MM original then he set about playing with his existing fleet substituting buggy motors and S400s.

Now in one of our exchanges somehow this rare aircraft came up its similarities to the DH Rapide caught his interests and seeing the Glow version that did so well in the scale UK nats got him going less than 6 months he designed, planned built and tested his own low tech Ivan Version. So in his own words here it is ...............incidentally I believe hes used geared Permax 450- turbos in this one.......more on that later. Why am I posting this well hes busy again hes sold his Mars and hes working on a new larger version of his Solent S480s again

Hi Clive. You asked a while back about the KZ-4. Here are some. One of these days when I get caught up on things I will get it on my web page, but it will be another month or so at the rate I am going. I will set it on my mailing list one of these days.

It is a great flyer, extremely safe, and just won't tip stall or doing anything nasty. Yet it is quite aerobatic for basic things like loops and rolls, Cuban eights etc. It will not spin, and flies on that long wing like an electric glider. Span is 80 inches, Length 48 in. Wing area 765 sq ins. It is designed for Jamara 480 HS BB motors with 4.1:1 reduction and 10 x 7 props. Weight is 68 ozs with nine CP-1700 SCR nicads, giving a wing loading of 12.8 oz /sq.ft.


Have a look - aerial shots are by his old mate Hal another youngster
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May 05, 2006, 01:22 PM
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Have seen this one in person..was there for maiden....even took a turn on the is a wonderful flier.....Man am I fortunate to have a friend like this flying in my back yard....surprising how much you can learn.
May 05, 2006, 05:27 PM
Leave me alone!
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I can't wait to see this one in a few weeks at Chilliwack.

May 05, 2006, 06:26 PM
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Martin my hard drive has a long memory

"Hey, wait a minute - this will be another new Ivan plane that was neither produced by De Havilland nor flown in New Zealand. Who are you, (Dan the Dane) and what have you done with Ivan?

So Ivan was caught cheating? Although he honestly started out thinking that the KZ-IV was a De Havilland prototype that never made it into production, sadly it turned out that such was not the case. And regretfully, the real KZ-IV never did make it to fly in New Zealand skies.

Then came a message from "Dan the Dane" who, although being one of the locals, turns out to have a web page under his own name in Denmark. Check out Dan's intentions are always good, and usually give us new light on the subject, but his web page is in Danish. (Fortunately the pictures are in English.) Here is the paragraph that caught Ivan's eye:

"Zone-Redningskorpset ("Zonen") oprettede som de første i Danmark flyveambulancetjeneste i 1939. Man begyndte med en General Aircraft Monospar. Efterhånden fandt man den dog for lille, og man ville også gerne have endnu kortere start- og landingsstrækning; man indledte derfor forhandlinger med Skandinavisk Aero Industri, hvor Kramme og Zeuthen i perioden 1942-1944 fremstillede den første KZ IV, der blev registreret OY-DIZ."

This is an excerpt from a Chilliwack mafia E mail that got leaked from a secret source ........Ivan and has been edited to spare the sensitive and MH

For the other observers out there I put this up because it has a link to the original subject . Contains large B&W pictures.
Jun 23, 2006, 02:59 PM
aka neweflyer
I flew this plane in Chilliwack. typical Ivan, IT FLEW GREAT. Glen Peden and i put one of my Lipo's in it and flew it for 20 minutes, we used a whole 2000 milliamps.

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